Poll: best shield for Moze!

3/3 TRL, Guardian Ranks turned off:

+50% capacity BBB: item card shield health 13,049; actual shield health 19,574 (delay 2.9 seconds; rate 3001 shields/sec)

+25% health BBB: item card shield health 6,214; actual shield health 14,370 (delay 2.3 seconds; 2728 shields/sec)

Not surprising, since you health bonus is half that of your capacity bonus, you’re only reserving 60% of your health (slicing that benefit even further) and the base health of the shield is close in value to the player’s base health.

A Mendel’s Multivitamin (base shields of 10,439, +50% health) edges out the capacity BBB by about 700 shield health.

Of course, the reason why you’re using a health shield in the first place is to boost IB’s armor, so sometimes maxing out Moze’s shields isn’t you main objective.

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and what is it like with 5 or 6 (can you get 120% shield from TRL?) and deathless?

With 6/3, the gap between +50% capacity BBB and +25% health BBB will be closer, but capacity is still going to be marginally larger. One thing to keep in mind in general is that shield parts have an effect on a shield’s capacity, delay and recharge rate and health parts, in particular, lower base shield health.

The Deathless only doubles your shield value, so it will only magnify the difference between the two.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re getting at but the first pic there is all possible shield stats (Legendaries can often only get 1 or 2 of these rolls because the leg. part takes up a space) but the “other stat change” column lists the hidden stat changes. For instance Roid will lower capacity a bit and lengthen delay a bit. Spike will raise capacity a bit, and lengthen delay.

The Transformer always has the same stats at whatever level it is. The only thing that changes on it is Anointment. Fixed parts.

There’s several fixed parts shields shields in the game.

I voted for the Double Downer because I personally like it. But BBB is definitely one of the most practical shields. Something I’m not sure has been mentioned in this thread about the Old God is that it appears to be the only exception that I can recall (maybe another, someone know?) of a legendary shield getting 3 bonus parts on top of the Legendary bonuses unique to the shield. For example it can get 2x Healthy and 1x Turtle, or 3x Absorb.

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yeaaa :smiley:
thanks for the link
insta bookmark <3
so adaptive is really some high tier stuff for moze
+health, + resistance and also + capacity :smiley:
to bad, its only possible on hyperion shields

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I’d recommend bookmarking this page, compendium of all that kind of good stuff

thank you a lot :slight_smile:

Triple Adaptive Old God is pretty great, dots aren’t nearly as annoying. Plus you get the health bonus that boosts IB’s armour a little bit.

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do you mean double adaptive? or do you count old god fix part as adaptive already?

Old God can roll a 3rd part on it, so it gets the legendary part which is the elemental bonuses that are fixed with a random element, and then it can roll 3 regular parts (triple adaptive as an example for 41% resist + 23% health).

holy crap thats imba
why cant other shields have that? XD

Old God has a hidden 4th slot you can´t see, so it can have the Old God effect and 3 random effects, like 3 times adaptive like Hurdy mentioned. You have to find out by yourself, what the 4th effect is tho, since it is invisible.

Purple shields can, but they don’t have the legendary part. Legendary shields as far as I can remember all use up those slots for the legendary parts.

And Old God for whatever reason has this

It still lists it in the text. If it double rolls a part you might not notice as it’s just a difference of numbers/percents.

yea sure
every shield normally can have 3 parts
legendary shields have 1 fix part and 2 random parts
but why can the old god have 4 parts? thats imba xD

Don’t know why. Maybe the name is a reference to something or other. Maybe someone else knows, maybe gbx didn’t notice :man_shrugging:

Mendel’s Multivitamin has the equivalent of 4 parts as well – 3 health modules and a brimming module.

Technically a lot of fixed shields do as well :+1:

I’m a huge fan of the Stop-Gap, but I don’t use the red tree at all. I’m also still trying to get a good Old God to test it out.

I was screwing around farming Aurelia for a Juliet’s Dozzle and I got a Frozen heart Shield with and Anoint that gives IB a Nova on entry and exit…

So here’s the weird, kind of fun thing

That Frozen Heart not only freezes all enemies at a decent proximity around you when your Shield Breaks…

But also does it on Entry and Exit of IB…

And…even more fun…seems to work on IBs shield (Security Bear). I need to test that a bit more as it was a little hectic…but it seemed to work any time secuity bear was broken .

I don’t use cryo much…What would be the best Artifact/Weapon combo to take advantage of all these frozen bodies around me lol.

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Would a radiation old god boost the damage of iron bears nukes?