[Poll] Community Feedback - Would you tune in for a community driven Battleborn podcast?

EDIT (7/5/16)

In an effort to be more proactive with this and to gauge interest, I’ve reworked the thread into data gathering for a potential podcast. Please feel free to respond and to discuss formats/features/topics you’d want to see discussed in a Battleborn podcast (Battlecast?)[poll name=Would-you-watch/listen-to-a-Battleborn-podcast? public=true]

  • Yes
  • No
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Awww nothing? What about some good regular streamers to check out that play Battleborn? I’m looking to get more in touch with the community around Battleborn outside of the forums here (not that everyone here isn’t totally awesome).

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I was talking to strafe about one for a bit but schedules and all we never really got it going

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if there is a lot of demand for one I could get a group of people to possibly do one. most likely just put it on YouTube because servers and all

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I for one like the Podcast format as it’s a fun way to tether the community together. Episodes that focus on character specialists, hot issues on the forums / social media, competitive stuff if ESL gets going, possible dev guests if it’s popular enough. That sort of thing.

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I can’t find any podcast persé but there are some good character guides by Got Yer Back Gaming and Agent Lomax on YouTube. Total Biscuit said some pretty interesting things about Battbleborn in like 2 45min videos (mainly comparing it to Overwatch) but I think his content may be out of date. But all sources I’ve mentioned stopped uploading Battbleborn videos since then.

It’d be nice to get some in depth discussion about current events regarding the game like hot fixes and patches.

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I’d watch that, I’d watch the sh*t out of that.

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Lol so would I. Also, slapped a new coat of paint on the thread to encourage more tangible interest via a Poll.

ITunes servers?

I’m extremely anti apple after some DRM stuff they pulled years ago. I do my best to not go near anything apple.

I would love a podcast. The guys at Battlewatch do a great job, but I’m dying for a strictly Battleborn podcast. If you do go through with it on YouTube, please post audio also. I listen to podcasts at workand don’t always have time to watch videos. Thanks! My fingers are crossed!

Why not a youtube show?

There’s enough videos on Battleborn already. I want something I can download and listen to on the way to work. Personally have no issue with apple or podcasts.

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Sign me up :slight_smile:


I had no idea, or I’d have made a bigger deal about that I was playing BL2 on a base-model 2011 iMac all that time. Y’know, because twisting knives is cool among pals. :wink:

To the topic, tho, I’ve been thinking of streaming my newb experience on Twitch. Had a couple runs of streaming MWO on there, so I know it works. And there are some competitive folks out there, and various other hardcore mostly-PvP folks streaming at least semi-regularly.

I wonder if the reddit has a list of regular streamers…

Bottom line, voted YES and would watch/listen regularly if there were a regular Battleborn community podcast.

In a related vein, it’ll be nice once spectator stuff is in the game and we can get some folks into casting matches. I know it’s not apples-to-apples (twisting that knife, sorta), but MWO has benefitted a LOT from having some well-known casters from the community take-up their world championship qualifiers. If there’s some ambition at all on GBX’s part to see BB go eSports, that’s something they’ll eventually want to have. And community-run tournaments and just fight nights? BIG TIME generators of interest and growth in a game.

@scottv The fact that you’d be open to participate is super awesome. Here’s to hoping it actually can become a thing.

Hi there, Gearbox Forums. Our guys, Eric and Matt, thought that GBX needed a podcast, too. We’re now two episodes into our series with a new release every week on Friday. Whereas we’re not going to be a just Battleborn podcast, as it is the popular game right now, we are doing a lot of Battleborn news.

Please visit our website and choose how you’d like to follow/listen to us.

We would really love to hear what you think and how we can improve on our current show, so don’t be afraid to leave a question or comment in the place of your choosing. We are everywhere for your convenience. And if we’re not somewhere, let us know and we’ll do our best to get there, too!

Remember, don’t forget to save!

~Danie, THiRD SHiFT’s Social Media Guru


I’ll give these a listen soon

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