Poll: should GBX revert back to Pre-M2.0 and start over?

  • Yes - GBX should remove M2.0 patch and revert to old M4 and start over
  • No - GBX should stick with current game patch and keep fixing with major patches

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At this point, why not completely remove the M2.0 patch and revert back to the old Mayhem 4?

All weapons will revert to their old M0 stats.

All weapon and gear and action skills will revert back to their proper scaling and be useable

Build diversity will be back

No more convoluted and messy Mayhem level on weapons. Just a level 57 and that’s it.

Trading will be back since most of us will just have to trade at max level weapons , not 10 mayhem levels.

Excitment of loot drops and the correct loot drop rates will be back. God I miss that :frowning:

Matchmaking will be back since right now its IMPOSSIBLE to find people to play with becuas their are TEN mayhem levels and a ton of modifiers of which half completely negate elemental builds. Matchmaking is a wasteland becuase no one is happy with modifiers / mayhem level others pick credit to @Frozety for bringing this to my attention

So and and so forth .

At this point it honestly seems like a much easier solution than having to fix the overwhelming issues with Mayhem 2.0 patch.

Start over.

OPTIONAL AND NOT IN POLL : You can then add a mayhem 5. A reasonable and modest step up from the old mayhem 4…maybe 1500% health / shield armor for enemies. This will create modest step up from the old Mayhem 4 since the old M4 was becoming a tad too easy. Maybe up level cap to 60 to balance out against mayhem 5?

@Noelle_GBX : is there ANY chance at all you could tell any of the devs about this poll or thread? I truly miss this game and it’s even so much less work for the devs than keep trying to fix the monumental issues with M2.0


That’s actually a really good question. I really like most of your posts but this one I had to think about. what about the people that farmed all that Mayhem 10 gear? I haven’t played in a while either and hate Mayhem 2.0 patch and would be so much happier if they revert back to Mayhem 4, but I am not sure if people who spent all that time farming all that Mayhem 10 gear will like their gear to go back to Mayhem 0 level.

Still… for me the current state of the game is so bad and so much worse than the old Mayhem 4 that I would literally delete all my saved characters and start over if that meant removing the mayhem 2.0 patch and going back to the “good” old days

I voted yes :slight_smile:


I have great awesome m10 gear.

Id revert at least then i could play with family and friends again and they wanna play the game.

I could double splitscreen on my brother in Laws consoles play with my wife him and his wife. Splitscreen that way is horrible but whatever.

Everyone doesnt wanna play this game the way it is…

Theyll just play to see the dlc. Im.hardcore n adapting but … I hate it. Its annoyingm its not fun. Its buggy. Its not a challenge its frustration.

Theres no build variety theres not alot of viable equipment at m10. The scaling is bad and off.

There is no loot. And im scared im feeling like the development team doesnt understand their own game or play it at higher mayhem at all. Ive lost confidence in this game.

My wife says we just gotta find another game… I been a diehard borderlands fan since it dropped ive been a diehard for over a decade.

What the hell ia going on! This game isnt fun anymore.

As a caveat… Make the m10 gear higher level and raise the level cap… So its there leveled up at max level.


Season (in order to try to solve the problems left over by history)(D2 POE Season)
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Whether character creation automatically highest level

it really doesn’t matter if m10 weapon scale back down , since everything scaled down. therefore if it rekt before then it should still be , it would also benefit people who still keeping m0 item too . i dont see why not


I actually noticed this post after I made mine but I feel like they should just make the option to turn off these terrible ass modifiers and let us play like mayhem 4. Plus put the loot drops back to the original percents or mayhem 10 drop rates equivalent to old mayhem 4 drop rates


What’s up buddy!

I did think of the pushback about people losing their M10 gear but then realized … most of them probably farmed to death to get the 300/90 annointment and GBX just made all that gear useless anyways so what difference would my suggestion make?


Same thing with me and my wife man. You’re going to laugh but I bought a used PS4 AND a new TV for the bedroom so we can play BL3 co OP but not splitsceeen … we did the entire campaign and the Handsome DLC and were halfway through the last campaign when M2.0 hit and she immediately lost interest. You could see her eyes glaze over when I tried to explain the convoluted mayhem levels and she got sick of finding a cool weapon then realizing it sidnt scale to the mayhem level we were on.

