Poll: Favourite new NPC in Borderlands 3

This poll is only about characters that didn’t appear in the Borderlands franchise previous to Borderlands 3. This only includes friendly NPCs, mostly quest givers and yes, the DLC is also included. I’ve probably missed a character or two, these are just the ones I could think off the top of my head, so let me know if I missed someone important or someone who you enjoy a lot.

  • Lorelei
  • Ava
  • Wainwright Jakobs
  • Clay
  • Agent Dee
  • Agent Domino
  • Typhon DeLeon
  • Sparrow
  • Grouse
  • Ember
  • The Mayor of Trashlantis
  • Other (name in the comments)

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I give it 3 posts before this turns into an ‘i hate Ava thread!’. :joy::grin:


Maurice and Balex for me. I personally found almost everyone else listed here either boring or obnoxious in some way.


I am doubling down on,…

Double Down Domino!!!


Agent Domino. But Wainwright was also a nice surprise. Balex, up to the point when he is shipmounted, afterwards he is a bit annoying.

I picked Wainwright but I also like Typhon, or I guess “liked” him. None of them have the personality of those in BL 1 and 2. Balex and Vought (I know he’s not in the list) come close, but not enough.

You can’t really beat characters like Tiny Tina and Mordecai from previous games.

I just choose Wainwright, because since BL1 I’m a Jakobs fan, so this was a no brainer for me. But to be honest (except Ava and Typhon), I did like all the new characters. Specially BALEX and Clay being laidback. I feel that Ava’s story was a bit rushed, I would have been more grateful if we would know more about her, specially being a Siren afterall, and Maya sacrificing herself for Ava. Typhon was a bit annoying to me. Even if he was the first Vault Hunter, for me it’s just annoying listening all the stories he has to tell in his Typhon logs. He has been everywhere and he did everything. Come on man… I have to say I like the story of BL3 thereafter, but I still feel that it was rushed.


Lorelei. A butt-kicking NPC who would be a great Vault Hunter in her own right.
And the coffee fanatic thing rings true for me also.


I voted Ava… you guys just wait until DLC #4 / BL4

Ember the sexy speaking cyborg, could listen to that accent all day long

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You forgot Maurice!!!

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Sid before removing his tinfoil hat. His lines make me laugh every time I’ve run the mission.

Fair enough. Sadly, I can’t edit the poll anymore.

If you play Zane, he says some nice things to her… lol

I do recall him asking her to marry him :joy: maybe its an Irish thing

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nuf said

Agent Dee would have been a close second BTW. (since I did Other)

An agent who goes from stripper psycho to Goliath? What is not to love!


For me it’s a tie between Wainwright, Ava, and Typhon.

I did that first :slight_smile:

Ember and Lorelei make the podium, as I find both accents so damn… “engaging” but I think Wainwright is my fave at this point, mostly because he also has a cool accent, and has some of the best npc lines, such as the nuttier than squirrel …, calling Troy a rat faced bastard and so on.