POLL: What Type of Matchmaking Do You Want?

Going to make this quick (for me).

I want to get an idea of what type of matchmaking people want, given the following reality:

It is impossible for GBX, with the current player base, to provide fast queues, with perfectly balanced teams, and complete choice of map/mode.

Given that, I want to understand your biggest priority, not necessarily your ideas for implementation, nor your ideal architecture.

Thanks in advance!

  • Speed: I want to play quickly, even if my choices are limited, and the games are “unbalanced.”
  • Balance: I want to play against people at around my skill level, even if the queue times are slow, and my choices are limited.
  • Choice: I want to maximize my choice of mode and maps, even if queue times are long, and the games are unbalanced.

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Hmmm that’s a very interesting question. I think long queue times are probably way more frustrating than unbalanced games. At least, with short queue times, you’d be able to jump into a new game that much more quickly…

As for choices, well that would be number 2. Never being able to play a mode you like more because it’s never picked is annoying, but certainly not as much as waiting 15 minutes to be matched against an unbalanced team on a map you don’t like in a mode you hate :wink:

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Nice poll. This is like the old “you can have it fast, cheap, and good, pick any two.”

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It’s always an interesting setup, and in this case, a pretty accurate one. :slight_smile:

you left out option 4

fast q times for everyone but we fill gaps with different levels of bot players

There’s no option of picking two though. We previously had choice and fast matchmaking. Now we’ve lost both in exchange for more balanced mathmaking

Not everyone had fast matchmaking. PC matching was quite slow from what many people were saying.