Poll: stat rolls on class mods

Stat rolls on class mods (and artifacts) can be one of the biggest RNG lotteries in the game. If you happen to get the skills you want, how likely are the stat rolls to compliment that? The number of things needed to line up can be stratospheric.

Perhaps it’s time to cut down the number of stat rolls in a similar fashion to how they just did with anointments (again, thank you Gearbox). Stat rolls would then become more rewarding and less frustrating.

With that in mind, I did a bit of research and found there are 35 manufacturer-specific stat rolls and each of these is matched with another roll which represents all guns (i.e. Hyperion weapon damage vs. standard weapon damage) so if they simply deleted these then it would be a drastic move in right direction.

I would also be happy for them to:

  • Cut out the specific element resistances either altogether or make one roll representing all elements.
  • Combine splash damage and splash radius into one or simply delete splash radius.
  • Combine accuracy and handling (I wouldn’t be excited by either separately, but both together? I could roll with that).
  • Combine grenade damage and grenade radius or, again, delete grenade radius.
  • Delete grenade capacity.

What do you think? Would this improve the game for you?

  • I am happy with stat rolls as they are
  • I like these ideas and could get behind them
  • I would alter the stat rolls in a different way (discuss below)

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I’d want radius increase removed or changes made to self-damage. It’s difficult enough on Moze, to not suicide, without additional radius increases.

That said, anything to reduce the “gazillion worthless items” feel the game has become. Looking for anything is such a RNGee-f-ing-us experience, that most nights I’m lucky to find one decent upgrade for A character, not even the one I’m playing.

Even by removing 21 bad anoints, there are still so many that I’ll never use or take advantage of. They could cut the number of anoints, stat boosts, and other modifiers in half and it would still be a loot-hunt game.

Artifacts and COMs are probably the worst to farm right now. Prefix + suffix + 2-3 stats, skill bonuses, etc. means you either get lucky or you just trash them for useless cash.

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I wouldn’t even remove any of them, just do what Phantasy Star Online did with units and turn stat rolls into slottable items for both class mods and artifacts./problem solved

BTW this would also work for anointments if you turn them into slottable items for weapons and shields. This way you would solve the main issues people have with the RNG in BL3 while also keeping the build diversity the devs wanted these things to bring into the game on top of giving the players new things to farm for.

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rng for class mod stat is a really bad idea , no matter how u gonna change . class mod is what define your build , if u want dahl lilith sure u use dahl class mod , if u choose melee zero u use a melee com . theres no point to combine every little bit into 1 single com and 2 - 3 good line is really overpower , dude 45% crit 25% gun damage + maybe some splash or fr reload , its better than some of your skill for being lucky . And the likelihood of getting garbage stat makes the game very inconsistent.

I agree with this. Skills on class mods being RNG would be okay-ish in my books if that was the only thing to roll for. Not really sure why I’d ever want a Stalker with no Big Game on it but ok.

The amount of modifiers rolled on top of that RNG is painful, especially since the manufacturer specific ones are so common and 95 % of them are pretty worthless. Heck, the manufacturer specific weapon damage boost is WORSE than the generic one.

Probably the easiest solution would be to indeed just scrap the manufacturer specific rolls and preferably give a slight boost to some of the utility ones. Still going to be a multilayered RNG-fest but it would make it so much better.

Also, accuracy and handling on the same roll on a class mod? Yes please! I’d use that.


I think you have some solid improvement ideas. One thing I would love to see is manufacturer damage bonuses tripled. Why would I want a 12% V1 Jakob’s increase when I could get a 36% V2 Sniper damage increase? Also Torgue projectile speed needs to go IMO, I would rather see +3% sticky damage for a roll. Manufacturer reload speed can be nice for allegiance builds, but why not just go for general weapon reload? Manufacturer specific crit bonus is the only manufacturer roll that is worthwhile 95% of the time.

Edit: I swear @Lammas and I didn’t plan that lmao


Definitely. The huge variety of potentially worthless rolls and variable skill bonuses devalues legendary class mods and artifacts similarly to how having the wrong anointments ruin legendary weapons. I miss when outside few exceptions, a legendary class mod in BL2 was always the best it could be.


Great minds think alike :+1:

Ooh, I like this even more. Would keep people playing loyalty builds happy (probably happier than now, in fact) while also keeping all the effects in.
The airborne annointments are gone now but if they had been like that I probably would’ve used them on some guns.

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I think there’s some merit to radius. The Lead Sprinkler for instance turns from one of the worst to one of the better Jakobs ARs in the game if you give it some bonus splash radius so the micro grenades can hit the original target.

However, I would like to see a splash resistance roll added.


Cut manufacturers damage and weapon specific damage… Keep weapon damage and crit damage only

That allone would make it better…

Remove FFYL Crap…

Hell more then half of those things could be scrapped… The sheer amount of Zane mods I have stashed for every weapon type and manufacturer is beyond ridiculous… Not to say how many artifacts which is even worse


Need to keep the huge manufacturer crit dmg. The rest can go. Especially manufacturer gun dmg which is actually lower than the general gun dmg one.

These would be really bad for those of us who would like to boost dmg without increasing chances of self dmg. (often instant death with high mayhem weapons)

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These are significantly stronger than the other gun dmg bonus modifiers though.

Yeah but it’s again a layer of power creep

Just Removing them and not fixing the rest of the game would be a bad move :wink:

It’s just a part of the bigger problem that GBX either is ignoring or (I hope this isn’t true) just don’t understand.

Take a step back and take a good look at this game and the holes and sloppy patchwork start to stick out like a sore thumb :joy:

I would even go as far as calling this game amateurish…

Removing the FFYL rolls would help tremendously.

I would be fine with removing all manufacturer specific bonuses, but i think the weapon specific rolls should stay.


Something has to change but it’s just so much that I know GBX will not be able to pull it off…

The mayhem 2.0 crap made that painfully clear…

This game is doomed to for ever be mediocre at best… And I have lower then no expectations for BL4 doing any better :pensive:

I know I’m the one who made the list for GBX to use to improve on QoL stuff… But I’m only doing this for the people on the forum and by the time DLC4 is out I hope somebody takes over (or not) because I’ll be quitting this game after it…

It’s a shame, BL2 made me fall in love with the franchise, BL3 made me lose all respect for it…

I bought the season pass so i’ll play it just for that

Agreed, a splash reduction to ourselves would be helpful. Maybe a splash master roll including damage, radius and reduction.

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