POLL: Real-time speccing (current system) or planned speccing (concept)


  • real-time speccing = speccing done on-the-fly during a match, as is the current system.
  • planned speccing = speccing outside a match, intended for uninterrupted play and basically auto-building your spec when you obtain the required XP for a given level.
  • as this is a concept system, the internal workings are still on paper. But at present, what I’ve got is the character would first need to be unlocked; planning would then be based on what was the highest level (ever) achieved by that player. Needless to say, the first match would be entirely real-time planning to set a precedent [=X] for plan-speccing in the following matches; if the player achieves an even higher level, they are then allowed to plan-spec to that level, basically building on itself.
    • relatively, given that we can customize and name item loadouts, what about the ability to have/name multiple auto-builds for quicker selection prior to a match?

If you had the option for it, what would be your preference?

[poll] - Real-time

  • Planned[/poll]

TBH, PvP – especially team-styled/based PvP – isn’t really my thing; however, I tried it tonight at my friend’s insistence, and this kinda occurred to me while I was playing. Personally, the latter is more my style, but what are your guys’ thoughts on it?

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It’s real-time. There’s a helix model in the command menu (before you start a game) for all the different battleborn, and you can even look at Battleborn who are locked still. You only have two-three choices per tier in-game, so If you know the build you want, you can pick your choice in about half a second, maybe less if your particularly fast.

@salsacookies1 Thanks to you, I’m better informed by a bit on the system. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t change my opinion on it.

That said, if you had a choice between the two, what would yours be?

I’d go with planned-speccing, by a small margin. I understand why they have it so you have to plan in real-time, I’ve been able to sneak up on plenty of people who are standing around and leveling up, so it’s a nice tactic, if you can get the jump on someone. Also, you can still run/ sprint while leveling, you just can’t turn the camera.

From the one time I’ve played, I find the optimal time to do so is after you’ve died as you have some time to consider. Aside from that, it’s at your own risk

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My opinion is that we atleast should have the option to auto level (like in smite for example)
I myself would love that option in pve, but not pvp for example(sometimes i want to pick a different skill depending on the oposition:))

Other than that, nice poll and im curious to see the result in a few days;)

[quote=“zodiac3434, post:6, topic:1353530”]My opinion is that we atleast should have the option to auto level (like in smite for example)I myself would love that option in pve, but not pvp for example(sometimes i want to pick a different skill depending on the oposition:))[/quote]Well, like I said, if you had the option…

I’m definitely for having an option to preset mutations, having to decide in match means staying still and possibly getting hit also a chance at misclicking.

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Real time all the way. Depending on team composition, enemy battleborn, map, etc…I may pick one option over another. Yah alot are going to be auto picks but some aren’t.

As an example I use toby’s option to see stealthed enemies if opposing players use a stealtj battleborn (shayne, deande, oscar). Bjt if none of them are present I’ll go with the other option.

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Yep, of course if…:wink:

I think it should be so that you plan your helix mods pre-game from the command menu. However, once you get in game and level up, it should give you the option to either TAP the helix menu button to go with whatever you had planned OR you can hold it to go with another choice.


After having tried “Smite”, here’s a thought – what about a toggle option for auto-building during the match, and possibly in conjunction with re-selection?: A chance to reselect helix choices?