[Poll Results Are In] How Many Patches/Hotfixes Are Going To Be Needed To Fix Tomorrows Patch

I had put up a poll asking all of you how many hotfixes/patches would be needed to fix all the things they broke from tomorrows patch. Gearbox locked the post but a lot of people voted before they shut it down and I want to give the results.

The average bet from the poll results was that it would take ~8 Hotfixes to correct all the mistakes in tomorrows patch.

Of course, Gearbox delayed the patch last minute really more or less breaking it before they could even release it…kind of ironic.


I personally think we will get in an endless fix/broke/fix loop :rofl:
But I love this broken game :sweat_smile:

Broken as this game is I’ll still play it.

I missed the poll but this confuses me. Is that 8 hotfixes to fix only the new things they broke in the patch or does that include the fixes to fix the things that were never fixed in recent hotfixes and what about fixes for things that have been broken all along?

It seem there won’t even be a patch tomorow. Also we’re currently trying to see fixed what the previous patch broke, so …

The poll was to place bets on how many hotfixes/patches would be needed to fix things broken only by tomorrows patch (not all the other things that were broken since release).

Here is a link to the poll they locked… https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/how-many-patches-hotfixes-are-going-to-be-needed-to-fix-tomorrows-patch-poll/4537265/2

It’s a moot point now since their wont be a patch now but I appreciated all the people who voted.

I love how the patches and hot fixes continually break the game. Keeps it fresh.


I don’t think it’s fair to give them flak for this (no pun intended) if you’re also gonna complain about buggy updates. I know I myself have posted on these very forums saying I’d prefer a delay on a patch over broken stuff being mashed in to meet deadlines.

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