[POLL] What do you feel is the "strongest" UVHM class?


Basically… which class, with best gear, do you feel clears UVHM with the most ease/speed and why?

Please vote, and comment if you feel you would like to share.

Depends on the category. If we’re talking mobbing, then it may very well be between Aurelia (freezing everything effortlessly+awesome crowd control), Nisha (insane DPS and good survivability), and Athena (awesome defense and offense).

However, for bosses, it would be between Nisha and Athena. Aurelia has a higher potential damage ceiling than Nisha, but is cannot compete with her in survivability. Athena has the highest potential damage of any class in the game, but it takes a lot of effort to build and maintain the stacks neccessary.

Basically, the question is which character will clear the game easier; a combination of Mordecai and Maya (Aurelia), a combination of Sal and Gaige (Nisha), or a combination of Lilith and Krieg (Athena)?

My only 70 character so far is Athena. She’s invincible. A shock Hail melts Ichiwira in 30 seconds. The thing I like most about tps is that with exception of clap in the box all the vault hunters are very strong.


What? He’s strong with the right equipment. :stuck_out_tongue: Then again, that could be said for each of the VHs.

Jack, great damage, great survivability and many diffrent options for loadout.

I’ve only done UVHM with Athena, Jack, and Nisha so can’t speak for the others. But between theese 3 Jack is imo the strongest.

TIL that Claptrap is weaker than Wilhelm.

I’ve done and got through UVHM with all but Aurelia (she is just lv 33). The fastest of them was Nisha, the easiest was Jack. But Aurelia has gotten through NVHM in less than 10 hours, so she could be hard competition. I found Claptrap to be the hardest.
If i had to vote, i would vote for Jack.

Once i found the invincible boom trap i’d have to say i’ve never had it so easy. claptrap absolutely wrecks fleets of mobs including badasses. for bosses i don’t think the’s the best character, but with more passive DPS and more regen/lifetap than any other class he starts to feel broken with the right spec. i’m having a blast :smile: