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Hello to everyone that sees this, so I made this poll because I’ve seen some discussions regarding anointments and balancing issues recently. Plus it’s something that has been on my mind since mayhem 4 first released. Personally I don’t like damage anointments at all for a couple reasons: they exacerbate the problem with under/overpowered weapons making scaling an even more difficult job, they add another layer of rng, and this may be nitpicky but the item cards are way to ■■■■■■■ cluttered. Just wanted a read on how people felt and possibly relay some helpful info to the dev’s, even though I’m sure it is far too late to expect anything even if there is enough support

  • Remove damage anointments
  • Nerf damage anoints, buff others
  • Remove anointments altogether
  • Leave them be. I’m happy the way it is

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Since most would see the removal of anointments as a nerf (it is) I think that would be a great time to give class mods more than 5 skill points total to compensate. Not necessarily 25 points like in bl2, but more points would add tons of build variety and seems like a positive change to me

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Anointments made rare items more common and good rare items even more rare than they should be,… at the same time.


(Remove them all)

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That would break the breaker com. It has one 1point skill, one 3 point skill & one 5 point skill. If you add 4 points it fills out all the possibilities and all comms would be the same.

Different/more skills could be added to the coms pool. Obviously I’d stick with ones that synergize with the specific com

Personally I’d rather damage anoints be nerfed and the others buffed. The non-damage anoints are kind of interesting, but their numbers are ridiculously low (8% movement speed on attack command? seriously?)


I would love to see all damage annoints reduced to 50-75% for VH specific annoints and 25-50% for generic annoints.

Character skill trees would need re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly. This would help build diversity more than anything IMO.


Needs a, “bring back the airborne anointments” option. :smile:


I don’t enjoy the damage anointments. The only reason I ever hunt for ASE Damage is so my gear is actually useable. I think the best are ones that synergize with gear. Hunting for them is actually exciting.

Frozen Heart Shield + Break/Fill anoint is really good. It also works well with the Stop-Gap and recharger. They’re solid shields in their own right, but once you get one with that anoint- its a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the sliding ones on my Zane, Snowdrift+Boomstick with Flakker + Slide Damage was super specific but worked well! Ones like those add so much diversity to builds, that I’d like more of them. Reminds me of casual-prefix hunting in BL2 lol.

I think they need to be something that is equiped or added to items separately.

My understanding of Anointments was they where added to make drops “more interesting” something to make you consider using something you wouldn’t have considered in the past and so on. Other loot games have this problem aswell. After a time they want or need to freshen up the experience somewhat more though provoking.

Loot games by definition work on feelings of desire, disappointment, and eventually reward. I believe if the anointment pool is so vast and anointments are more or less required in some portions of the end game there should be a way to change/ re roll anointments on a piece of gear you like in the attempt to make it work.

On the other side if they narrow the anointment pool or refine it so the number of anointments that appear on spicific guns it would add a layer of “looter game” esq progression without the current mind numbing degree of frustration.

I think players in this day and age are more interested I having stuff they can control in RPG style games rather then large amount of random chance dictating the speed or lack of progression.
This criticism isn’t just in Borderlands you see it all across most MMOs and other loot based games. Most people just aren’t interested in investing a randome amount of time for something that may not come to fruition.

As a system designed to give you more power progression on you player character I think anointments miss at least they do for me. The power is impactful but not meaningful. I don’t care about my anointments. I just want to get cool guns and conquer the games most challanging content. I would care more about anointments if I could mix and match them to the items I wanted them to try more crazy builds just like the action skill and skill augment system.

I think the question going forward should be “how do we add more meaningful character progression”

I’ll said it before. I’ll say it again. Anointments are the main reason why this game is going fubar
Anointments have to go altogether. Game should be balanced around skiltrees, the guns, and the enemies as it has been from the beginning.


I’d say not a full removal but a nerf to about what luneshines are and leave the other non damage as they are. Annointments are a way to add to the game but they messed up and balanced around them.


I suppose if they made other anointments worthwhile then I’d have little issue with damage anointments disappearing. I’d certainly like Skills to have some buffing… you know… because they’re what make each character unique and interesting to play. I’m more against things like the Slide or airborne anointments.

