[Poll] To Fix Or Not To Fix?

So it was confirmed that enemies that spawn with a weapon are dealing Mayhem 10 damage with generated weapons. This causes either an issue with survivability or much more challenging content depending on how you see it. I have heard that dev’s are debating on their options to fix the enemy damage or keep it. I thought getting a poll together would be a good way to see how players felt.

If you arent aware of this possible issue there is a good discussion of it here., feel free to add why you feel like you do in comments.

  • Please fix, I’m tired of dying.
  • Please don’t fix, I love the new challenge
  • Please don’t fix, but scale our HP/Shields

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Who would like to see scaled enemy damage as a Very Hard Mayhem modifier?

  • Yes, make scaled enemy damage a modifier
  • No, do not make scaled enemy damage a modifier

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This is not the way to increase difficulty. Why have a slew of shields and relics and survival skills if you go into ffyl multiple times every fight (particularly on flak).

I can see why there are so many ffyl bonuses from guardian ranks and skills, but not sure it’s a fun way to play. When you inexplicably get 3-4 dots on you simultaneously and the game starts lurching and thumping it’s just obnoxious.


fix pls :))) i would not enjoy lifestealandhealthgatelands 3!


Well as a Zane player, it really feels like my defensive abilities just don’t do much at all right now. All is fine when I’m safe inside muh bubble but the second that barrier drops and I catch a stray bullet I’m ziggin’ and zaggin’ hoping I can make it to cover before I’m tagged with a DoT.

Despite having an entire skill tree dedicated to defensive buffs I still feel like a glass cannon. Well…more like a glass 9mm cuz without my uber tier guns I can’t do much damage either.

If they keep things the same then I would like the enemy HP lowered to help even the playing field a bit. I like games where enemies drop fast but can also kill you quickly cuz it feels more realistic (I know, stupid concept in this series!) and it makes things like reaction speed and twitch skills more important for survival than strictly a numbers thing which is what Borderlands is now.

anything but giving us yet another excuse to farm shields too. im happy with my “mayhem 0” transformer
(which is a fokin lie, dropping transformers in mayhem 10 shows they get about a 5% capacity bonus copared to their raw non mayhem drop versions. transformers dont have random capacity depending on drop btw soooo)

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Obviously fix for a very obvious reason : GB is doing ■■■■ on the matter of handling weapon scaling, don’t add survivability scaling to their workload

Fix ffs.

The level of challenge may be ok, but by not fixing enemy damage shields and hp lose all their meaning and we’re going to end in a health gate fest like in bl2 if the game keeps going in this direction.


I can hear someone in GB saying “we messed up with health/damage scaling, but it’s made the game harder, which some people really want, so how about we call it a day and not bother doing proper time consuming balance?”

The cynic in me.

Why do polls have to be so obnoxious and cocky all the time?
I’ll give my opinion: It’s not too bad, it’s manageable at least with everyone except FL4K which doesn’t have any way to actually heal himself properly. FL4K would have to rely on Red Fang or the skill that makes the pet revive you all the time, but if going with Rakk attack which actually has proper healing augment, you’re still stuck to this augment. Anyway, I actually don’t have an opinion on this, either way I’ll manage, if they don’t fix it will have some challenge to it, if they fix it, it will be easier than it is now. Not voting because nothing fits my opinion.

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Health Gate gameplay REALLY puts FL4K’s lack of life steal in the spotlight. Especially since we lack great Moxxi weapons.

I am on the fence(hence why I haven’t voted). I like the vulnerability, but don’t like the loadouts needed to stay alive.

Honestly that does not change much either way

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What is your opinion if I may ask? If there is a better answer it should always be considered lol

I kinda get what he’s saying. A lot of times, poll options have unnecessary verbiage that (intentionally or not) can sway or otherwise twist opinions.

For example, in this thread, I would imagine there are plenty of people who liked the challenge of Mayhem 10 as it was, and feel like this new version is more tedious or not fun, even if they personally aren’t dying that often. Those people would then feel that the poll options don’t accurately reflect their views and pick an option that doesn’t encapsulate how they feel, like they were coerced into doing so.

It’s something that was hammered into us during statistics classes, you need to be REALLY careful about how you word questions. This being a video game forum, I tend to think the stakes are low enough that most people would just skip the thread or elaborate on why they choose or disagreed with a certain option, but I can sort of see how it would annoy some people since many threads here seem to be worded in ways that push people towards specific answers.


I try to be unbiased when making a poll, but it’s hard to ignore your own opinions. Guess I will have to try to be better lol

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An unbiased poll would be something like:

Fix it:
Leave it as is:
Leave it as is but scale health/shields:

Everything you added on the ends of those is forcing an emotion/experience someone might not agree with even if they wanted to choose one of the options.


Noted for next time, if I could edit it I would lol

if everything 1 shot health bar , it only promote people use build with easy healthgate . but i guess only fl4k is super affect by this , the other 3 all have easy healthgate built in the tree anyway

They should fix it because it creates a ridiculous imbalance between enemies that use guns vs. enemies that use melee or other projectiles. This bug should not be regarded as a “happy accident.”


I don’t mind the challenge. I know some people in the thread that I made assumed that is what I was getting at.

I’m not saying that I want EZ Mode.

What I think should happen:

  • Shields should scale, but not astronomically.
  • Steps should be taken to ensure that shields like the Stop Gap, have a chance to actually have their effect work, before being able to be downed. The number of times that I’ve been 1 shot to FFYL from a Rocket Launcher Badass through a Stop Gap is irritating.
  • Damage / Number of Enemies / etc… should be looked at in Mayhem Mode Co Op Play. At present, I don’t necessarily care (too much) about the level of damage in the game during solo play (though the slaughter’s can get a little irritating). BUT during group play, it feels like the damage always has people in FFYL.
  • Damage values on Shields need to scale. Novas, and other shields that deal damage should actually be usable.

Now, when I talk about shields scaling, but not astronomically, I mean that we should see the values of shields rise with Mayhem levels, to a point where a normal shield, without turtle / other capacity mods are sitting around 30K.

This should also bring up the bottom end on certain shields. It feels completely untenable that there are level 60 shields that have less than 10K capacity right now. I don’t have a single character, or build that would make use of one of these shields, including Zane w/ barrier, because the amount of splash damage / values of damage right now, are just too great for it to matter.

The other problem, is that this level of damage continues to push the 2 0 Capacity Shields in the game further out of the possibility of being used. Maybe that’s OK? Maybe those shields only being usable while leveling / low / no mayhem is acceptable?

I don’t know. I think that it needs to be addressed in some capacity, I think the easiest / future proof way to handle that, based on the trajectory we are on currently, is to scale shields up, but I’m not 100% certain on that.

The most disappointing part of this, is that if they add Mayhem levels to shields, I fear that it wont be retroactive (the way grenades were not), and that means that some of the most amazing shields I’ve ever seen, will become moot, and I’d rather not have to refarm a Stop Gap / Messy Breakup / Frozen Heart with Action Skill Start activate anoints again. They were brutal the first time.

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