[Poll] If you could choose one area for Gearbox to focus on, what would it be?

I think we can agree there’s plenty of things for Gearbox to focus on (and sometimes it seems new areas pop up faster than they can get to the previous ones). If you could choose one area for Gearbox to focus on, what would it be? Feel free to discuss below as well.

  • Weapon balance
  • Gear balance (grenades, shields, COMs, artifacts)
  • Characters/skill trees
  • New story content
  • New Takedowns
  • New Circles of Slaughter/Proving Grounds
  • Bugs and stability
  • Misc. (cross play? Battle Royake? Anything not mentioned above)

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I think personally I’d go for skill trees and possibly some overall stuff like making DOTs good. I’d like them to look at Zane’s green tree and put in some more offensive options. Right now with him it seems like we have Seein’ Dead or nothing. However, if the green tree made it possible to, say, have increased crit and splash damage against frozen/slowed targets, that could make the tree quite distinctive and build him up as a character. His COMs could do with looking at too.


Bugs and stability. Without that, all of the rest is meaningless. They need to get their ship seaworthy before adding more flash. Otherwise it’s just a waste as every new bit of content seems to introduce new bugs and issues.


Misc - game balance. Weapon buffs is cool and all but it seems kinda pointless when content seems to be balanced/scaled differently.

Maliwan Takedown Vs. Guardian Takedown is the most noticable difference in enemy values. You could have a pretty decent build with lots of synergies that feels great in MTD(and everywere else). Then you enter GTD and suddenly it feels completely different.

Another example would be CoV vs. ViP’s(jackpot dlc).

And i’m sure future content will follow this trend, which isn’t great for anything. I don’t think weapon balance will ever feel quite right as long as the content is tuned so differently. They need to stick to a baseline value for each enemy tier tune around those.

It really doesn’t even effect me as I dont play in split screen, but horizontal split is atrocious on any TV made in the last 10 years. Why hasn’t this been resolved?


Y’all are sleeping on how amazing Proving Grounds could be if they were different every time, shuffling level chunks and enemies (including named badasses).


As far as balance goes I think anointments and enemy balancing are the most important ones followed by getting grenades and some of the worse shields up before going for individual weapons.

Fixing bugs and issues is the most important one IMO. Hell, my not so poor computer keeps crashing on some modifiers on M10, especially in some areas. I don’t even want to see how this game is on consoles.

Trying to get stuff balanced is something that I have a hard time imagining couldn’t happen on the side of that though.


I picked miscellaneous since I think they should just focus on 4 instead. Finish the season pass and keep a small team for events and balancing but I think this game is beyond saving (balance wise anyways). Learn from their mistakes and start fresh would be easier than dealing with this hot mess


Misc: Vertical Screensplit.


Better stability and optimization for us console users. 60+ second loading screens, constant crashing, heavy frame rate drops and screen locking, etc etc. Balancing M2.0 would be nice, but if I can’t make it through a CoS/takedown with more than one player in the match then what’s the point?

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In all honesty.

Borderlands 4

Not because I want a sequel. I just think the core design of BL3 is fundamentally flawed and irreparably broken. I don’t believe they can fix what is wrong with it at this point. Not without completely changing the way the whole game works. It would be easier to simply move on to the next game and try to make it better.

What they need to do in a nutshell is simple:

Make the core game. No Mayhem, no modifiers, just the core game that people will play when they first start the game. Play balance the entire product around the core game. No modifiers, no mayhem levels, just the core game. Play balance it and create your difficulty levels around just the core game.

Then make modifiers a toybox that players can have access to after they’ve completed the game. Make the modifiers do all sorts of things. Some having a direct effect on gameplay, others just being goofy changes for the fun of it. Doesn’t matter, they’re entirely optional and entirely selectable by the players rather than chosen for them. If you feel you must have a randomized option, make a Random button so players can use that if they want. The whole point here is to make modifiers an OPTIONAL way to alter the game and add to the end game fun. Think of a Clown Foot modifier that gives all of the human enemies big floppy feet. Or a Fart Grenade modifier that makes a fart sound every time a grenade explodes. Toys. Ways to have fun. But NOT forced, and does NOT alter the core game or game balancing in any way. Modifiers should be made and balanced to work within the core game settings, the core game should never be balanced around the modifiers.

