Poll: Play to gear OR gear to play?

I’ve heard many people say things like “well after you have all perfect gear, what reason do you continue to play?” and Ive always found this concept to be contrary to my own thoughts. I mean, obtaining gear is important, and to some it’s fun, but for me I find that I have a far more enjoyable time after all the farming is done and I can put my “perfect” gear to work.

I personally enjoy endgame play much better after I have obtained all of my best in slot top rolled gear. I don’t really mind farming but I much prefer simply focusing on putting my finalized builds to test against the top tier endgame challenges.

So fellow Vault Hunters, do you play Borderlands mainly for the loot or do you get the loot so that you can finally enjoy play?

  • Play for Gear?
  • Gear for play?

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Both. And I also play just for the fun of playing, gear notwithstanding. :slight_smile:


Definitely gear for play. I can’t farm for more than a few hours, but I played pet Jack for a few hundred hours before writing the Badass Jackass.
As long as my gear is “good enough” for my build, I couldn’t care less about it being perfect. Playing since BL1 in 09, and I’ve never had single perfwct parts weapon outside of parts locked legendaries in TPS.

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Yeah, I’m kinda both myself. I don’t really have anything against farming(obviously, I have a legit perfect Insulated Hide of Terra).

Even still, if I had every piece of gear I ever wanted down to the last detail now, it would increase my enjoyment tenfold to only focus on builds and playing.

In fact, that’s what happened in BL2. After I finally farmed/traded/gifted all my perfect parts gear I really began to enjoy the game and continues playing all the way up til BL3 release. Hell, me and my daughter fired up Krieg/Maya for an Op10 DigiPeak run weekend before last for git’s and shiggles.

Thanks for sharing. Maybe I should put a third poll option?

That’s me; neither option in your poll strictly applies in my case (assuming I’ve understood them correctly). I just take what comes.


Man, I wish I could settle for good enough. I’m such a gear snob.

In BL2, I literally spend the time dashboard farming for identical Hails(Fink’s Slaughter reward) until I had both a matching Incendiary and Corrodo Hail with Vladof grip, Bandit stock, no scope and the Ferocious prefix lol.

I’m obviously having to be more accepting in BL3 as it’s a ridiculous jump in variables of gear with annointments on weapons and now with so many text variables on class mods.

Ouch. Brain hurts. OCD gearcheck failed.



Can I add a third option?

You might need to edit in a different poll - I don’t think you can change it once it’s open. Note that you can give polls names, which you’ll need to do if you put them both in the same post.

Can’t change it after 5 minutes are up.

Just create a new one, close the original and link to the new in the OP.

We gear to play so we can play to gear its a vicious cycle.


Both aswell. I like to experiment with different builds and i often try to make them fit a certain theme. When i find a build setup i really enjoy, i try to min max it as much as possible. I’m not a fan of boss farming but i do enjoy to farm activites like slaughter shaft etc. I generally like to grind for gear but it depends wildly on the game. I’m a huge fan of Diablo 3 and Division 1’s lootgrind. I like to have some control over the RNG so i can set a goal and achieve it in a realistic timeframe.

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Most of my gear and all of my favorite aside from takedown gear are world drops.
Farming to enjoy the game is wack.

I’m Gear to win enough and do multiple playthroughs.

I don’t need perfect gear, I’m never going to do the Takedown solo in M4, ever. Same as in BL2, my gear got me to OP6(new) and I’m happy with that.

I farm for stuff that will keep me having fun as I do multiple playthroughs with my own challenges, like allegiance or 1Life, I am not total end-game mastery.

So the drops I get now are pretty much OK with me, I don’t hunt optimum anointments.

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Well not with that type of attitude you won’t :wink:.


It’s both. But the ultimate goal should be gear to play. Digistruct Peak and ultimates are why people kept playing bl2 for years.

FTFY. I still play BL2 for fun and pleasure; I have one character that ran through Digipeak co-op to get OP1, and that is it. I think I have around 16 BL2 characters total? Maybe 20?


I was being too specific. The point is that people want to play the content. Farming is a part of that, but not why people stay.

My answer is: Yes?

I don’t generally farm, because I find it tedious and unrewarding. But I always want new interesting and hopefully powerful gear. But I want the gear in order to better enjoy shooting faces. It’s like asking if you enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the peanut butter or the jelly. You might like one or the other better on its own, but without both it’s not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Play to get gear to play to get gear to play.