However, I will say that since the game doesn’t really have much in the way of competitive play, IDC if damage anointments make me, or other players, more powerful. That’s kinda the point of gear. In addition, since the devs are obviously incredibly interested in making players grind their butts off to acquire loot of decent quality, I doubt they’d change the formula too much. They seem to want to make players farm until they make their +23% damage anointment into a +24%.

Then again, I haven’t played more than 10 hours combined since last November sooo… shrug


Doesn’t matter what they do as long as there is still damage boosting annointments they’ll always be the best pick for every situation.

More damage done equals less damage taken since stuff dies faster. You also get more out of life steal skills which means less point investment needed in them.

It’s such a terrible system honestly. There’s almost no decision making based on which VH you play, or which weapon it is or what build you use. Just grab the annointment that gives you the most damage and you’ll be fine, which is more or less the same one for all VHs.

It makes already strong weapons even stronger, which also scale with certain skills like beyond what anything else can compete with.

But what i dislike the most of all, is how many of them requires activation through your action skill which also discourage swaping weapons. And makes fakegrasp, fakebust, drop your barrier down a cliff, exit IB every 5 sec a thing. Which defeats the purpose of the AS.

i would’ve prefered that all annointments were utility focused, always on passives and restricted action skill trigger annoints to grenade/shield slots. 15% always on life steal on a weapon may sound pretty bonkers and give PTS from grog nozzle days but considering that each VH already has some form of sustain in their skill trees it could mean that new builds open up when you aren’t forced down a tree just for the healing it provides.

Things like faster reload while sprinting could be really good on heavy weapons that are inheritely slow to reload, just as an example. Increasing weapon’s effectiveness without actually increase its damage.


I’m for removing ANYTHING that alters damage outside of skill trees.
Bring back damage under devs’ control and balancing will become ten times easier.
Keep anointments as gimmicks (like reload weapon on clone swap, handling during fade away, cooldown reduction for iron bear etc…) so if you drop an excellent weapon with the wrong one you are not a step closer to rage quitting.


To clarify, I’m against nerfs. Take the time to kill with the anointments used by 99% players and balance weapon damage on that. The removal of damage anointments should come with a buff to counterbalance.


I said it before and I‘ll say it again, anointments were the worst thing that could happen to this game and the main reason why it doesn‘t fee like previous titles.
Besides the struggle that is farming for them, they completely put skill trees and special weapon effects to shame, the best gun is worth nothing without the stupid right anointment. And by they way, it‘s a mechanic that leads to a vacuum where only a few are used because they‘re best while it would actually hurt you to use any of the other anointments simply because you‘re damage falls of tremendously. And after all, Borderlands is a game about damage.

Let‘s just hope that they still care enough for this game to put work into fixing this but I for one am not gonna keep my hopes up.
The way they keep holding on to modifiers and anointments as if trying to prove how fun they are leaves a bad taste in my mouth…


heckin remove dem all

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i’d buff the non-damage annointments, or the duration of stuff like “ASE, deal pitiful damage to badasses for a SHORT TIME”. Make it worth it, yknow.

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I’m happy with them, but if people want to go all sorts of silly on rebalancing them, I’m game for that too.

I think they serve a specific purpose in the game, and while it does cause problems with balance (and gear farming), these are problems that can be solved while keeping the level of depth they’ve added to gear utility.

Don’t know why your post was flagged, but if anointments were removed it would actually force them to truly balance the weapons in a better manner instead of balancing around:

bonus damage = anointment(skill+interaction+build)

They would instead focus on

bonus damage = skill+interaction+build

By taking anoinments away it adds diversity and more focus on build rather than anointment focused. It will also take away the diluted loot pool and they can start making legendary feel legendary again. They should also take away Mayhem Levels off gear and learn to balance the game correctly instead of making things harder/easier at the same time.

PS: Where is the logic in any decisions when people have been so vocal through the life of the endgame content, and GBX refuses to listen to great suggestions?

PPS: Pre-M2.0 was the most balanced the game ever was and sadly probably ever will be. (even if it did have anoints, we were still arguing back then to take them out to just make game harder)