Poll:Favourite villains in BL3

So which villains do you prefer?

  • Shiv
  • Mouthpiece
  • Katagawa Jr
  • Aurelia
  • GenIVIV
  • Pain and Terror
  • Troy Calypso
  • Tyreen Calypso
  • Pretty Boy
  • Freddy
  • COV radio speaker
  • Eyescrape Twice-Blind (cov mail)
  • Handsome Jack even if he is not really here
  • Other

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I used messy breakup shield for a long time, so I have a bond with GenIVIV. Pain and terror are a cool take on Penn and Teller too

I liked Traunt, but I also liked Traunt. But mostly I liked Nameless Heavy. That guy died the way he lived, marinating in his own excretions, which truly made his outside match his insides. Requiescat in pace.


Mouthpiece but not the first Mouthpiece the other Mouthpiece who looks and sounds exactly like the first Mouthpiece.

I actually voted for Katagawa, Pain and Terror, and Pretty Boy. Katagawa and P&T offer you two classic Borderlands style villains (evil murderous bandits and evil murderous business executives) and Pretty Boy presides over what I believe to be the best written storyline in the game so far.

I love GenIVIV because she’s hilarious, but the Pain and Terror bit in the story is really well done (the posters, radio broadcasts, even their dialog while you’re attacking them as they get more and more desperate).


I voted for Mouthpiece, but liked them both LoL. I just liked his design and character voice. Especially the second one :wink:

Pain and Terror by far was my overall favorite, simply because they made the whole Carnivora atmosphere a fantastic part of the game. Listening to them along the way was just plain fun. And my favorite line: “Vault Hunter we are a professional organization. You need intro music. PICK ONE!!!” or something like that.

Pretty Boy and Freddy are up there but I can only pick three so went with Pretty Boy.

I will always love Handsome Jack, even though he personally is no longer around.

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Traunt had about 15 minutes of game time…and was still better than Tyreen/Troy, and way less annoying…give it to my mans! :point_left:


Personally my absolute favourite are Pain and Terror, I like their design and dialogue is super well written (I wish everything were this level of quality). The silliness of GenIVIV and Freddy give them honourable mentions.

Pain & Terror. Had a little smirk on my face through their whole section of the story.

Pain & Terror cause they were the villain that had the most flair, and at the same time the whole area was kinda special.

Pretty boy cause the DLC was awesome and I really liked this character (no reason)

Handsome jack, cause Handsome jack will always be Handsome jack

Private Beans, that super s-hole from Ava’s side mission. Actually made me chuckle.


Definitely Captain Traaaauuuunt!

jesus christ this pie chart has the worst color coding no? :smiley:


I wanted to see what’s the pie was like and yeah folks that was a big mistake :rofl:

I can’t say Traunts name without screaming it he is the best villain and I would love to see more of his sibilings in the dlcs.

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I wish Traunt “oppression is my profession” was the main villain. His lines match Handsome Jack’s as far as quality of writing goes, IMHO. Voice actor did a great job too.

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what about traunts brother?

Traunt is Traunt. Traunt is Traunts mother, but also Traunts father. When Traunt was a boy, his father, Traunt, continued the family “Linoge” with many more Traunts. With so many Traunts, there is actually a Traunt planet. In hell exists Haunt, who the Traunts happily embrace.

Needless to say Traunt = Traunt = Haunt = Traunt.
Dead Traunt = life with Haunt.



i guess lol.

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