Poll: If you could ask 1 wish

Game stability should have been on there. I knew I would leave something out, but didn’t see it being something as plaguing as crashes.

Sorry, I should have been more clear that I was specifically responding the assumption made here…

Have mayhem 10 gear drop on mayhem 10.
So tired of fighting in mayhem 10 only to finally see my item drop but it’s on par with mayhem 1 level gear…

You fixed it once, fix it again …
Max level play means max level item drops…
No reason it isn’t including mayhem “levels”

Lootsplosion, chests and mailed items drop M0 gear. GBX knows about it and are working on it.

Not trying to defend them too hard here as I’m not really sure why 2.0 was released with this issue. This should have been noticed in 5 minutes of testing. Makes me wonder who pushed the “it’s done enough” button.

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Mayhem 2.0 is actually one of the single most embarrassing updates to a mainstream AAA game I’ve seen in forever. There really is no excuse that they could make that explains why they thought it was ok on any level at all to shovel such a woefully haphazard update to a game that was finally sorting itself out. You not only insult the people who have worked on updating things like Iron bear balance and weapon variety, you insult people who have paid for your product too. This level of just not caring about quality because you can update it later and have people beta test it for free really is dragging down gaming as a whole…


Had another thought about RnGeezus as a boss. What if he dropped tokens you could collect to use at a vendor to reroll annoints?

2 birds, 1 stone


In such a way, one could…

Defeat RNGeezus

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World peace? A really cute waifu to notice me senpai? Oh I guess those aren’t options, welp, skill rework would be nice I suppose. There are entire trees that are kinda useless to me, like Amara’s melee tree.

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I’m just gonna appreciate the deus ex profile picture and try not to derail this thread.

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This is is blasphemous RNGesus can not be killed he is all encompassing you would have better luck killing death. Repent, save your loot while you can! Forgive them my lord for they know not what they do. Random be thy game amen.


Killed Death earlier. S’all good.

More characters/skill trees.

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You forgot the most important one…STABILIZE THE DAMN GAME!!!

All of the other stuff is irrelevant when people can’t stay connected, join groups, or use more than two elements, with their consoles melting.

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I need a stronger like button
I’m actualy crying, I’m laughing so hard.

why is there no modifiers option in your list buddy ol pal?

Fix all the XXXXX bugs! that d be my wish no hesitation


I just wish the game worked as intended. Everything should work … not just this and that.

Added 2nd poll for some I left out last night.

Try it now lol