[Poll] How much do you PvE/PvP in %?

  • What’s PvP?
  • Mostly PvE
  • Roughly 25% PvP
  • I swing both ways!
  • Roughly 25% PvE
  • Mostly PvP
  • What’s PvE?

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Thank you for the votes guys.

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5% PVP (for lore challenges. not cuz I want to)
90% PVE
5% just looking at my command menu and thinking on who to play next


50% pvp
5% pve
45% matchmaking


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I´m pure PvE for now, I don´t know if that will change… PvP maps & objectives is nice, I enjoyed my first round Meltdown, but I don´t enjoy the competitive side that much.
Most likely if I ever join PvP then I´ll do as supporter.

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I’ve played about 400 PvP matches against 10 PvE matches, so it’s about 97.5% to 2.5%

As for me, I haven’t even seen the likes of Rendain personally. I only have finished like 4 of the quests maybe and farming for gear is the main benefit for it; since I have no purpose to unlock characters at this stage anyway. I have yet to try all PvE missions; during the Beta it was really fun and all with the large sentry dude and everything.

I pvp mostly for the achievements. Maybe once I finish all these pvp achievements then I can focus on playing what I enjoy in pvp. Percentage-wise I probably do 90% pve.

Almost entirely PvE. I PvP pretty much only to bang my head against the PvP lore challenges. Got Kelvin, Attikus, and Shayne out of the way on that, but I’m still missing 21 Oscar Mike kills for Whiskey.

I pretty much never PvP for “fun”.


Pretty much both equally! I usually play 2-3 missions and 3-4 matches a day. I get bored if I just play PvP or PvE, so I try to alternate.

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It’s 50-50 for me. I enjoy PvP a lot but I have a golden rule of at least 3 people in my party before I go PvP. Most of my friends are in America so when I come home from work it’s quite so PvE public advandce and in the evening when I can make a party it’s all PvP. So ends up 50-50

I have never played PvP matches until last night. I solo que’d and expected to be wrecked.

1st match: Bunch of low levels on our team. We didn’t “wreck” them but we did win.
2nd match: Same team, got wrecked so badly by bunch of lvl 100’s.
3rd match: Left que and joined new team. We had one lvl 100 this time, but the other team had more than one. We wrecked them though :slight_smile:
4th match: Same team vs same team. We were winning, albeit slowly. But one of our teammate, Reynar, left. After that they made a slow come back and won in the end.

All in all, it was fun but also nerve wrecking. I used to love PvP when I was in my 20’s but I don’t think I can take it anymore after a long day of work. I will probably give it a try here and there on weekends though.

I just chose swing both ways, but to be specific based on my stats on missions and matches completed, I’d say I do PvE 60% of the time.

Considering how much people said this game was PvP focused, I find it ironic more people chose “What’s PvP?” over “What’s PvE?”.

Almost entirely PvE. I just don’t enjoy PvP in this game.


I think that’s because there is a true hate against PvP - not in Battleborn specifically but overall, which tends to be higher than the hate against PvE. This is of course my very own experience, where people in PvP mostly mind their own business while PvE people tend to mock and loathe PvP people. Probably because they are bad at it or something ? I don’t know.

Back to topic, I’d say 60% PvE too, which is a bit annoying to me. I came for the PvP, and I’m starting to feel I may be lagging behind because I miss some key non-character-specific legendaries. And with the atrocious drop rates, we have to try, and try, and try again, and it’s really starting to feel obnoxious af…

I actually tend to find the opposite: PvE players try to mind their own business, but then PvPers dismiss PvE and claim that PvP owns the game.

I think it’s more interesting that many would say that this is a PvP game, but the numbers are much more even than most would expect.


Exactly what I thought! I expected far more PvP players, it s really great to see how even the scores are currently.
Theres no need to mock each other, I guess theres a black sheep in every camp.
No matter if you main PvP or PvE, its both within the same game, the same universe. Lets just safe that star^^

Actually you’re kinda right. I was thinking more of the World of Warcraft of old, where PvPers were considered like “savages” compared to the noble art of PvE - and I was PvEing myself back then :stuck_out_tongue: But somehow, PvPers would just keep to themselves and just do PvP and climb ranks etc.
Funny thing, though, a PvPer was far more aware of his own class tools than a PvE player, just because he mostly had to use them all while a PvE player would only need a few.

Nowdays however… I played SC1, the Call of Duty games, and probably a few others, since they were released, and always considered their foundations to lie in PvE. However… People thinking that PvE is an essential and important part of a CoD games are now laughed at because “it’s a PvP game hurr durr”.

This is a constant in the modern Internet Age human species, tho : make and choose sides. I, myself, a dedicated PvE coop games players, never even thought a second that Battleborn was any way viable as a long term PvE game ( especially compared to Borderlands campaign from the same guys ), so I tend to be both baffled and quite amazed in a positive way at people for finding anything worthy of spending hours while discarding the PvP mode entirely in Battleborn PvE. As I say, I even complain it’s such a grind and a farm before being able to effectively do PvP… So yeah I can’t fathom why people would dismiss PvP entirely in Battleborn. And this, again, coming from someone who generally dislikes PvP :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s new. I thought it’s PvE players that mind their own business lol.

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I used to love PvP, but I still discarded the “PvP” experience from early CoD games as well, because what I liked about CoD back then was the historic backdrop of WWII, and being able to participate in it as a gamer. Of course, you can’t even begin to draw a comparison between an actual war and video game. It’s just that I have always been so interested in WWII history. Of course, I stopped playing CoD series as soon as “Modern Warfare” series got introduced :slight_smile:

Anyway, it all comes down to personal preference. I liked PvP before, now I like PvE better!