[Poll] Mayhem Overhaul Ideas

I know there are a lot of threads on this topic, and even a few polls. I wanted to see run a few of my theories by the community.

In any option of this poll, actions skill damage will scale at half of enemy bonus health, so at +10000% enemy health action skill damage gains +5000% damage(this is subject to better ideas). FL4K’s pets will be considered an action skill and will be boosted further by any outside form of action skill damage bonus on gear/skill points.

Option 1 - Mayhem 2.0+, this will be a modified version of current Mayhem mode. You can now replace modifiers by increasing enemy HP/Shield regen by 50% and increasing enemy damage by 40%. Enemies spawns will also be increased by 25% when modifiers are removed. Weapon damage will scale per Mayhem level.

Option 2 - Mayhem 2.5, this option will eliminate Mayhem mode 7-10. Mayhem 6 would include the modifier set of current M10(Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard). Mayhem 5 would have the current M8 modifier set(Easy, Very Hard). Enemy health scaling would be the same as current M2.0 1-6. Modifiers could be removed for the same enemy buffs as option 1. Weapon damage would NOT scale per Mayhem level.

Option 3 - Mayhem 1.5, this option would scrap Mayhem 2.0 entirely and go back to prior M1-4 with the addition of M5. Mayhem 5 would add +2500% enemy HP/Shield/Armor and a second buff to enemies from the old M4 buff list. Modifiers will be mandatory in this option. Current M6+ weapons will only drop on M5 in this version. Weapon damage will NOT scale with Mayhem levels.

Option 4 - My ideas suck, please tell us your ideas!

  • Mayhem 2.0+
  • Mayhem 2.5
  • Mayhem 1.5
  • My ideas suck, please tell us yours!

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I agree with the idea of letting us choose whether to use modifiers, but we should also be able to choose which modifiers to use.

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That would definitely help with re-rolling modifiers as a really nice QoL improvement.

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i dont think that your ideas suck but you probably didnt cover something
return to mayhem 1 with only enemy scaling and no weapon scaling

now additionally to that, you can freely select modifiers that will give you specific drop increases
like shock imbued for shock element gear, etc. ticked off for adaptive shield modifiers f.e.
that would however require a lot of work
so for the beginning you could just give different modifiers a static drop increase and easy modifiers dont give you anything but “fun”


M4 had enemy scaling and no weapon scaling. My theory was at +2500% and no weapon scaling weapons will still feels dramatically more potent than current M10’s +10000% health and +~130% weapons damage.

yea i know
if you take out the last random modifiers from all mayhem levels and apply the new modifiers as a free option, it would be the perfect system

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That was kinda what I was shooting for with the second option. With the ability to exchange modifiers for more dangerous enemies. Wasn’t quite sure how to pull it off though :sweat_smile:

You didn’t provide a 5th vote how about no modifiers but that’s not going to happen is it . Dude if their going to push modifiers on me I’ll just move on this is not what I want in a borderlands game and I refuse to play it . The crew I run with has stop playing and moved on all because of modifiers. I don’t know what kind of game this is but it’s no where near a borderlands 2 level of quality.

go back to what worked.
make mayhem 10 weapons become mayhem 4, and call it a day

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You can turn off modifiers with both of the first 2 options.

No turning off anything just no modifiers period they are not needed to play a borderlands game . No ! I know my leaving a game has no meaning in the grand picture but I refuse to play a game that needs silly ass modifiers to make end game content .

Mayhem mode is optional. I will admit that actual “endgame” activities are pretty sparce for replayability. But the actual Mayhem mode itself lies outside of the content. You can still run Takedown, Circle of Slaughter, Proving Grounds without Mayhem active. Having the option to make the game “harder” for increased drops makes players believe that Mayhem mode is the endgame. That’s not actually the case.

I have always played games at highest difficulty, somewhat of a masochist some would say. So I play at M10, but the modifiers themselves don’t actually bother me that much.

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I’ll tell you how bad these " modifiers " affected the crew I run with today I look at my friends list and they were playing ANTHEM!!!
I’m playing dishonored 2 and the last we haven’t heard from in 2 weeks that’s how bad these " modifiers " are .

If mayhem became optional, why would anyone play it? It makes matchmaking even more of a pile of garbage.

I think the modifiers should be implemented in an arena type of environment… sort of how TPS did it. And then based on the modifiers you’d get a higher chance to get certain drops. Could be a cool way to change up farming instead of killing the same boss over and over for the rest of eternity.

So like Slaughter Shaft, but you can pick what type of enemies you’re fighting, the modifiers, the “planet”, etc, etc. Gamewise it could be explained by Tannis creating some kind of simulator to help you get better in battle or something like that

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I find it highly unlikely that they would go back to premayhem 2.0. Doing so would require them to admit they were wrong and they’ve probably invested too much time and energy building out 2.0 and fixing it.

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Did you try playing with Mayhem mode disabled? With no annointments on weapons it’s actually a lot of fun.

Yeah, I had remove Mayhem altogether in there for a bit, but quickly realized the -% chances of that lol

I have liked this idea everytime I see it! Where modifiers actually modified the environment/enemies.

Yeah and based on the combination of modifiers, you get a higher chance of getting certain types of gear. Want to farm artifacts? Okay, you need to fight guardians, with XYZ modifiers, on XYZ planet.

And then after X amount of time, you need to fight saurians, rakks, and jabberwocks with XYZ modifiers, on XYZ planet to get artifacts. That would help prevent the farming from becoming stale

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Mayhem mode and Loot The Universe had a baby. Who knew it could save a dying game from an unfortunate fate.

This is what I had hoped for with the post your own ideas option!