Poll: New Upcoming Matchmaking Change

Just want to get an overall feel of where everyone stands on the new change as if this moment.

  • Strongly approve
  • Approve, but with reservations
  • No opinion either way
  • Disapprove, but it has merits
  • Strongly disapprove

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All you need to do is just get a group of five, and start stomping casual play.


I don’t want Cap and Meltdown to be in the competitive play list with Incursion.

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Seems like competitive play will be get boring with using the ‘most popular’ versions of the game modes. Overgrowth, outback and paradise all day? Meh…


Personally I am reserving all reservation until it happens. Feeling torn both ways very strongly, and not sure how to feel. Hence the curiosity as to how the community is feeling.

Glad a poll is up, I was curious, based on how strong the reactions were, how many they actually represented.


Only reason I dissaprove is not being able to choose modes, everything else is good. Limiting options is never a good idea.


63% of people are supportive of this, the majority of them have reservations it looks like but I am actually surprised at the number of people not against it. Expected more of a split community on this topic tbh.


I’m not too worried because if I don’t like it I can say so and say why and if Gearbox and the data agrees with me then they’ll make the necessary changes.


Competitive is most likely for people who want a MOBA experience, so the map isn’t important. Personally, I’d rather have both teams vote on 3 randomly selected gamemodes, and then the map be chosen randomly. But, the comp community is it’s own thing, and as long as I can play, I really don’t mind. =v=

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I’m actually really happy about it because it makes my streaming easier. I can queue up, then play three games and not switch modes.

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When is the update for this?

In a little less than an hour.

Thank you! I want to start the download as early as possible.

Tbh I love the matchmaking change…on paper. It sounds great to potentially have any mode, and (I’m assuming) more than 1 map for each mode once the new maps are released. Or alternate them day by day or something, I love overgrowth and paradise don’t get me wrong. But I do like echelon and coldsnap as well.

I realize that in casual I can pick whatever I want to play, and that’s fine, but I’m assuming in casual any component team of 5 will just induce a surrender, which seems like an unfair trade to wanting to play the other maps with your 5man group. Having the match be over 6 mins in isn’t fun for either side.

Still overall happy with the changes though, hopefully more good things to come.

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I chose approve with reservations. Overall, every issue we’ve brought up, I’m sure GBX has to have thought of. So I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and try these changes before I render a judgment. Hopefully they’ll improve the game. If not, I’ll be sure to hop on these forums and let GBX know the changes are bad.

I like the poll. Polls are fun.

However, this isn’t a good indication of the players nor the entirety of this communities opinions.

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It’s a taste although obviously it’s not anything near scientific as I’m pretty sure the majority of the players don’t frequent the forums. Still, a lot of the most dedicated players do, so I think it’s still useful, just of a very limited usefulness (which is really true of forums in general).

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It’s live, and Competitive is indeed slow, as they said it might be.

I’ve been longing to return to games against people more of my skill level for the last couple of weeks.

A team was just found for me, though I had been fearing the worst after about 10 minutes with two players found (as you can see from my opening sentence).

Hopefully when an enemy team is found it’ll be a more satisfying experience. I will return when I find out.

EDIT: 15-20 minutes and half my team left. Refilled fast but still waiting for opponents.

EDIT 2: gone 30 minutes and no opponents. I hope it’s just a first day teething problem, but I worry that they’ve further split the population. If people have to wait this long for a match then they’ll all go casual and the idea will be null and void.

Thanks for the update :thumbsup: