Poll: What will you do w 3 level increment cap?

Curious what other players plan to do, assuming the level cap will be done in smaller 3 level increments? I’ve got one idea to try and keep myself happy and pkaying but barring that, I’m otherwise considering just taking a short 12-18 month break and come back after the dust clears and see what the game looks like.

Anyways, what will you do fellow my badasses? Feel free to comment why and possible suggestions to make the game/gameplay better for you!


  • Take a break/return after larger update:
  • Stick around/fine with re-gearing every 3 levels:
  • Casual player/don’t care either way:

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Please feel free to add discussion on the reasoning behind you vote. Keep it civil here please. No place for snark or condescension here.

Also, please elaborate on any suggestions you may have to make the game or gameplay smoother or more amicable to your tastes.

Another option is continue playing but offline. Wait for the next big patch


Personally, I’ll probably continue to play the game regardless of the lvl cap increase and see how it turns out. At first I was like: I don’t see myself refarming all the gear I have for just 3 lvls, but we’ll have to wait to see the difficulty increase first imo. It might be doable with just lvl 50 gear, and if not, it gives me something to do till next big dlc update.

On the other hand, just noticed Wolcen is getting released tomorrow. I’m huge ARPG fan, and I have been looking forward to that game, so I might just pick it up this weekend. If it’s anything like D3, I’ll probably get hooked on it.

On the other other hand, who am I kidding, this is still Borderlands, ofc I’ll be playing it! I’ve been playing BL games since the first one released without even taking a big break (so 10+ years), apart from playing D3 and Wow, this has been my main gaming franchise for the last decade.

Edit: also depends on what other changes the patch brings if you ask me, might be some good stuff awaiting, apart from the cutscene skip and such. I just hoped they would add 2.0 in this patch.

Edit2: I voted the stick around option if it wasn’t clear in my post above haha. I have 570+ hours in this game, and I love it too much to just stop right now. might take a break for a month or so here and there, but I’ll Always come back to it for sure. Same as with BL 2, played it till BL 3 release.


I just enjoy playing the game and chasing gear.

I’ll be sticking around … at least until Summer gets here and video gaming takes a back seat.


Sign off till the next level cap increase.


It annoys me, but I’ll continue to pick at the game as the mood strikes. My irritation with the level cap increase has nothing to do with gear, however.

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I’m going to wait and see what the differences are. If my 50 gear still holds up well enough, I might end up farming the 2-3 important weapons + shield for the right anointments at 53 and just keep my com and artifact running.

But in all likelihood, I’ll probably shelve it for a while to see what happens in the future. Heck, I may just start a new char in BL2 to keep my borderlands lust occupied.


Going to test it and see what/how I feel. Knowing myself I will just go for the grind of getting new gear as reluctant as I feel. Just lucky to have a group of friends on PS4 we are all going to help each other find stuff so won’t take as long.

The past few events helped me in the area of meeting new and fantastic people who I would have not matched in Takedown prior.

All in all I am ‘Meh’ about the whole thing, but it did get me one of my most liked posts in history :rofl:

My response would be some sort of hybrid. I am going to keep playing the game, because I do still really enjoy it, but I will no longer be wasting my time farming gear until it is clear that GBX has gotten to max level.

I will use pretty much whatever decent gear drops for me in the meanwhile, including the existing gear that I already have, which should still be pretty good for the most part, even at Level 50.


I’m going to keep playing with my level 50 gear. If I happen to get lucky and find replacement gear then I’ll use that. But i’m definitely not going to save-quit farm for level 53 gear. I’ll probably keep running Slaughter Shaft / Takedown


I am going to keep playing for now. Refarm the key pieces (guns and shield). I am somewhat hoping coms and artifacts cap at 50, as an increase in some of the secondary stat values would just be silly (do we really need more than 45% manufacturer crit). That being said, if there are more level caps increases coming in close proximity, I am going to have to take a break for a while to preserve my sanity. Luckily none of my toons are built around quest rewards or challenges. Moze will have to be completely rebuilt thanks to my terror gear becoming underleveled, but aside from that, everything would be farmable in not a completely obnoxious sort of way.

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Changes nothing for me. Will keep playing around with my L50 FL4K doing whatever I feel like plus leveling other toons, mostly on a variety of allegiance runs.

It’s a non issue for casual/non-farming/non-minmax segment of users, I suspect.

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I will play through the event test out new builds as I gear up. Depending on the scaling of EXP required I may take it as a time to go through TVHM with the cutscene skip.

That’s decent idea mate! Use this downtime to run my other non-Moze characters thru TVHM.

The only reason I havent is the story was just too mediocre to push through again and Mayhem gives me the difficulty I like.


I stopped playing a while ago 3 levels is not enough to get me back right now doesn’t really matter how many levels they increase it to me. I’m more interested in what they are gonna fix and add in the patches so I might comeback if the big patch is good enough tho.


I’ll either be alone in True Takedown Mode getting my ass handed to me or on Sanctuary at the quick change trying to find the right setup to not get my ass handed to me.

Why is that so hard to believe? It sounds like a decent idea to me for players that don’t want to re gear until a larger lvl cap increase or more content. Tbh I’m still gonna play but won’t be farming as hard as I was


I will refarm gear I guess, or just go back to the division