🎇Poll: Give Moze splash protection already!

Moze Splash protection.
  • Yes for the love of Torgue! Give Moze Splash Protection already. :boom:

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  • Buttstallion :unicorn:

  • No don’t do it

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Other stuff.

**Do you think Zane getting Splash immunity for almost no investment and not giving it to Moze was stupid
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  • They Both Deserve it

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Making moze immune to splash would be useless, because of skag den and dots. And even if she could survive her self damage, then what? Then we have the same situation we have now with root zane. A absolute braindead “hurr durr shoot the sky”-experience. Nobody should have splash immunity period.




Moze should certainly have some sort of splash damage reduction at least. Maybe just make it a skill that grants splash damage reduction for the current weapon’s element. Maybe make it a function of TCP.


or maybe you know make a game that does not make people want to ask for damn splash immunity

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If you give her total splash immunity, then it’s all reward and no risk, because of her Blue tree. Kind of messes up the balance, IMHO.


I agree that she needs more of a nerf than this, and that people just need to be freaking careful. But out of curiosity:

Let’s say Moze had a skill that gave her let’s say 8 stacks of… something. And that whenever time she got hit with splash damage, she has a percent chance to lose a stack and ignore the blast. Kinda of like Axton’s Grit skill. And that she only, steadily, gets stacks back when she’s not taking damage.

What say any of you?


Moze’s literal only flaw, is that she downs herself with splash.

Like come on guys, y’all just want broken characters, and to cheese to the game and not think of anything.
I’m a moze player and I don’t down myself all the time because you have to play her carefully, with thought, she can spray things down yeah but you have to think of your relative position to them.
You can use an amp super sssoldier too
Plus it’s so easy for moze to get up too. Like come on. Yall should just get mods and put godmode on cause that’s what y’all want, wtf.


The reason Zane has splash immunity and Moze doesn’t is due to the random nature of Zane’s splash attacks. Moze splash attacks are intentional weapon fire or grenade throws. Zane splash attacks usually occur randomly due to his grenade skills (Drone Delivery, Fractal Frags, Duct Tape Mod). You can’t plan for the explosions like Moze can since you don’t know when they will occur.


Nobody takes the one point of duct tape mod for this. 100% self-splash immunity all the time makes no sense. It would have been enough if zane get´s grenade immunity for 1-2 secs when those skills activate. Also, zane has no real grenade synergies to begin with. He is better of using a grenade like a it´s piss to debuff stuff.


If you’re doing a Zane grenade build, you’re definitely maxing out Duct Tape Mod. Can agree the grenade immunity for one point can be a bit much, but it’s necessary for Zane grenadier builds.

Even then, I still kill myself regularly with grenades. You’re immune to the initial explosion, but not other effects like elemental pools and DoT. Still love that Roided Ghast Call grenade anyway. It’s so much fun!

I would make both Zane and Moze go the way with the most logic, so here goes:

Moze: Torgue Cross-Promotion now also grants a chance of 12% per point to ignore damage from your own splash damage sources. At 8 points of investment (so including 3 from the class mod) that would be a 96% chance to ignore our own splash, at 9 points it would reach 100%.

Zane: Instead of immunity for 1 point I would grant Zane 20% damage reduction from his own damage sources per point, at 5 or more points invested in Duc Tape Mod that bonus becomes full immunity, just as it is now.

That way both skills would keep their intented purpose as well as their flavor, which in the case of Torgue Cross-Promotion seems to be the chaotic nature of blowing ■■■■ up. But being “promoted” high enough makes you a fully splash-immune mass of Torgue-promoted destruction, just as Mr. Torgue would have wanted it.
Duct Tape Mod in my opinion should receive a slight buff to it’s grenade chance (up to 6% chance per point) and combined with class mods and the new “need” to fully invest into it it would stronger incentivise grenade builds, a build type that seems to be somewhat ignored.


I wouldn’t be opposed to a skill that offered a percent chance to ignore self splash that topped out at around 50%. Or maybe full immunity to a single instance of self splash with a cooldown of say 30 seconds or somewhere around there.

Full blown splash immunity all the time would be too much.


Unfortunately its hard to balance Torgue Cross-Promotion like that as it would either have to be very inconsistent and underwhelming unless you fully invest into it or you go the way I chose to go and make full immunity only possible by investing in it with a bit further with class mods. Also, it has to be said that those skill both only prevent damage you would do to yourself, not splash damage from enemies or barrels.

Zane downs himself because of some random thing gets in your face and BOOM! Grenade pops out

Moze downs herself because people are carelessly spamming splash damage all over the place :wink:

Maybe a shield/artifact with X% splash damage reduction received would do the trick?

Giving Moze the same splash immunity as Zane would make her insanely broken imho :wink:


I don’t think Torgue cares about risk.


What if TC Promotion skill made Moze immune to her own splash only when TCP procs? When radius doubles you don’t take damage but the rest of the time you’re on your own.


That would make it very uneven in player experience. It would work, don’t get me wrong, but Moze would effectively still not have a major advantage in terms of raw splash damage gameplay over Zane. Even Amara gets more direct bonuses to splash damage overall. But its very hard to evaluate as Moze is still Moze and wrecks everything anyway, evem without CPM.

But he would love us to become that much of a badass to be able to walk through explosions as if it was nothing. He would want us to live explosions, to BREATH explosions!


Like others have brought up, it won’t matter because self DoTing will still insta-kill you. And even then, you have the Super Soldier to make you infinitely immune to all damage, including your own splash and DoT.

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Isn’t the Supersoldiers immunity based on a low-level version of it? I’m not using it much on Moze, I prefer the Re-Volter, so I don’t really know how that works. And yes, DoT’s would still kill you, but that is why you could just use kinetic guns and use elemental guns only on targets where you need the additional damage, which are very few enemies as Moze’s damage output is pretty insane still. The chance to die via Fire in the Skag-Den would still be there, but I don’t even know if that damage would register at all if we were to ignore splash damage.