Poll: Fastest way to XP

Pretty sure this has been discussed somewhere on these forums, so forgive me if this is redundant/unnecessary. In light of the upcoming double XP event, curious to see the experiences of time-to-XP for the various modes. Tried to factor in all the different modes as well as team composition.

  • Solo Normal PvE
  • Solo Advanced PvE
  • Co-op Normal PvE with PUGs
  • Co-op Normal PvE with Premade
  • Co-op Advanced PvE with PUGs
  • Co-op Advanced PvE with Premade
  • Solo Private PvP
  • Co-op PvP with PUGs
  • Co-op PvP with Premade

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By default, it isn’t PVP as you just get way less XP there annoyingly (time factors in in strange ways).

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Private PvE gives you best return on character XP if you’re still <15 on someone, which is more of a factor for me (because I’m slow and don’t have as much time to play as others.)

Fastest way to get XP? Play the game. You get XP a lot faster than if you weren’t playing. Trust me on this.


Read some posts on here that make it sound like PvP is strictly how long you’ve been in a match, not really anything to do with score or winning/losing, any truth in any of that?

Right there with you on play time, kinda hard to queue for public when constantly on the lookout for the little one’s accidental carpet remodeling. :wink:

Clearly this isn’t entirely related, but reading this reminded me of it.

It is. PvE is the same, actually. I did a TON of math in regards to this. Here are my findings:

  • In general, the longer you are in a match/mission, the less average XP/min you accrue. This is why people say to do a private Capture match against a single bot as you net the most XP/min (avg. 2.07 XP/min if memory serves).
  • In regards to the campaign, difficulty and whether or not the missions are done in Hardcore Mode have no bearing on XP gain. If you were to spend the same amount of time in the same mission on both Normal and Advanced, you would still receive the same amount of character XP barring any counters for character usage (see next point).
  • Unlike CR, there are no buffers that factor into character XP save for how many times you’ve used the character, how many times you’ve won with the character (a separate counter from the how many times played, but they stack), and whether or not you’ve completed any lore challenges.
  • A subnote of the of the previous point, whether or not you are in a party (versus soloing or even in a premade) in regards to PvE also does not factor in your character XP gain.

Again, that’s everything that I found. Anyone else reading this, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


hmm wow ok.
well this poll aside, i figured out long ago the best way to grind exp.

my pendles was rank 13 last sunday and i even worked all day saturday
so yeah, 3 days of farming exp (thurs, fri, sun) got me from 0 to 13, one more day for 15
exp is a joke

i just did the math, 2480 exp to rank someone from 0 to 15
i can rank someone from 0 to 15 in 24 hours give or take

Seems extremely efficient, only problem I have with that is do you really learn the character with only 1 enemy and no teammates?

Very reasonable time frame, then the real grind is getting the right gear, eh?

Lol I liked this comment.

Actions do speak louder than words.

Well, no, of course, but ultimately that’s another subject - this isn’t really the place for that particular discussion.

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Hahaha ultimately so true on both counts. Sadly it still looks like it’ll be a quiet solo weekend learning how to throw my Djinn around. :smiley:

I think the poll should be named “your favourite way to farm XP fast” - there are many good fast ways, but people like different ways to farm. The fastest way may be not the way you actually like to play.

Also the fastest way for XP-gain may not lead to actual experience, as 1-bot-matches.

Its important to know what you want:

-Do you you want your toon on lv.15 fast, but learn him correctly while grinding XP?

  • you should join all modes on different difficulty-levels then and play in teams.

-Do you want your toon fast on lv.15 with less regard of actual performance?

  • Bot-match on Capture will bring you there fast, with very less actual game-experience.

-Do you aim to go PvP or PvE?

  • If you want to shine in one of the modes you should get your main XP from that prefered mode. I got most XP from PvE, thats why I´m sure I´m not that great in PvP.

I´m sure there is a mathematically “fastest” way, but “fast XP” does not mean “good experience” by default.
I think the best way is to choose the way thats most fun for you. If it takes 2 missions/matches longer you at least had fun playing. XP grinded in a mode you dislike will just taste bitter.
And if you have fun, time flies by anyway.

