[Poll] Make +2 Projectiles Great Again! (modified need re-vote)

It already has been coded in, why not add it as another Very Hard Modifier option? Please?

Would you like to see +2 Projectiles back to make end game challenging again?

  • Yes add +2 Projectiles Back!
  • No, don’t! It is too hard!
  • Make it +1 and I am in!

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No one will use it anyway. Just like the immunity modifiers.

I would. :frowning:

I would prefer it to any Very Hard modifier we have now(except maybe Rogue Light). It is not build intrusive anyway either, and enemies hit harder.

(You can also choose to reroll away from it anyway)


I run Dazed and infused in M10 and it’s rolled in M8, it’s not really a problem until a boss gets it’s weakness covered.

Then I hide :rofl:, heheh just takes longer.

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more options…

it’s not difficult… it’s broken…


I’m all up for more modifiers.
I hope to see new ones as well alongside with the upcoming dlcs.

Yeah that is the problem with dazed and infused, if you got a badass or bosses infused, you’re doomed.

Brainstormer / Rad Redistributor Sntnl on my Zane usually mops up nicely, even a rad immune gets shredded by the amp feedback.

Yup, I was running DLC2 today and Wendigo was rad immune :confused: But other than that this modifier is not that bad (way better than Buddy System).

On topic: maybe +2 is too much (only when CoV badasses are around), but +1 would be fine.


I would not be that bothered to have it except for the fact it would be another option to roll into oblivion :rofl:

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Would just be another option if they let us pick them/disable them ya know.

Everytime i co op ppl have immunity modifiers on. In Takedown ans i gotta quit.

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I would prefer +2 projectiles over Post Mortem or The immunity drone, but still, this modifier it’s not very interesting in comparison.

And also it’s completely invalidated by Zane’s barrier. Even Holy Crit has drawbacks with Fl4k.

Maybe make it +1 projectiles and +splash radius? Idk

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i feel like there’s a need for modifiers that are less “wacky” and just…straightforward? And doesn’t directly affect your damage either.

This or increased AOE radius would be preferable to me over most of the very hard modifiers available rn.

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Does it make me a masochist to be Zane and like the modifier?

OK thought it would save results but it didn’t so added the third option via request of users.

+2 projectiles I remember it was a pain with Fl4k and Moze, but with Amara and Zane it wasn’t, because of their defensive skills.

I feel that right now all the Very Hard modifiers are equally bad for all VHs, in more or less magnitude depending your VH, but very similar in the end.

I guess it can be a Hard modifier, since Mob Mentality exists in the Medium difficulty.
+2 projectiles in the Hard modifier tier or +1 projectile in the Medium tier.

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Better idea. Get rid of all these stupid, build disabling modifiers that are largely subjective or situational in how “difficult” they are in the first place. Scrap this 2.0 system and go back to the drawing board instead of taking the worst parts of mayhem 1.0 and putting it on steroids…causing huge item scaling issues and broken action skills in the process.

I have been suggesting this forever as a difficulty substitute for these stupid mayhem modifiers so might as well keep suggesting it until we have something better than 2.0 in place at least…Have fewer mayhem levels but each level difficulty is determined more by how many hard enemies you have to fight.

You kill a trash mob it has a % chance to spawn a Badass mob. You kill a Badass mob it has a % chance to spawn some mini-boss type mob. Kill min-boss and maybe have a super rare chance to spawn some huge boss that does something unique like smashes all other enemies and it becomes a huge single enemy boss fight but with greatly increased loot.

So in this setup you are only trading one mob for a harder one. The faster/more you kill the harder the enemies potentially become and the better the loot is because the harder mobs drop more/better loot with mini-bosses maybe dropping something unique or interesting and the rare boss dropping more of it and/or something even more unique…

Each level of mayhem would modestly increase health/shields/armor but also the % chance for harder mobs to spawn on death. This would be much more fun IMO than these stupid modifiers or insanely bloated stats and we could maybe tone down or remove item scaling which is causing all sorts of other issues including broken action skills. It would also be build/gun independent so if you have a cryo build that you love you don’t get cry immune enemies that invalidate your build.


Im all about more options so i would picked two of those options

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+1 projectile would probably be a good “Hard” modifier, but it’s too boring for Very Hard.

Other than COV rockets/badasses, it won’t change anything…

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