Poll: Fastest way to XP

Highest XP per minute is private bot match capture with 1 bot on other team at close to 2 XP per minute, where as in all other modes it’s about 1.3-1.5 but you get challenges done in those.

im gunna have to disagree with you. Osmoses is and always will be the fastest way to get XP.

Yes, this time probably has no effect on XP per match, but it definitely has an effect on XP per given period of your time, e.g., per hour.

This is what I meant. You may get more XP per match if you do short private captures, but you might also get less XP per hour in comparison to full-length or average-length private matches or missions because with them you have much less waiting time. Or not. Was that ever counted?

Nope. The simplest answer is whatever has shortest wait time compared to the length of the match itself. And max length of the match is 2 hours of a story-mode mission, which is much better than 30 minutes of versus match. Moreover, you can slack most of that time and still get all the XP at the end. Beat a final boss and go outside/watch TV/whatever, then, when 2 hours are nearly over, finish the mission. Just don’t pause or switch away from the game.

Uh… huh? I’m not really sure what you’re saying past the first part, to which I answer no - the math does NOT include the any of the down times since you’re, you know, not actually in a match during those points.

Hope my other post here clears what I was trying to say: