[Poll] What should come after DLC4?

So DLC4 will round out our season pass provided content and the ending level cap seems to be announced at 65. What does the community think will/should be the next step?

What would you like to see?

  • More DLC’s(second season pass)
  • More Raids
  • Event Bundle(smaller “season pass”)
  • New Weapons/Gear
  • Split Screen/HUD Love
  • Mayhem 3.0
  • Annointment Overhaul
  • 4th Skill Trees/New VH
  • Weapon Part/Annointment Shop

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I didn’t include Game Stability/Bug Fixes as this shouldn’t need to be a request.


In a perfect world, slaughters for each of the DLC, two more raids with raid bosses, continued seasonal events (like the Cartel & Halloween, but revamped to be different every time), and then finally one last, surprise event that brings BL3 to a close.

And all of these things wouldn’t have to happen soon, just down the road…Dev’s can take their time.


I wanted to add some sort of gauntlet similar to Digi Peak, but I think that’s better suited after we get some more raids and a better boss pool.

Let’s be real, story line bosses are a shnozfest in this game compared to BL2. Nothing like the pummeling Saturn gave us the first time.


Characters/skill trees would be my vote. But I’d almost go for an “All of the above” option.


I would love more dlcs and events/headhunters (I’d prefer they make all previous events permanent add-ons). I’d love an overhaul of the anoint system, you know, a thinning of the crowd, a chance to reroll, or a total redesign wherein weapon anoints are attached to trinkets so you can just assign them to slots, and guns and anoints can be independently farmed. I’d love for them to finally get off their Duff’s and add vertical split screen. I’m always happy to get new gear. I’d be fine with them adding raids, or more takedowns, though they’re not really my cup of tea, and I definitely think they need to add more circles of slaughter for each dlc theme/planet. I’d love, love at least a slight overhaul to mayhem giving us the ability to individually select modifiers, or turn them off outright (of course I’d really love it if they ditched mayhem scaling on gear, and rescaled the bullet sponge curve).

What I don’t want, is fourth skill trees. Not without a significant amount of more points (at least 80). At 65, we have between 56 and 66 points we can’t use. If they add another tree with a similar number of points, that means we aren’t able to use almost 100 points. To me, that is too much. Heck, even 80 would be weak, to me, with fourth trees, I’d really prefer 100 at that point. The only way I could accept a fourth tree without a big influx of more points would be if we could, once we had a max level character of a given VH auto level a new one without having to replay, so I could actually make new builds without giving up the ones I’ve been using and perfecting for the last year. I like my builds, and I don’t have time to run endless play throughs just to keep leveling characters to try other builds.


I think Headhunters would be a fantastic addition to this game. They should definitely fall into the category with the event pack, or be individually purchasable.

Edit:@kazbiel26 I agree with you 110% on the 4th skill trees.


I tried to take the most frequently brought up requests. So an “all of the above” option wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but that wouldn’t really give devs(if this gets much attention) any real direction to go towards.

I found it tricky choosing between those options and almost went for 4th skill trees/a new VH but in the end picked new story DLC. If I had it my way, I’d release two more.

  • Tannis sends you to Elpis to discover what happened to Lilith. Along the way you bump into Athena and the DLC proceeds to unveil the mystery and either put some resolution on Lilith being gone or restore her to life in the flesh and possibly bring her back to Sanctuary.
  • Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep vol.2. Need I say more? This was the greatest piece of DLC I have ever played (and not just for a Borderlands game) and I’d love some more. Then put in some returning weapons as legendaries such as the Swordsplosion and Magic Missile (obviously we don’t have slag any more so this could work like a beefed up It’s Piss).

Then, yeah, more Takedowns/raid bosses, Circles of Slaughter, events, all the stuff people normally say.


I really want to see Athena’s return in Borderlands 3. Janey too. I want to see what happened to them.


@damien_hine. Duuude!!! Wow, what about a times 2 homing its piss?!?

id like more DLCs to spotlight old characters, but as much as possible id want them to be on the existing season pass bc im broke af lmao


I believe they planning to make a dlc with every possible side character. I’m interested in the possible number of dlc-s. I think we will have 3 season, but probably 4 perhaps 5.
4th skill tree deffinetly. We never had it before. We have too many skill point now for those a few opption. More opption in the 3 skill tree wouldn’t be bad either perhaps even better.

Yeah, filling in the character gaps should have been more prevalent in DLC content IMO.

gun and gear balance first establish clear direction for endgame gear check all separate instances of content vanilla + 4 dlcs and only after this move on to adding more content

voted anointment overhaul as per lack of option


Alpha version needs to come.

I would never buy a second season pass
(El que se quema con leche, ve una vaca y llora).

They need to radically rework anoinments or remove them altogether.

After dlc4, it’s the shelf.


Dlc 5. :wink:


My perception:

Takedowns Are the Digistruct Peaks of this game.

Slaughter Shaft is the only Circle of Slaughter

The In Game Evens like the Cartel & Halloween Events Are the Headhunter packs.

Mayhem Mode is a evolution of OP levels for better or worse.

Meanwhile just consider that for TPS season pass you got two characters, 1 story DLC, and a Circle of Slaughter in the form of the Holodome. The Mutator Arena functioned as a prototype for Mayhem Mode.

I’d say BL3 has at least fulfilled their pre-release content promises this go around.

With level caps topping out at 69, 72, 60, and ultimately 80, I have a hard time seeing 65 as the endpoint for levels.


That’s a very logical breakdown of content IMO. I’m content with the 65 level cap as permanent unless we do eventually get 4th skill trees.

If we get a second season pass of content I would like to see actual story line progression that properly leads up to BL4.


No options for borderlands 4 or letting borderlands 3 die?


Out of all the plot developments, I am actually most interested in what other secrets the

Jakobs company has buried & how they connect to the newly revealed lore & yet unexplained old lore.

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