[POLL] Miko's Mutations & Tips

If you had to give up one of Miko’s Mutations, which one would you choose?

  • Level 3: Plentiful Healing
  • Level 4: Sticky Spores
  • Level 5: Pervasive Poison
  • Level 6: Healer’s Oath
  • Level 10: We are Many

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This is just a personal survey to see which mutations players would be willing to give up for something else.

Feel free to discuss Miko’s Mutations and share any tips you may have for using them effectively, including scenarios where having a specific mutation is advantageous.

Sticky spores since I never use it and it’s not that useful compared to the other 2 options

How is pervasive poison useful? You can just choose Pandemic and chuck a single Kenai for the same effect on minions.

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If I could choose two it’d be sticky spores and pervasive poison as I see no real use for either. Sticky spores is not useful except for very very very niche areas of play. Like if you’re trying to cut off escape routes, but to do that you have to somehow backdoor as Miko and place it in their escape routes. Pervasive poison is a really strange one for me. I can’t seem to figure out any real use for it. Poison spread is AMAZING and health steal is pretty darn good as well! But poison on any damage dealt? Maybe if spore clouds did damage it’d be useful but until that day then it is pretty useless in my eyes.

Pervasive poison applies the poison dot to the Vicious Strain augment for his Ult, and the aoe impact damage from cloud of spores.

If his DOTS was Mellka’s I’d take it. Isn’t it like, 11 damage for five seconds?

[quote=“xxEvoLuTioNxx, post:5, topic:1542078, full:true”]Pervasive poison applies the poison dot to the Vicious Strain augment for his Ult, and the aoe impact damage from cloud of spores.

For the spore cloud, a single Kunai is going to do that just as well, if not better since it’s faster. The doom shroom is actually a legitimate thing because it’s constantly applying it, but, really, you’re not getting all that much out of Pervasive Poison that you aren’t getting out of Pandemic and Pandemic actually turns every kunai into an AoE.

Personally, I voted for Stick Spores, but, with the exception of Healer’s Oath (because, if you take Heal Thyself and just target a minion, you’ll get way more out of Healer’s Oath than Probiotics; if anything, it’s the other helix options at level 6 that I wonder why they exist) pretty much all of the options suck. You’ll get more healing over time (and better burst healing) out of the reduced cooldowns (even if it just applied to Biosynthesis), Sticky Spores would be nice if it weren’t competing with super area spore and stun spore, Pervasive Poison is basically worthless compared to Pandemic, and I have absolutely no clue what the value in We Are Many could possible be since, afaik, you can’t have more than 1 shroom up at a time (if you can have multiples, it’s definitely valuable since you could have 2 shrooms healing at once, even if they’re squishy).

I was just explaining what skills it effected and how it effected them, not commenting on its effectiveness. It’s really up to each player to decide if it’s useful or not.

I’m just trying to observe the results of the poll.

You can have multiples at a time, it’s AMAZING for PvE and in PvP it is also useful because you can heal at three different places at the same time. The downside is that they do not have very much health, but it does cut the cooldown in half so that’s a good counter to the low health. With two of them you can have a heal at that corner in overgrowth and then one at the pillar in mid, allowing for a huge boost in healing area. You can also place two of them right next to eachother, basically insuring that ANY character standing near them will be full health very very quickly.

I wanted to choose sticky spores… Then I remembered the fun I had by sticking the spores on allies and decided that mutation CAN’T go.
So I wemt with the poison thingy nobody chooses anyways. ;p

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The spores stick to allies?

Yeah. It can be quite useful to stick them on your melee allies too. It’s quite convenient when your Rath(for example) ally goes into battle, the spore slows the enemy he will be fighting.

That is awesome, I feel the mutation would be good if put in a different spot

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Yeah. The other two options are just way too good to choose the sticky spores.

But where could it go

Probably on 9 or 7 helix choice

Defenitely 9.
Tho I am not sure if it would work well if you already have stun spore or trail of spores. If it would work with trail of spores, it would be AMAZING to stick it on an ally. So your ally would drop a trail of slowing death.

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