🎇POLL: Do you want A 🐰Tiny Tina's DLC 🌠 level of scope🌏 loot and content Dlc in BL3?🌷

  • " I want Tiny Tinas level of content expansions. Wether as our paid season or standalone. " As a message to Gearbox :love_letter:

  • " I disagree with a tiny tinas level of content as my paid for dlc. Or im ok with never getting a dlc of that scope again. Whatever u good wit baby " As a message to Gearbox :slightly_smiling_face:

  • ’Weird grunting animal noises’ As my message to Gearbox :poop:

  • " I simply dont care. Love me. Hate me! It all taste the same " As a message to Gearbox :crazy_face:

  • I never experienced or am unaware of Bunker’s and Badasses so I can not say. :see_no_evil:

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Tiny tinas and well all of borderlands 2 dlc’s added something great. Pink rarity, raid bosses, Great story, Zaney crazyness, Loot altars, funbosses new mechanics a raid. Enemies that leveled up and very satisfying quest rewards and vendors like the seraph vendors. New loot type stats. Which i loved tbh.

Im gonna leave my gripes about the current state of the game, anoint system, drop rates and how it kills the parts game off almost completely aside right now and focus on the Level of DLC content players want.

Its come to my attention they wont be doing a tiny tina lvl scale of DLC ever again and I think thats a bad idea. Tiny Tina’s was the pinnacle of the borderlands dlc for me and i hoped to see more and beyond that in borderlands 3. I dont go to a sequel expecting less.

Bl3 regardless of being larger than bl2, doesnt feel alive as much as bl2. no matter where you go. There are empty places and some linear enviroments/driving zones we can go back to with nothing. Where are all the crazy monsters and enemy types and variety from bl2?! Bl2 felt like a living random crazy planet. The dlcs expanded that immensely. Im hoping they build on what works at least with DLC.

Tiny Tina’s Bunker’s and Badasses worked beyond well in making me happy with Borderlands 2. Im hoping for more like that.

I would love another DLC in that vein, but I’d also say I’ve enjoyed the DLC we’ve gotten so far more than every other DLC from BL2.

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I really liked the dlc’s however feel jacks was lacking a raid boss of some kind. And well refarmable loot locked to the crew challenges. I felt tiny tinas did everything and more. I could really explore tiny tinas.

tbh tina dlc aren’t really bigger than other dlc , but i would like another bunker and badasses theme dlc .

bl3 dlc 2 kinda disappointing, i never heard gaige start screaming anarchy and her speech shouldve been more care free tone


I need double sword splosion in mah life

And I voted taking this as meaning we want another tiny Tina type DLC not a carbon copy, masterworked, or necessarily starring tiny Tina. I do agree what someone said earlier about them expanding on the DLC that they’ve already created for bl3 just make it to the level of tiny Tina. ( But really I would L💗ve a dlc about tiny Tina but with more explosions )

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Bunkers and Badasses: PLEASE LIKE AVA edition.


That a interesting idea. Could u elaborate? Maybe like a story for us to actually like.ava better turn ppla hearts?

I whole heartedly agree with u. It doesnt have ti be tina tiny just on that score.that vairety of enviroments that story telling all that stuff that was there for us. It was truely fun! Me and my wife loved the dragons raid. Best invincibles raid of them all for us.

Tiny Tina’s is widely regarded as the best DLC in the franchise, who would not want more like that? Sorry but I don’t see what this poll achieves.


Fec dont u think theres elements in the old games and ideas which were just winning and they shoulda stuck with that formula? If a dlc getss a review as ok good and ppl dont think itsa must have they wont buy it even if a larger majority gets the season pass and be done with it.

Feedback ia how they know what we want… They dont particularly know that well…

How about this perspective TPS HAD superb character interaction and responses… In cutscenes better than even this one. While it (3)does have better than 2 including the character in scenes and responding if we elaborated more often we want ti see more story telling like tps we woulda got it.

In reference most of the maybem modifiers and ideas came from popular old… Really old reddit post on stuff ppl wanted to see more of.

Now that they see how ppl are reacting to it. It has to.change.

Even if in ur mind tina tinas was the best dlc. They don’t really know thats our standard.

They cant know what we want unless we let em. Know… Its like.more ppl let em know they want big heads…

So i care about story and content. We’re letting them know what a certain group likes.

If they paid attention to a few hundred on reddit for… Big heads… Well.
Do you see the purpose now?

Feedbacks important always.

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I’d love each DLC to be updated with their own Slaughter and raid boss. Tina (and Torgue?) had both and the DLCS really need more replayability.

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Thats excellent thats exactly what they need too.
Like.how we all got the invicibles.

A repeatable slaughter for each one. A raid for each one. A special raid boss for each one. Shops etc.

I dont think the piratss dlc had a slaughter though or repeatanle quest right? Well it shoulda had it.

Imagine if they had exclusive enemies too. A HUGE Super Badass Constructor 2.0 would be so much fun.

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Honestly I missed weapons like the swordsplosion and oddities like that. While they were unusual they truly added something special to the game. And let’s not forget the insanity of magic circle of slaughter. So fun!

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Still salty that Lilith picked on Mr Torgue, he just wanted to play too.


All I can say is F*** those trapdoors in that CoS.

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As much as I love bunkers and badasses the claptastic voyage is still my favourite dlc of the franchise. That final boss was one of the best fights imo


Lmao i felt that way too ive been pro torgue since bl2’s

I got one question for you?! EXPLOSIONS?!

THEY REALLY TONED DOWN HIS **** AND **** PLUS ************ **** *_ YA KNOW?! ***


Plus we know he ALWAYS RESPECTS WOMEN!! lmao

I want more BL2 Mr Torgue

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She screams something similar at the end of one of the side quests. “Skynarchy!”

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