❄Poll: Cold Bore. Do you use this skill? Do you like it. Should it be changed?⛄

  • I use Cold Bore and find it effective

  • I never used cold bore

  • I do not use cold bore because I do not find it useful or worth talent cost

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Shining a light on Underused Talents
Please share your points of view as we can all relate to one another or see another persons point of view. Many people may never give a talent a whirl because of descriptions.

I use it with my Dahl rep who’s focused on cryo damage. I swap weapons constantly, so the speed and cryo damage is nice. I’m also playing with a self-imposed rule that he can’t share too much of the same tree as my other Operative, who’s focused on enhancing movement speed, so these five points also get him off the top tier of the Hitman tree while minimizing a uild collision.

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Good on launcher builds. Fairly reasonable to swap before each shot.


it provides way too little and is too niche

it does pwn with dual lobs


Yeah, it’s only reliably good for situations like this where you’re swapping for elemental typing. The perks aren’t worth the skill points if you just swap intermittently.

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should have perhaps been a standard percentage increase to all shots or simply the first shot from a magazine rather than after swap. that kinda interrupts the flow of gameplay.

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I like it for the swap speed alone. I’m not a fan of having to wait to switch weapons in an action game. And Borderlands has plenty of element matching going on too. But yeah, it’s purely a QoL skill for me, although I could make use of the cryo damage if I wanted.

I think the biggest problem with this skill is that it exists in what is arguably Zane’s best tree and the other tier 1 and 2 skills in that tree are very strong. With how tanky enemies have gotten in Mayhem 2.0 it makes more sense to try to element match which means more swapping, so I would gladly take some swap speed, but when it’s sitting next to Violent Momentum, Violent Speed, Cool Hand, Salvation and Drone Delivery it’s very hard to justify.

If it were moved to tier 1 of Under Cover I would probably take it all the time.

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I love the concept of the skill but it’s bonus damage is too little to matter. It is however a neat asset with one shot weapons like rocket launchers. I would maybe buff it to 50% additional cryo damage instead of the current 30%. But for a tier 1 skill it’s alright and weapon swap speed is probably one of the best convenience buffs there is in my opinion.

Well, the damage bonus is just a nice to have (and in my current build a detriment when using a Yellowcake). When using a build that does not rely one just 1 weapon 99% of the time (which would basically be Yellowcake atm), the weapon swap speed is incredibly nice and you won’t want to miss it after getting used to it.

What would be really intersting if they changed the skill to add ammo to your magazine after swapping or have a minimum amount of ammo in your magazine after swapping (e. g. 30% of magazine size at 5). This would work well with Praemunitius and add a choice between weapon swapping and reload speed, while not encouraging forced weapons swaps for a damage bonus (which would for example happen when the skill had something like bonus damage for x seconds after swap; players would feel forced to swap constantly back and forth to keep the bonus up which would be just annoying)

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I have a Zane build that is focused on bossing, I have max cold bore for critswaps with things like the ion cannon that have high projectile speed, without it you can’t swap fast enough if you get certain part combos

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Wow i never thought about that i use the plague bearer n swap to unforgiven. Its literally an exploit though thats been around forever like flakker swap in bl2.