Anointments should be massively reduced to only offer small boosts, not game changing results. A 10% increase in damage, not a 300% increase in damage. Passive boosts of no more than 25%. An increase, something better, something desirable, but not game changing and definitely never game breaking. They should also be something you can buy and apply to weapons rather than randomly finding them. Optional parts that can be applied like a Trinket. That eliminates a major problem with the RNG when trying to farm for a specific gun or item you want. It also has an added bonus. Now suddenly you have a use for all that money you have lying around.

And then they can move to the weapons and items. With annointments being changed to a purchased trinket Gearbox could rework the weapon balancing and drop rates. They could rebalance the gameplay so blue and purple weapons are more effective and viable, and change the drop rates of legendaries to make them properly rare items rather than being a golden shower of piss. Then you’ll actually get excited when you see that legendary drop because you know it’s not just going to be yet another Woodblocker.

And finally, work on an actual AI and make it actually intelligent. That way you can scale difficulty by a combination of increasing the number of enemies, and making them smarter, not just turning everything into massive bullet sponges. This game would be SO much more enjoyable if the fights were tougher because the enemies fought more intelligently rather than the 1980s mindset of throw more bullet sponges at them until you overwhelm them game design.

And finally, remember, this is NOT a competitive PvP game. It’s OK to be OP at times. It’s OK to allow players to mow down waves of enemies without breaking a sweat. Part of the fun of finding that amazing god roll legendary weapon is being able to go into combat and lay waste to everything like you were using a god roll legendary weapon. Give the players raid bosses and hunts and specific challenges to test their builds, weapons, skills, and personal abilities against, but also give them that turkey shoot, hilariously overpowered place to where they can just walk through and melt everything in their way just for a laugh. Give them a place to play with some of those quirky guns that aren’t the best in the game, but are good for a laugh.


ik there are different teams for everything but i want story content. I want to see Ava develop because I legitimately think she could’ve been a great character. Give respect to the characters you have and use them, communicate to us the depth they supposedly have. no more character assassinations like Vaughn/Aurelia, no more adding unnecessary plot points like Carnivora for the sake of doing stuff. you can fix gameplay with a sequel or patches but you cant patch a bad story. (unless you retcon certain parts, which at this point i actually wouldnt mind…)

Borderlands has arguably the most memorable characters in any looter game. they deserve consistency, a good story to be in, and not an afterthought at the very least.

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This! For a game that is stuffed to the guts with RNG, why can they not make a series of trials that have random generated rooms, enemies and boss encounters?

Hell, it couldn’t be too hard to make a rogue-like dungeon mode that opens up once the main story is complete.

Let’s name this mode: mayhem mode.
For each dungeon level, the mayhem increases, enemies get harder, but the rewards get better!

This mode could have the random Mayhem modifiers attached instead, so people who want the main game free of them can play normally.

The further one pushes their build through this mode the better the drops become. Each Time through gives more and better gear allowing the player to push that little bit further each time. Give the boss encounters 100% drop rate, but make the boss encounter subject to RNG.

Boom. Endgame achieved.


I said it a million times during the year I’ve been here and my answer is still the same : bugs and stability. A lot of issues still existing are present since launch and are piled up with new issues, this should be GB number one priority to treat all tickets and investigate informal feed back concerning bugs and stability.

  1. get rid of mayhem modifiers
  2. balance all gear to mayhem levels
  3. get the BL2 team to start working on BL4, as I think most agree that BL3 was poorly done and the team that made it clearly, based on fixes, story, etc., does not understand what makes borderlands.

Misc - Concentrate on BL4 with better writers with a decent sense of humour.

I keep seeing people on this forum say ‘year 2 season pass’. Does that mean that they are going to milk this games broken content for another year of paid dlc’s and crappy events?


The game is not beyond saving, but close.

What they really need to do is abandon the anoinments idea, buff guns so it’s about them again, buff dedicated drops, ease on the world drops because without anoinments there will be no need for them to drop like whites and finally balance enemies around this.

Also, bugs and stability issues. It’s sad to hear from people who still can’t play the game that’s 1yr old because of this.


That’s true.
Weapon scaling through mayhem lvl should also been removed. That’s causing most of the balancing problems.
But I don’t think GBX would admit both faults and completely remove it. Unfortunately :weary:


TTBOMK there are not actually separate teams that made BL2 and BL3, just GBX developers. We know that some folks moved on after BL2 and then BB, and were replaced by new hires, while some veterans remain. But there is no ‘BL2’ team at this point.


I’d like to see some missions like Heck and the Cartels, with weapons specific to those missions.