Poll: How would you feel if Gearbox let you choose your Mayhem modifiers?

I think it probably is, yeah. It’s interesting some of the uses people come across for the modifiers. Pool party + the Transformer, Laser Fare + the Recursion.

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If they gave the option to turn it off then there will more than likely be weapons/gear that is modifier specific. As it sits the highest you have to play for all things to be in the game is m6. You can play at m8 and not have as many modifiers.

People ask for them to be turned off but that will then add another layer to the difficulty pyramid scheme. If your main complaint is too many modifiers then play on m8 to get gear then go back to nonmayhem and accept your lowered drop rates.
If that is unacceptable then accept that gbx wants to have the added mayhem of modifiers in MAYHEM mode.
Now I don’t disagree with individual rerolling but I dont think that the current system is bad. If you get 3 modifiers you like but 1 that is bad you can accept that. I like changing mine at times to play with different builds and such.

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in the end its their game
but we are the players and just…dont like them^^
so we dont accept anything
we keep saying our opinion, lol


Valid point just wanted to put it out there since I never see that pov.

That is actually very fair of you to point out, even though I personally don’t particularly like playing with the Mayhem Modifiers. I like that they tried something different for the endgame difficulty - I never mind someone trying something new! - but in this case I feel like it’s obtrusive and just breaks up the enjoyment of the game flow.

Getting through a crazy fight then getting instantly downed because a Death spawned behind me that I didn’t see isn’t fun or interesting (to me). It’s just annoying. A modifiers that massively lowers critical damage isn’t interesting to me, either. Sure, it makes the game harder by making enemies tougher to kill, but now you’re literally taking away a main aspect of the game: rewarding me with higher damage for being highly accurate.

I think the Healy hearts are THE best modifier. They’re not intrusive, but they’ll fully heal an enemy if you don’t kill it. Fair trade. You can completely ignore it if you want - you’ll just need to blast an enemy down again.

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Yeah, I miss good old stable difficulty. I want to enjoy the game without all those modifier


Not even close. Unless you enjoy wasting time trying to avoid one of the many annoying, broken, or build-destroying modifiers. I want to be able to select the modifiers, or have them saved so when I change difficulty or join another game, they aren’t reset.

If GBX’s intention is to let us have the freedom to “eventually” get the modifiers we want, then forcing us to roll them (because RNG) is stupid. If they didn’t intend for us to reroll, then they should not have given us the option. These half-assed measures they put in are often worse than whatever issue they were trying to fix. Ask anyone who’s used Slayer recently.


Yes please, let us roll our own. Rerolling for 20 minutes gets just a bit tedious. They’re letting us essentially choose our own this way, might as well just let us cut to the chase and just let us custom-choose them up front.

(And even better, let us turn them off entirely, but reduce the XP/cash/eridium/loot quality bonuses.)


I beg to differ on this. The other night I spent literally 45 minutes to get a fair set of modifiers to use. And they are still not the ones I would prefer.

It takes way too long re-rolling…


Sometimes I get a perfect set in just a few tries lol

Most of the time this is not the case however.

The only way I see myself coming back to playing regularly outside of doing DLC when they come out is if one of the options is off. I’ve stuck through a lot of stuff I didn’t really like in this game but modifiers made the game no longer enjoyable.

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Obviously it’s a combo of OP and mutator but it sure feels like “hey that mutator arena is pretty fun! Let’s make a whole game of it!”.

Not a fan. Like another stated, I play at M6-8 just to reduce the number of annoying modifiers.

I wish they’d make the whole game like the mutator arena: would divest enemy difficulty from the modifiers, and let us choose them independently of each other on the fly.

Even if I was okay with getting a modifier set that I like by rolling dice instead of turning a dial, I would have voted yes here because I’ll almost always vote for more options.

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The whole system is trash. The game should just shoot random variations of the mods at you with increasing intensity as you go up in difficulty and have other actually meaningful challenges. I despise the whole “MayhemX” gear drops as well, it just invalidates to many things and throws balance out the window! Play on lower MM and don’t use op guns been the most fun for me;)


If the modifiers weren’t so intrusive and obstructive, I wouldn’t mind them. Something like “Slams now launch enemies into the air, and you deal increased critical damage to launched enemies” would be fun and challenge the player for skeet shots without otherwise interfering with normal gameplay much.

With the modifiers we have now though, I just flat out want an option to turn them off, even if it meant less loot in the process.


Yeah, I would love it if the modifiers were pure bonuses (slide twice as fast and do double damage from slides) or simply fun and neutral (zombie mode) all enemies run towards you or a negative offset by a significant positive (grenades do double damage, enemies all throw them but you never run out). The ones that are purely negative aren’t much fun.

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These recent TWO added Modifiers have made the RNG for rolling unbearable. More are on the way… ewww

huh? did i miss something?

It’s more that they returned two which had been taken out of play - Drone Ranger and Boundary Issues. It depends on how you see rolling modifiers, I suppose. If you set your mind on certain ones and reroll until you get your specific combination then more RNG isn’t good, but if you’re looking for ones that aren’t too invasive then I don’t mind these ones too much. I previously had Laser Fare on my melee Amara and was putting up with it for some of the other ones so when I loaded into the game and found it replaced with Drone Ranger I found it to be an improvement.

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