Poll : What guns are viable on M10 right now

I’m genuinely curious to see “how many gun” are currently M10 viable right now.

Hence why I’m asking you : What current gun have you found viable?

To add some context to what we’ll call viable let’s set a few conditions :

  • The gun must be viable without annointement (or one of the crappy one like sliding …) : +300% damage as an annointement don’t make a gun viable, it’s a band aid to cover an infected wound by example

  • To be considered viable, said gun must be capable of killing any annointed in a decent time. For gun that don’t match in term of element (Those that exist only in shock and corrosive namely), they must have awesome performance against shield or armor

  • The gun must not be viable ONLY with an ultra very specific set up. Of course some weapon are more viable on some character and it’s okay, but if a gun only work with said character cause it create an ultra synergy with a special class com by example, the gun isn’t overall “viable”

So far the weapon that I found worth it (I’ll edit along the way the popular choices) :

  • Lob
  • Hellschock
  • Kaoson
  • Sandhawk
  • Monarch
  • OPQ System
  • Anarchy
  • YellowCake
  • Plaguebearer
  • Nopewpew
  • Krakatoa
  • Redistributor

Anarchy at least x15 or better


Nopewpew has Absurdly high damage. It is capable of insane crits. The amount of damage is a milllion per second once its revved up and unbuffed by criticals as. Youll crit variably 100ks-400 depending on build. With a simple pearl

I get 700ks with anoint on flesh.

Redistributor can still put in some work in the right hands.

My x25 stagecoach on flak was usable but no longer fantastic.

Scourge can still work.

But yeah, compared to the ones on your list they are worlds apart

I think the scourge is not viable anymore. The plaguerbearer shoots way more projecyiles evennif it hits something itll shoot more. It can crit for a milllion and it forms a singularity and a pool if ground. I dont even have a useable anoint. Its insane.

Edit: Im thinking and speaking in m10

Yeah, he more or less said so, it can work, but world appart from those already listed.

To be fair, there is some weapon that I make work with other character too but are very too build specific, often abusing mecanic like overkill and the such

i’ll add the boomsickle, I forgot it

I had a boomsickle i tested it. In another forum me and another person see it as poor performinf now. Ita trash without an annoint and it was frost and ima zane.

It’s no where near as good true but thinking specifically about Moze the plague bearer does not play well with some for the road given it’s charge time whereas you can spam the scourge.

Quantity over quality for sure but still good for covering the battlefield in explosions at the start of a fight with a good anoint.

Yeah im just following. The ops rules. I used the scourage religously as zane frost having my clone spam it and myself. Its damage doesn’t scale Enough now at m10 and without an annoint. It tickles enemies

i wouldnt call the boomsicke viable
compared to the damage of kaoson
i actually saw a bit more damage coming from the faisor underbarrel?
i will test that again

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Ahh well I’m a rebel without the energy to read a full post apparently lol - I didn’t read all of it.

I’d add the anarchy I guess? Loathe it though I do.

Edit: it’s already there, how much did I drink tonight? I blame GB for my inebriation.

The unforgiven then

Yeah i second the boomsickle as now vendor trash without a useable anoint.

I took it down. it’s true that I use it with a with high accuracy build, giving it a pin point accuracy. It doesn’t count

Krakatoa - has worked for me on all levels.

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Even within the list of viable weapons power lvls are super out of whack. Like Maggie and lob are just barley doing it while opq and yellowcake obliterate your foes. If I’m going to be honest I would remove unanointed Maggie from the list.


Yeah the krakatoa still works now its 32k. Crits very high… But tbh my nopewpew crits the same and for longer… Wtf gives i dont get it! Its my gravewarden replacement. Id always take out gw with krakatoa. Now i use pewpew.

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redistributor is still good.

Lob is still top tier i can solo takedown withit. I dont even have a useable anoint and i used a frost one for armored…

Cutsman well is only viable on wotan/ball. Used it as soon as m2.0 dropped for wotan

Here is what I don’t understand: I compare the NoPewPew to the Seeryall Killer as they are both fairly similar weapons. NoPewPew gets extra projectiles AND twice the base damage of the equivalent level Seeryall.

Pretty much the majority of the working weapons get two to three times the base damage of their class equivalents…


Balancing it’s not even a mess, it’s a ■■■■■■■ nightmare right now. It’s a failure of colossal level

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