{Poll} Most Powerful Skills in the Borderlands Series

You can choose up to three. Limited to one skill per character in the franchise:

  • Anarchy (Gaige)
  • Bloodsplosion (Krieg)
  • Bore (Zer0)
  • Cloud Kill (Maya)
  • Double Barrel (w/ Clone) (Zane)
  • Grit (Axton)
  • I Never Miss (Aurelia)
  • Indiscriminate (w/ Ties That Bind) (Amara)
  • Laser Guided (Wilhelm)
  • Leadership (Jack)
  • Maelstrom (Athena)
  • Master Blaster (Brick)
  • Megavore (Fl4k)
  • Money Shot (Salvador)
  • Phoenix (Lilith)
  • Relentless (Mordecai)
  • Short Fuse (w/ Mayhem Scaling) (Moze)
  • Start With a Bang (w/ Load N Splode) (Fragtrap)
  • Supply Drop? (Lol :rofl:) (Roland)
  • Tombstone (Nisha)

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I’m curious…why did you all choose what you chose :point_up_2:t2:? and if a skill is not listed, what was it and why?


B0re because it can potentially one-shot some bosses and also nullifies bullet deflection which is quite useful.

Moneyshot because it is absurdly broken.

Tombstone because a chance to get a free crit on all attacks other than dots in combination with an aimbot action skill is pretty ridiculous.


Bloodsplosion better end up in a good spot. I had some fun one shotting Pyro Pete with it.

I’d also have added the doppelgangers money is power skill, it starts off slow but at max stacks gives 250% extra gun damage with no downside (besides not spending or dying)


I wanna give an Honorable Mention to Trespass and Chain Reaction lol


Cloud Kill - You can beat BL2 with just a maliwan slag sniper. Once you get a slag Rubi it’s game over, just shoot something every 5 seconds and your golden.


Tombstone -> With a skill mod the crit damage get silly. Can clear mobs quickly.

Maelstrom -> The stacks!! The stacks!!!

I must be doing something wrong with Bore. I think I even specced away from it. Haven’t played Zero in a long time. Will have to re-visit.

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The character for leadership is called Doppelganger or Timothy, reading Jack there triggers me for some reason.

Also moneyshot needs a (with gunzerking an empty 12+ mag weapon in the right hand)
And while we’re at it, some skills need its combo skills added.

Or in case of maelstrom add (with glitch)

Trespass was actually my first idea of Mordecai’s strongest skill, but it depends on the gun you’re using. Relentless is nuts with everything…AND it can be boosted by class mods.

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It’s situational. It’s best used in combination with singularity grenades or against certain bosses like the BNK-3R or Hyperius the Invincible.
It also has the advantages of displaying crit spots when in Decepti0n (which can occasionally be quite useful) and since it causes bullets to pierce through enemies it protects you from bullet deflection which late game can otherwise be very dangerous because your damage output is so much higher than your max health.
It’s not such an instant value thing like Moneyshot or Tombstone, but unless you are playing 100% melee Zer0 it’s one of the skills you see in almost every build.

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As I said, Honorable Mention lol

It’s still a solid list

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Maelstrom - 1 point skill, first row, 400% elemental dmg.


B0RE is best served with a Pimpernel and a slag singularity grenade IMO.

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if no kill like overkill is not on the list and bore is we all know op knows nothing about games mechanically

ye ye flag me

What was Kriegs blue capstone called? The badass psycho one?
That was pretty nutty. Is that bloodsplosion?

:rofl: Ok guy

Release the Beast

I was going to put to this on but I wanted 1 skill per character…but yea its the most fun I’ve had with Krieg

I’d argue that Ties That Bind for Amara is her strongest skill and it compliments Indiscriminate. Add Stillness of mind and you have the most powerful mob clearing combo in any of the Borderlands games. So, I can’t vote for Indiscriminate with TTB in (). If it was the other way around… Unless you’re meaning that you have to choose from the skill tree and then a secondary, passive ability. But when I’m looking at a skill tree, everything there is a skill.

Probably being nit picky, so I apologize… I voted anyway…lol

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I wanted to put this in, but technically it counts as an Action Skill…and if we counted action skills, it’d be pretty one sided.

BL3 VH’s have so many augments/action skills/mayhem scaling, I have to clarify the combo that you’re using the skill with.

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Axton does not suck. Grit is the best. lol

need proof? check this out from my good friend brantron

BL2 skills is powerful, in BL3 anointments is more powerful than skills. smh