[poll] How many experience fadeaway aggro bug?

So apparently I am among the lucky ones for whom fade away correctly allows Fl4k to lose aggro. I 've heard many people on this forum saying they are still aggro in fade away. It seems it is another bug that does not occur 100% of time (remember the means of destruction mess with Moze?). I am curious to see how widespread this problem is and if there is a way to attract Gearbox attention with some comparative video maybe.

I include a short video that demonstrates how fade away works for me: I aggro enemies to shoot at me then activate fade, enemies keep shooting for a moment at the spot I was when I activated fade and then completely go idle until the skill expires.

Have you experienced being still spotted and attacked despite fade away?

  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always

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Main issue for me is robot/turret type enemies, Wotan’s mortars for instance are always a dead lock. Annointed Militant’s fire rain is also right on target while in Fade Away.


I cannot say this with 100% certainty, but it seems to me that I am targeted while using the GITM augment to FA more often than if I am just using base FA. Spec’ing Galactic Shadow does not seem to help either.

EDIT: and I agree with @vCarpeDiemv, tink turrets and other mounted guns, the Maliwan dogs, anointeds, etc., all appear to be able to track Fl4k notwithstanding FA cloaking.


Never seems extreme because I’m sure I’ve been hit, but don’t remember if it was from intentional fire or no. Also, aggro going to my pet instead of me while cloaked, even if I would otherwise be a target, will contaminate my unofficial findings.

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Enemies will target your last location and still fire there. They will also track you for like 1-3 seconds after you activate it sometimes and it gets very frustrating

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I’m pretty sure it’s the same for everyone, but with a degree of confusion as to what people think is happening. There’s different behaviors to note:

  1. The “natural” behavior is for enemies to shoot the spot you last were at. Then after a bit they will stop and change targets. (This may or may not happen quicker with Galactic Shadow, i honestly have no clue if that even works. Having a pet out helps)

  2. Then there’s enemies that actually can and will 100% track FL4K during Fade Away, like Stinger Drones, some of Wotan’s Attacks. Some melee enemies are weird and can both track FL4K but then lose target. Anointed Militants can track, Death can track, Badass Tink Turrets can track if they already had aggro, and so on…

  3. Some enemies like Evil Eye Zealots have a tracking laser that follows FL4K during Fade Away all the time, but they don’t actually shoot at you, they just reproduce the first behavior.

Video evidence of behaviors 1 and 2 vs. Traunt (targets where FL4K was but summons the ice wall where FL4K is):

Takedown Stinger Drones (locked on after FL4K was already invis and tracked):

This should be how it’s behaving for everyone, unless there’s some unknown fundamental difference/issue. I suspect there’s also cases of some people experiencing the first behavior with multiple enemies shooting and that causes them think they’re being tracked because they take damage to get out of the way. AoE enemy weapons also cause that feeling and are very dangerous + unpredictable unless you move completely out of the possible line of sights involved with the spot you were at.

The one thing that should be currently done when casting Fade (unless you’re just burning through it) is immediately at least move away a decent amount from the spot you cloaked. On 3-Shot, you have time to completely change position in a way that nothing will indirectly hit you. The enemies that do track while invisible are unavoidable, sadly.


Really interesting analysis thanks for posting this.
Do you think that all work as intended?

I can see the logic behind what could be considered as heat tracking homing projectiles (stinger and badass tink turret , death, purple orb from anointed zealot) not being affected by an optical camouflage.

On the other hand, I am a bit perplexed as to why anointed militant can track.

Wotan in his final form ground unit fires its grenades directly at cloaked Fl4k , by watching closely a video I recorded I saw I experienced that, it is a bit of a head-scratcher as well as Wotan in general does not seem to have this ability, and the grenades his final form fires are not homing.

I have no idea if that’s how it’s intended to work. The enemies that can still perfectly track are definitely an issue though. From Gearbox’s perspective, the rest might be intended for all we know.

If you ask me, going into Fade should drop any targeted status FL4K has, even if the enemies still shoot the spot FL4K was last at. That or they could simply drop aggro entirely/focus another target, there’s not really any reason for it not to work similarly to how Deception did in this regard. All it does is feel clunky right now.


So I am starting a quest to record video evidence for a support ticket, so far no luck:

-I specced out the pet for testing

I started my quest for bugs with the anointed (I found an Anvil spot with a tink, a militant and a zealot), they all behave as 1. described in Ratore post and don’t track

here a screen cap where militant is all ‘Imma firing mah laser’ on the spot I activated fade

militant and tink ditto

I ll find another category of enemy signaled as problematic and keep this updated


The militant attack that can track are the fire pools (if i rmember correctly).


Yeah the Raining Fire shenanigans in their immunity phases lol

Edited to add the Annointed Zealot Orb. Not even Death herself can evade that thing.


Agreed with @Ratore. If you are getting evidence, the evidence I have seen in my own games is anointed militants during their fire immunity phase, and also anointed tinks in the “get really big and spam e-tech balls” (or whatever it is that they shoot at you) phase - those also seem to be able to track during FA. This is in addition to the anointeds who can spam the single e-tech ball too, but I cannot remember what those enemies are called right now.

Dont forget maliwan heavies. I’ve had their shock coils fly out of their back toward me (i.e. the enemy is completely facing away from me) . And the corrosive projectiles track you as well.

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I know this is about fadeaway but also taunting needs to be addressed too. Enemies will frequently ignore red fang/NMC taunt or are taunted after the taunt ends which will continue till you taunt again or the pet dies. Had this happen to jackbot a lot

troy, robot at the front door of MTD, many (mini)boss attacks in general