Poll: How would you feel if Gearbox let you choose your Mayhem modifiers?

No more rerolling, just pick each one as your heart desires. Yay or nay?

  • Yay!
  • Nay!

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Pretty much like that already. Sure you have to roll a bit to get what you want but its pretty much your choice now.

i don wan to choose i want them off, all we ever do is roll and roll for most neutral ones (or some people want positive ones but i hate slayer or big kick energy or big heads i only use okay boomer cuz it literally changes nothing)


I would love to see an option that let us turn off individual modifiers in replacement for enemy buffs. Something to the tune of +10% enemy fire rate to remove a medium modifier, +20% enemy fire rate to remove a hard modifier, +30% enemy health and shield regen to remove a very hard modifier.


We need that feature because otherwise, everytime we play with other people our preferred rolls are wiped.


How about a 3rd option, turn it OFF.


Make them a separate “layer” from Mayhem’s extra HP/Armor scaling values

Assign a different +% to $/E/Loot/XP for every modifier (except Easy ones)
Allow to pick up to five modifiers

Much better


I mean, in all honesty they might as well at this point. There is literally no good reason to run with some of the more obnoxious modifiers considering none of them change the difficulty or reward level outside base mayhem modifier.


That will be a great qol improvement, sure re rolling is ok at the beginning, but once you are familiar with the modifiers and you want to try some particular setup you wasting a lot of time rolling and rolling and rolling again to get what you need for your setup, the more you play different builds and setups the more you need to do that and the more irritating the reroll become.


I play with people a lot, and usually, the modifiers that benefit you, end up sucking for somebody else…

So yea, choosing them one at a time, or turning them off completely would be cool…and if players DO choose to play with modifiers on, they should get better rewards (increased dedicated loot drops, no non-anointed gear drops, better stat rolls on COM drops, something like that)


Re-rolling is just tedious. Yet that is what (almost?) everyone does. Why, because some modifiers are just a pain in the ass. Is it fun to reroll modifiers? Hell no.


I’ve always been under the impression that the reroll feature is a placeholder added with the least amount of effort possible.
I guess we will get a new menu sooner or later.

when why does it have to take half an hour :x
strange way to give us “freedom”


Just let us shut the damn things off. I’m fine if you’re “penalized” with higher health for enemies or something… I need the challenge anyways!


Still hoping for a option to turn them off,like most, they dont bother me that much though also would like uvhm and maybe a couple secret bosses like vermi


I wouldn’t feel any different. Neither yay nor nay.

Yeh. I mean, at this point the system is just a waste of time spent re-rolling over and over again because just when the other modifiers are alright you happen to get “Not my face!” and simply can’t deal any more damage…

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I actually deliberately rolled Not the Face for my melee Amara build. Crits are such a small part of melee that it wasn’t an unobtrusive one to take.

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Maybe, but that’s pretty much the only playstyle where the modifier isn’t utterly horrible.