[Poll] How Many Loadouts Would You Like To Have?

As the title says: is nine loadouts enough, or do you think there should be more? Have your say!

Edit: additional loadouts were introduced In the July 14th Battleplan, increasing the number from 9 to 15. I’m going to leave the poll open, however, since it’s clear that this is still not enough for some people!

  • Five would be enough for me
  • Nine is fine enough for me
  • I could use more (up to 12)
  • I could use more (up to 15)
  • I could use more (up to 20)
  • I would like 1 for each character
  • I would like 2 for each character

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I could manage with 15, but wouldn’t mind 1 per character =D

I kinda feel like having more than 15 would create too much clutter unless you had loadouts designated to said character and not general ones… wait…


It’s always dangerous to start thinking about these things!


I’d like 1 per character, but yes that is going to make a clutter of loadouts.

Something that comes to mind is that some loadouts can be used for multiple chars (ie melee, gun toting, PvE, PvP). With that, would like the option to create specific types of loadouts and “tie” it to certain characters so this loadout would show up first in the list based on the characters we’ve tie it to. Anyhow, just an idea.

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A simple solution would be to allow you to create a temp loadout during character select. The loadout would only last until match completion.


Also a nice option to consider - there ought to be enough time in the current character selection window to do that (except for those folks who seem to agonise over every choice!)

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We can name our loadouts and thus organize them fairly easily so I say let us buy as many loadouts as we want :stuck_out_tongue: In all seriousness though, 1 for each character would be fine with me. I doubt anyone would play them all, but it’s nice to have 2 different loadouts depending on the build you plan on using.


I like the idea of either 15 loadouts or 2 personal loadouts for each character myself.

1 dedicated loadout per character, plus maybe 5 “general use” loadouts sounds ok to me.

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It seems like most people want at least one loadout per character. My solution to the scrolling issue is to allow certain loadouts to be automatically highlighted after a specific character is selected.

those who voted under nine, they be trolling

so far i need 3 loadouts per character for

PVP with maps with high shard counts
PVP with maps with low shard count

I cant bring in my loadout i like for Benedict that has 2 legendaries and one purple on outback just not enough shards there
we need so many load out options

Since we have 1 legendary per battleborn, I don’t even get why we don’t have 1 or 2 loadouts per battleborn.


As mentioned previously the temp loadout idea (in addition to more loadouts) would be great. Only downside (besides the dev cost to implement) would be that selection times would be longer.

Could be a lot longer. I’m indecisive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless if you can set loadouts for “all” and “specific battleborn”, then when you pick a battleborn you can only see the loadouts you created for “all” and this specific battleborn.

…Currently level 67, getting used to this and find I only need 3.

I’m a purest and sell everything in my inventory that is below 70 cost.
I’ve already got 3 rows of items that are 150 value or higher. :sunny:

I’ve unlocked 6 loadouts. I’ve put gear in four of them, but I mostly use 1 or 2. Mind you, I didn’t vote yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I want loadouts to be treated like every other aspect of a character, let me choose a default one.

I think 9 is enough, but when I’m looking at Oscar Mike or whatever, let me select loadout 4 as his default.

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