[POLL]GBX bring back Vermivorous!

Since we all lack of endgame content and gearbox decided to cut the Varkid boss revealed at PAX East i thought it would be great to show how much we want Vermivorous back.

The Challenge just to spawn him was already such an adventure!
So please give your vote in order to give Vermi a voice, I’m sure he misses wrecking our asses too!


  • Hell yeah, Vermi please!
  • Who the hell is Vermi?
  • Don’t mind at all.

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I will keep that poll open for at least a week in order to make the gathered information more valuable.

Thanks for your patience!
Keep the Hunt going!

For me BL3 has more endgame content than any other BL games, but having Vermi such boss would be really nice.
Having still locked arena in Ascension Bluff is a crime.


please dont , do u remember how much suffering in bl2?

Actually i don’t cause this game was huge for me played through the story of BL2 at least 50 times i guess even more often.

So why not, you don’t have to farm / spawn him.
It’s just for the people that strive for him that will attempt to get him.

Well my take on BL3 is that there is a huge lack of endgame content.
Most of the YouTubers are even switching back to BL2 cause of it.

But i think this depends on what you would expect from endgame.
For me there is just not enough though Bosses and Invincibles.
Also, I’m missing those little secrets and exploration gave me no drive since the reward was just too small.

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I was not a huge fan of this mess to be honest. Besides I think there is no much point doing the exact same thing, I can play BL2 for that.

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Bring back son of terra, grandson of craw, babies of hype, gee and pete, weyr of dragons, little haderax.

Don’t bother with dexi and voracidous.



What’s the point in buying another title of the franchise since you know the franchise already.

There is just different opinions, i respect yours but as a fan i was hunting for things like this. Exploration and hunting for secret bosses was just a huge letdown in my opinion.

Having something like Vermi back would truly show appreciation for the fans that had some expectations.

I agree that BL3 lacks secrets, but that would be great to be something created for this episode and not a sad wash off of BL2


Why should it be not a great idea they can just adjust the rate he spawns or give him a designated area where he is guaranteed to spawn like the secret area in ascension bluff.

What kind of secrets?

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Where’s the “No way, Jose” option in the poll? :stuck_out_tongue:

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i don mind at all. generally flying enemies that always face you while they have crit spot on the back are terrible to deal with. especially when they have bazillion HP.

kind of little stuff like the secret minecraft area

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Terramorphous for example was a big deal back in the days.
It was hidden (in plain sight but still) i got the game 2 days before release, just the feeling of oh there is a secret boss* was huge deal already.

And there was way more.

Didn’t know this would be a thing tbh :rofl:
Maybe I’m just a moron lmao

Some of us have traumatic multiplayer experience with Vermi, the gigant pandemonium it was in Varkid Ranch with super badasses rampaging all over the place :rofl:


I enjoyed it more then getting G banged and T bagged in slaughter shaft by all those Anointed Badasses with their Rocket Launchers

It’s one of those things where, if you know about it ahead of time, it’s probably fine. But imagine you’re just plodding through your very first play-through, not really paying attention, and all of a sudden there’s this invincible monster pounding you into FFYL… I remember my very first time through Caustic Caverns having ‘fun’ with the 3rd form of varkid. I’d probably have rage quite if it had been Vermi.

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I wouldn’t say no to Vermivorous, if only because that would also imply that there’s a dense Varkid mob somewhere. Really though, if you said, ‘add anything to the game’ I probably wouldn’t say no. Rabid Skags? Master Gee? Jackenstein? Skagzilla? Muscles? Shooty McFace? Buzzards? I’ll take 'em all.

Maybe make a hidden Ratch boss to stay with the BL3 theme? :thinking: