Poll: Add self damage to healthgate mechanic

With mayhem 10 damage and no increases to health and shields, self damage easily one shots the player now. Pretty much any splash capable weapon will kill us instantly since it ignores healthgate.

  • Yes, I’m tired of killing myself
  • No, this is fine
  • Third option: splash damage resistance

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This would be good except in the case of Deathless/Front Loader builds so I’d say characters should have a natural stat giving high resistance against self damage so it’s at a reasonable level across all characters and builds.

Yeah. Maybe it wouldn’t be a problem normally, but with the way Borderlands scales, damage has always outscaled health on higher levels until you had be overly cautious with certain weapons.

That’s actually not a bad idea. Nerf self damage in general. They did something similar with barrel damage where it causes m10 damage vs enemies and m0 damage vs the player. Would be awesome if they could apply that to all self damage.

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Did they? A barrel still onehit you…

Only if you’re right next to it. Yea, they’ll still kill you, but you can hit them without dying.

Splash should still be able to kill us, but shouldn’t be one shotting us.

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Just another result of the poorly thought out balance of MH 2.0 …

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They should just remove the Mayhem scaling from the self-damage formula. Same goes for bonus elements.


They should just remove Mayhem 2.0 and solve many problems at once. :joy:

Wait… splash ignores Healthgate?! …how did I not know this?

Change that shiz.

it’s an obvious issue since the splash damage you deal increases with mayhem guns but your health doesn’t

Good idea

I would just eliminate self damage altogether. Like the good old days.

Mayhem 10 is supposed to have jeopardy. It’s supposed to be hard.

Barrels always were the most OP enemy in BL2.

I don’t disagree with you, but the self damage in m10 is a little on the excessive side. There should be jeopardy and risks when using splash weapons. That said, one shot shouldn’t be tearing through both shields and health unless you’re trying to face tank with a launcher.

Splash doesn’t ignore health gate. Stand in sanctuary and shoot your feet. You’ll health gate yourself.

Not true.

But it’s necessary, that you kill yourself with splash. That’s the trade off for splash weapons. Healthgate is too easy to abuse, especially for Moze and amara.Oh I forgot zane, he too.
With life leech anoit even flak.
I know the Ultimate build for all 4,
The unkillable I shoot my feet backburner build.
Have you ever thought about life steal when making this poll?

True but the self damage now from splash is insanely unforgiving. If im dancing around while shooting to avoid enemy fire and accidentally get behind a leaf with a hit box then it’s an instant FFYL. Seems a little too punishing.

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Happened to me so often with the Plaquebearer can’t even count how often :smile:
But that’s fair.
That you one hit yourself even with an beacon with a single shot in your foot, I admit, that’s too hard.
the problem, here is as most of the time the mayhem scaling.