POLL: How often do you carry team mods in online play?

[poll] - Always

  • Sometimes
  • Never

Personally, I always carry – especially in the event that I am sidelined for whatever reason and unable to contribute directly.

I’d love to say always, but I gotta admit that if user-only mod gives considerably better benefit I’ll pick that. But I guess that in the end, an effective-as-possible companion is far more helpful than few percents of extra accuracy.

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I agree with @Jubamon… it depends on the situation but if my class mod has a lot more benefit than any of the team mod, I’ll use it instead.

I guess it would depend on the character you were playing as at the time. It would also help if I actually played co-op but hey, I figure my advice is still sound…:grin:

I always carry Kriegs other mods.

I am a mix of sometimes, like Axton’s Heavy Gunner mod, or always, like Krieg’s Legendary Reaper. Most of the time I play Krieg, so Yeah.

The only “team” oriented com I will carry is leg binder, everyone can use extra cooldown. Some of the other team mods may interfere with others builds.

As Krieg always, and most of the time people don’t have a clue even if I mention it they’re like Waaaaat…

The majority of my play time is endgame and by 72(OP8) I expect people to have self sufficient builds, so unless I have talked to the player and we’re doing more than just killing things, I run my Legendary Siren/Hunter com. However when levelling if I find a team com I will equip it and run with it as I don’t expect just found gear to sustain everyone.

This also depends on who I play, I level Maya as a team nurse but as Zero I support my team by being a reliable killer.

My answer is majority of my play - solo and co-op - I leave the team coms in the bank. Niche cases I bring them out for a whirl.

I use the hoarder almost exclusively and it benefits the entire team with no negative side effects.

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