Poll: Keep the level increase or go back to the good old days

  • Keep the level increase, I’ll farm for lvl 53 gear items
  • Take me back to before the level increase when things were just starting to feel good

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It may not be as many levels as I would prefer, but I’ll take all the extra skillpoints I can get. And I certainly wouldn’t say no to a few hundred extra Guardian Ranks should they happen to fall my way, either.

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If you grind for gear rather than starting a poll… You would have better on-level gear. :sunglasses:


Bit of a loaded poll, as I’m sure plenty of people were already feeling good playing the game.

Not saying that I wouldn’t have preferred it to be a bit different from what we got, but at the same time, there’s no going back, that would just be stupid.

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how do extra levels depreciate your feeling of goodness? ma dawg?!

I’m kind of in the middle on this vote. I like the process of getting stronger and leveling up. That doesn’t bother me. But what does bother me is not having a way to level up the anointed gear that I spent a LONG TIME farming. It’s a huge part of my build, as I’m sure that is true with everyone. Hours and hours of mindless grinding to get those anointed items with the stats I needed. Just finished getting my last piece of gear just the other day. It’s a shame. Funny thing is I had just finished my build and was about to buy Moxxi’s Heist so I could mow through it. But now Im back to grinding the same gear. Want to get my main build done first, again.

Granted, the gear still does good damage in the game, as I found out last night while grinding for the same pieces of gear at level 53. But we all know how it goes. We want the highest level gear. Not sure why, but we do.

I’d be fine with future level cap increases, as long as I can take selected anointed gear with me. Make eridium a currency for leveling up gear, or if Gearbox doesn’t want everyone taking everything up to current level, then make it so you can select one load out to level up to current level when there is a level cap increase.

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Nope. I don’t have a lot of Anointed gear. And I’m not particularly attached to what little I have.

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At first I really didn’t like the idea of a lvl cap increase of only 3 levels but after I found out that my lvl 50 gear can still do all the hardest content on m4, I have to say that I’m starting to like the idea of small increases like this.

Think about it, if we would’ve gotten maybe 10 lvls our gear would’ve been literally trash and farming on m4 would be a lot harder. With how they did it we can comfortably farm for the higher lvl versions of our stuff, and with the next increase we can do a lot more build-wise.

Only 3 skill points felt a bit underwhelming this time but it is for the better imo.


Finally, some common sense and smart analysis :slightly_smiling_face:
Thks for enlightening what most players haven’t seen :wink:

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I like having the 3 points and I’m relieved that some of my best lvl 50 gear is still effective. But going forward I will be doing less farming/hoarding and just playing and trying new things - side missions, CoS, challenges, DLC. Between the RNG and the prospect of more levels in a few months, it’s just not worth spending a lot of time farming for me.

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Okay well maybe not everyone. Lol.

I disagree. There are no new challenges. No new missions. No new characters. No new skills. No new weapons (other than the 2 that came with the Heart event that everyone should get). No new anything. The only real change was 3 levels and 3 skill points. It takes less than 1 hour for most players to go from lvl 50 to 53.

If there are no new challenges, and gear/enemy difficulty are scaled, then what’s the difference between level caps?

What SHOULD have happened, is a 10+ level cap increase, with a DLC that provides new missions, new bosses, new enemies, NEW GEAR, and a new challenge.

Now, what we have are characters easily skipping to lvl 53, wondering why they now have to farm for the SAME GEAR to fight the SAME ENEMIES.

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So your point is pretty invalid there are people who have ground for a specific weapon with a specific anointment to synergies their build and in another months time they are going to have another lvl cap to contend with the anointment system has killed the game in previous games once you got a piece of gear you had it didn’t have to worry about anointments so when lvl caps came out getting the piece of gear again wasn’t a big deal it’s the fact a piece of gear comes with over 10 different anointments and to get the anointment you want is super rare

I think this poll sort of misses the point of contention here. Cap raises are an inevitability in BL. A 3 point raise, however, is not justifiable. Its an incremental boost that forces players to re-farm gear without actually allowing us to access anything new - namely a capstone skill. This is wholly unprecedented and fully demonstrative of GBX’s utter disconnect with the fanbase.

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Ok let’s be cool and honest, this is not a new DLC, it’s free content, with a small and funny event, and 3 lvl cap as a bonus…
As stated by an incresing number of players, lvl50 gear is just fine at lvl53…
No need to refarm all your stuff, just be patient, March will bring the DLC everybody wants, with actually new content and maybe a new lvl cap too…

For reference, take a look at the BL2 sections when the extra points dropped with the 5th DLC…

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