[Poll] How much do you PvE/PvP in %?

Hehe, I see. I myself quickly grew bored of the WW2 setting, and welcomed Modern Warfare with open arms! Black Ops even more. While WW2 is a very interesting setting, one can take as much iterations of it before one breaks :stuck_out_tongue:

Slight bias in that poll (or not, as it wasn’t showing one option for me before I voted, how odd), with some curious questions. It would have been better structured as:

  • Never PvE, Only PvP
  • Strong PvP Preference
  • Mild PvP Preference
  • Never PvP, Only PvE
  • Strong PvE Preference
  • Mild PvE Preference
  • Both PvP & PvE Equally

As for me, 100 per cent PvE until they sort out the lore challenges.

Maybe it was like this in early WOW, but now I only see right opposite: PVPers more tend to see themselves as some kind of elite, egocentrically perceive the world as evolving around their interests, and who see PVEers as just a bunch of casuals.

Fortunately, it rarely happens here, on these forums.

I have played WoW and I would consider their mentality like this: “PvP is one person attacking another person. You are outwitting or outplaying some other thing that can be completely unpredictable. Whereas in PvE when you boss you know every 10 sec x move is going to happen, and every y% of hp he does so and so.” It is a mentality of thinking someone who beats something/someone who is unpredictable is harder than beating something that can be remembered/practiced to defeat it. I kind of agree with PvPers on difficulty of killing a person over an AI. That doesn’t mean some bosses in WoW or other games weren’t still very hard and difficult in their own way.

Nearly 900 PvP matches, over 100 PvE matches. Roughly 90-10 split.

I’m pretty surprised by the results too. Would have expected more PvP players, but I guess I’m biased since I voted for “what’s PvE”.

I’m glad this thread was created, I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot in regards to BB. I feel like this is the main reason for BB’s current state. Game neither has the content nor polish of a proper AAA $60-80 single player or multi-player game. Instead we have a game that tries to be everything but doesn’t truly excel at anything. There were a lot of good ideas, but game probably needed another 6 months - 1 year in development.

All it takes is one matchmaker PVP match to me kill any desire I had for vs play.