PS: sorry or occuring typos, my keyboard drives me crazy >.<

Seems like people are voting “best way to get actual experience and XP at the same time,” but there’ve been some people that’ve done the math on time-to-XP ratio like I asked for at the top. Was curious to see which of the 2 I’d get, and we have a mixture of both so it’s pretty cool.

What would NOT be cool is people doing time-to-XP to get all the way to CR100 … could that explain why some of those people still get beaten by lower-CR people? O.O

No, I think the issue with CR100 players loosing is that cR100 does not make you a professional gamer by default. Nor a professional MOBA-player.
It just means you played alot, what you learn on the way up is not bound to the XP you gain.

For example: I´m CR67 now, but I just played 4 open PvP-matches. All my other experience comes from PvE or private botmatches to learn at least the PvP-map layouts a bit. I´m sure when I´m CR100 I´ll be still a casual in PvP, since I´ve always been a good casual, but no uber-pro.

Maybe the CR26 guy has played all Battlefield and CoD games, plus a history in CS? Of course I get my butt handed back to me, since he is far more experienced in shooters. Same for a CR32 who played alot of Mobas before. Or both comined: a CS-veteran who loves LoL and Smite too.

I´d like to compare it with HALO. I beat every game on legendary difficulty, but that does not make me good in versus games. I got better reflexes, but I lack tactical experience against non-bots.

“Experienced in playing games” and “farmed Exp in a certain game” are two completely different things.


Does this math includes inevitable waiting times before the match loads, starts, ends? If you repeat short Capture matches against one bot, you get most xp per minute of the match, but also get the most waiting time outside matches that lowers an outcome.

Well - there’s two parts here - Command XP or Character XP? And then there’s also the fun factor that we should never forget.

With Command XP, you will get the most experience for completing the most difficult PvE you can, as fast as you can, where you can reliably win most of the time and get credit for a fair share of kills, platforms, and other achievement-incrementing actions. Simple. Because whatever difference there might be, getting faster 500xp achievements is going to blow all other options out of the water - two of those is a command rank right there. I think for most people this is going to be 5-manning normal PvE with a character that will get a fair share or more of the kills. In normal, you’ll almost never fail (for most semi-experienced folk), and you’ll be killing things and progressing on achievements as fast as possible. If you have a pre-made group that can roflstomp advanced in 30 mins, go for it. If you can headshot-spree with Marquis by yourself, go for it. those might be slightly faster if you can negate the added risk.

With Character XP or Command XP while playing a healer/support role, though, I think it’s still PvE Normal, but its probably close enough to not matter. At the least, there are 25xp challenges that everyone will get credit for, no matter what role they play, that aren’t present in PvP. And of course no one wins 100% of PvP matches. No one.

All of that said, I would recommend that you just play. I’ve done the solo grind on some of the more onerous lore challenges that I’d never complete otherwise, but beyond that, I don’t WANT to play in some restricted, most-efficient way all the time, for two reasons - first, it’s not as much fun as just playing, and second, once every character is 15, you’ll likely get bored very quickly.

Edit - I hadn’t thought about bot-match capture as was posted above. This seems a boring stupid grind to me, and I’d never do it, but I admit it could be the fastest possible (though I haven’t tested it - I thought that exp was mostly rewarded by time played, not wins, in which case beating games in 5 minutes doesn’t much matter, but I could be wrong)

as you said: These waitingtimes (a few seconds in bot-matches. I don´t see where the long waitingtimes are in bot-matches…) are outside of the actual match. Same for the timeframe Nova tells us what to do, or the few seconds your bots need to choose their chars. I highly highly doubt those have any effect on your XP gained in the match itself.

It could be different on PC or PS4, but I only have to “wait” about 15seconds to find a server/char selection + Novas speech until a bot-match in private starts. Compared to some MM-times in open PvP its barely nothing.

You get 100 character xp per hour of in game play time that’s it that’s all there is to it people are way over complicating this answer… The only exception is the character cop you get from doing lore challenges… So simplest answer is whatever has the shortest wait time between matches

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Agreed, but the answer for Command XP has a lot more variables.