So I spent about 500 to play BL3 with her and GBX made me throw all that away with the M2.0 "upgrade "


I think the issue with Mayhem mode is that the difficulty relies too much on just increasing enemy health to absurd levels, which just leads to weapons falling off way too quickly. The main challenge should be in the modifiers—make 'em zany, make 'em weird, make it all crazy. I have some examples: a modifier that freezes you in the air for 5 seconds at the peak of your jump after you jump, while still getting full benefits from airborne boosts; a modifier that makes you bounce every time you hit the floor after you jump (so you just bounce endlessly until you slam); a modifier that doubles your speed without giving you any movement speed benefits (sorry Zane); a modifier that gives you increased damage the longer you stand still; a modifier that gives you bonuses for aiming down sights, but doubles your zoom (even for scopeless guns; don’t ask); a modifier that increases your damage if you shoot an enemy that’s within melee range.

And these are just some I thought of in the last 15 minutes. A bunch of weird, creative stuff like that would do wonders. I also think it would be helpful if you let people choose their own modifiers, so they could experiment with all sorts of different builds and playstyles. Perhaps also get rid of the “difficulty levels” of the modifiers, and just make all the modifiers part of one pool. At Mayhem 1 and 2, for example, you’d have to choose 1 modifier; at Mayhem 9 and 10, then, you’d have to choose 5.


An older female colleague once told me, “The bedroom is for two things, and one of them is sleeping.”
I would not forego either thing to play BL3 in its current state. I’m with you on split screen play, though.


the most annoying thing is weapon damage scaled with mayhem level, so we have to re farm stuff and what u have previously is pretty much worthless

Or just change Mayhem level 4 to the old percentages and opt to use the old-style modifiers up until M4. Maybe have an option to use M2.0 modifers as opposed to “legacy” modifiers? That’d be cool.

I koved mayhem 4 pre mayhem 2.0

I hate the whole mayhem 2.0 system

I might shred i might have alot of equipment

But i freakin hate it. I hate it enough. I regret buying bl3. It made me lose confidence in gbx


Voted Yes, love to have the scaling reverted to pre-M2.0 even if I am playing on M10 atm, but it doesnt seem likely GBX would revert such a huge update imo, I’d be surprised if they did.

If it did happen, I wouldnt mind the M2.0 modifiers being in the old M4 because they’re fairly easy to work around if you know what modifiers to roll…plus having 4 Mayhem levels perfectly slots in with the amount of modifiers people want to play with (e.g. Mayhem 1 = 1 modifier, Mayhem 3 = 3 modifiers, etc)…this is just off the top of my head though cause there’s probably a lot of balancing issues around old M4 and M2.0 modifiers so just throwing this out there.

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Totally respect your opinion my man… but have to really disagree on keeping the new mayhem modifiers. A huge part of why I stopped playing them is because of them . But I respect your opinion since we at least both want to go back to the old mayhem levels

What do I have to do to get the game I originally bought back


Mayhem 10’s difficulty was just fine if you had the right equipment, but the fact that it’s easier than this app is going to please a lot of people.
In my opinion, Mayhem mods should be free to choose as soon as possible.
Some people make excuses for the difficulty factor, but we’re forced to manipulate in vain, repeatedly rerolling until each person can compromise on the line.
During the reroll, all I can think about is.
I don’t want this mod…I can compromise on this mod but I don’t want this mod…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Almost no mods that are fun, just mods that are intended to harass you.
For being called Mayhem 2.0, it’s an extension of Mayhem 3.
It seems to be oozing with bad character for whoever thought of this.

Prepare a base with no mods whatsoever, and
I think it would be more fun for all kinds of people to create their own difficulty level by adding additional mods to each mod and choosing freely, but what do you think?


Someone posted this earlier:

  • Remove weapon scaling
  • Remove M6-M10
  • Make modifiers selectable with an option to not select any
  • Rebalance
  • Profit!

Don’t you agree?


Either GB doesn’t get it or they don’t care what we want.

It seems they believe that a few weak buffs to guns nobody uses justify the excessive nerfs to weapons that everybody uses. Trying to force weapon diversity by only making a few weapons viable at a time is just frustrating to the point of nausea … why even bother farming for certain gear if you know its only viable for a limited time?

Instead of removing the worthless anointments like “while airborne” they supposedly buff it? Another middle finger pointed directly at us players? If not, it sure feels like it.


I always just accepted and in some way understood what Gearbox is trying to do to make this game better (even when they failed), but since new Mayhem mode and this new Takedown patch (plus all the performance issues) it just looks like they see what players hate and say “Ye, let’s do more of that”. I just cannot understand what the hell they are thinking. I love this game and i want it to thrive, i also didn’t hate the story, the DLCs are great, but now it just looks like they are trying to kill this game.