🍖Poll: Mayhem 7-10's current hp armor shields on mobs As they are nerfing it./ Additional spawns🍣

How do you feel about the upcoming Changes in enemy hp/life bars in Mayhem 7-10? Please discuss your feelings/opinions and if you wish theres buttons you can press below. :thermometer:

  • :meat_on_bone:Over here, my sweet meats, :pizza: your prince of justice and genocide has something to say. :cut_of_meat:I LIKE the m10 bullet sponges. They should make it a Veryhard modifier :bacon:

  • :cucumber:High Fiber FTW! :broccoli: Im glad theyre going on a diet. :eggplant: Im fine with them being toned down as the devs have stated :mushroom:

  • :new_moon:I don’t like polls because complicated feelings and stuff :cold_sweat:no answer :key:

  • :boom:EXPLOSIONZ! :zap: HAHAHAHA COME MEET YOUR MAKER. :fire: :rocket:

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This ends the Poll for Enemy HP levels.

How do you feel about increased spawns in this game in general? Let me know your opinion and there’s conplimentary buttons to press below if you wish. Many like the increased spawns in mayhem with the cartel event in Mayhem or just in general.

This a seperate poll below regarding additional spawns :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

  • :metro:It’s time for the meat train?! :poultry_leg: I’d like additional Spawns in general :squid:

  • :hotdog:**Would u like fries with that?*:fries: Id like additional spawns as a modifier or option :fried_shrimp:

  • :raised_hands:HOLD THE DOOR :door: I dont want additional spawns as an option or Modifier.

  • I WANT A PONY! :unicorn:

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I don’t even understand what this poll is asking. Is it asking if we like the upcoming changes that we don’t even have details about or just about changing the current health/shields? Me no git it.


In the second poll, I would like one of the MH modifiers be for more enemy spawns. One thing the Cartel event has shown is the extra enemies spawning in adds difficulty but it is an enjoyable and fun difficulty.

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I don’t like polls… well, specifically I don’t like polls that look like flyers made by someone who just discovered clipart or wingdings.

And I’m pretty sure you owe me a pony.


Sid its official theyre toning down the hp and bullet spongeyness of mayhem 7-10 in the live show.
Theres some ppl who feel like theyre blowing through mobs bosses etc right now at m10 anyways so itll just get easier.

Its industry standard i perosnally identify as a clown.

Anddd… Yes i do! Just follow the balloon :balloon:

Ponys inside :heartpulse:

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What even is this poll?

If you really are trying to get folks’ opinions, it’s just strange…

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Im not even sure?! Does there need to be an answer?! Why did the psycho cross the road?!

midget screams

I’m pretty indifferent about the health/shield stuff. I mean if this coincides with a nerf of over-performing guns it should be fine. However, the shield/health bloat is the least of my concern with this 2.0 system. The poor or non existent item scaling and the stupid modifiers are what I hate.