[Poll] How Many Loadouts Would You Like To Have?

oops i wrote nine? i meant to write 5

no wait i wrote that right. havent had morning coffe yet XD

but no we need more than 5 under nine vote was for the 5

4 per character , so can have a pve load out , pvp load out , and 2 others like healer,dps.tank, so it for the characters so you can play the characters more diverse.

like sometimes , once see other people jobs that your team picked you be like well , like to balance the team and use more attack , or build ables or ect.

Also like them to keep the 9 random loadouts we got , and 4 per class, then it would be perfect .

And with the options to in the character part to choose the character load outs , as default and not even show the 9 random load outs. for those that get confused on clutter.

I have no idea why there’s even a cap on loadout slots. IMO there should be 3 per character (base) + 2 per each PvP mode to a total of 9 slots per character.


I need a capture, a meltdown, and an incursion load out for each character I want to be using at the time, and I think having 5 “mains” is best. So 15, +3 for PvE setups.

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One for each character, or ATLEAST the possibility to change the name of the Loadouts.
I find myself in struggle remembering which Loadout is for what purpose.

Hmm… I really like this idea, but I’m not sure where you’d find room for a name on the layout - it’s pretty crowded as is.

I’m all for 1or 2 per person but one thing that would be really nice aswell could be some way to reorganize them. It would be nice if you could just put whatever character your working on at the rop of the list. Almost necessary if we get above 20.

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This is already in the game.


It is? Where? (And please tell me this isn’t one of those PC-only things!)

X on XBOX, X on PC, probably square on PS4, can’t check that unfortunately.

Thanks - don’t know how I missed that.

Also, love the loadout name!

Might not be the best Idea to put all the button prompts to the bottom of the screen, especially for console users who sit far away from their TV’s :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks! :wink:

I would like one per-character, and to help with the clutter there could be a “default layout” option like there is for skins and taunts. I like to play random but my first layout is specific for Marquis so it’s annoying that I always have to back up to pick the proper layout.

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You know what I would like?

Being able to read the description of the items in my loadout in character selection BC yea, I forget what blue shoes do compared to the green shoes sometimes.


One per character sounds decent, as there’s bound to be SOME overlapping between a few of them (like characters who benefit from damage and reloading times). Though…then there’s the character specific legendaries. Some might be crap (I’m not sure), but if they are going to have items that fully work ONLY when used by a specific character then…yeah, one loadout per character at the VERY LEAST.


Honestly I could go for 2 for each character. Logic being that you’ll have different gear to support different team structures for any given mode, whether PvE or PvP. An easy example is bringing more offensive gear if you know there’s a few support characters on your team versus slotting survivability gear if the team is damage heavy.

Somewhere in a distant thread, long long ago, I suggested that you get 3 loadouts and 1 character-specific loadout. (for a total of 28+ total loadouts).

Man, definitely starting to need more Loadouts. You can have a total of 30 character legendaries when all the new characters come out, but only 9 loadouts. Sigh. Especially frustrating when some maps are full of shards while others barely have any!


I voted 2 per character just because it would be nice to have different gear for different modes or even maps. I sometimes run different gear on Meltdown than Incursion as buildables matter a lot more in Meltdown. Similarly, I would like to have the option to run different gear on Echelon rather than Overgrowth as getting shards on Echelon is loads harder so legendary gear becomes a lot less worth it.

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I wouldn’t mind assigning a loadout to each character individualy.