Poll: If you could ask 1 wish

  • Balanced weapons/Enemy HP
  • Fix broken skills
  • More endgame content/bosses
  • RnG narrowing/Annoint reroll
  • Make RnGeezus a boss to kill

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  • Game stability
  • Simplified modifiers/visual clutter
  • Vertical split
  • New VH/4th Skill tree

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If you could have one wish granted in BL3, what would you wish for? If none of the above, mention in comments!

Edit: Added 2nd poll for key areas I missed.


Had to go for RNG/Reroll. Not much to say about it when there is too much RNG just to get desired parts and anointeds


Balance is the big thing for me. Whats the point of more content and/or easier farming if there are only six guns you can use regardless?


Fix the skills. Balance is pointless if skills aren’t working correctly anyway, and the game just isn’t as much fun to play when skills that should work don’t.


This and fixing broken skills would be a coin toss situation for me.

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Are we talking action skills? I don’t really see why we would need to vote for that since gearbox already confirmed that they will be mayhem scaled soon. As for bugged skills that we invest points into, yea, they should be fixed. But is it as big of an issue as gun balance? I wouldn’t say so.

*Skill point skills

I disagree. Some of the bugs are absolutely build breaking.

So you got your build fixed. What are you going to do now? I’m guessing you will be using the yellowcake, OPQ, and Chaoson like every other build is. Having more viable guns means having guns that fit your specific build better, giving the builds a greater sense of individuality. Who cares if there are 100 different builds if they all use the exact same loadout? Just my take.

Here’s the thing. As long as a build feels like it’s working properly, a player will gladly play that build in whatever content it sits well at. It’s when the build is obviously not working as it should, it’s hard to even wanna play. When a skill doesn’t work right, you lose trust in the game. When a gun isn’t doing great, you use another gun.


RNG Narrowing but I’d also go for killing the RNGeezus because GB has a sense of humour so remotely possible. :grin:

Interesting at 18 votes, only 2 for balancing :rofl:

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Don’t have any yet. Or maybe I do, I honestly can’t remember because if I do have one I haven’t used them yet. None of them work with my build (they can’t roll with 125 splash to my knowledge), and I don’t need them on M4 so I don’t care about them.

This. At least for me, having a well functioning build will do far more to keep me around than gun balance. If there isn’t a fun build for me to play who cares about how many viable guns there are?


Gun mechanics are also a part of a build you know.

For example, I plan on using Kaosons only with Moze for synergy with Demolition Women tree, OPQ as a situational gun with Zane and Yellowcake not at all.

I was expecting that to be the clear winner. I’m noticing however, that a lot of folks wanna shoot RnGeezus lmao


It’s simple: Gb already said they’re working on gun enemy balance, and Rngeezus the Invincible sounds like something we could and should get


This is true, I am truly looking forward to more than 6~10 viable M10 weapons. I wish they just increased the Mayhem scaling so it didn’t make then any more redonk in early game. Have you used a Lob or Krakatoa when leveling? They are monsters. If weapons just gained more damage per Mayhem level this wouldn’t make them as silly earlier on.

Edit: RnGeezus the Invincible would rain annointed white items during immunity phases :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Should Rngeezus the Unobtainable

I actually don’t enjoy the leveling process post game play. So I’ve never played a low level Lob :joy:. There’s lots of issues to contend with.

The few times I played in m10 I use the same stuff I use in m6. Hellfires, Storms, DNAs, Kill O The Wisps.

I wanna get my Zane back to a Crossroads. That gun feels good to fire. I’m just messing around for now with stuf.

I mentioned the fact that guns can fit what you are going for more than others in my post. Problem is, mayhem 10 is so centralized around the top 10 or so guns that you feel like an idiot if you aren’t using them. I personally like playing chain zane and hate using launchers. However, the yellow cake kills bosses a lot faster than automatic weapons, despite having ZERO skills or gear synergizing with it. I have to use it if I want to be farming with max efficiency. Do you think that is contributing to my build’s sense of identity? No. It is not.

Where is the “Fix Echo/Crash Bugs” or “Fix Vertical Screen split” options. The game isn’t playable for many of us making your choices of “What I would wish for” options silly. I wish to be able to play a game I already paid for.

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