{Poll} Who are the greatest Raid Bosses of All Time?

Haven’t played BL3 in months, but I miss talking about Borderlands stuff…

Who were the best raid bosses of all time and why? Choose up to 3:

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1 - Crawmerax, OG Borderlands Raid Boss.
“Ahhhhhh, pearlescents” - Brick

2 - Vermi, Norfleet, 'nuff said.

3 - Dragons of Destruction, even if the drops weren’t worth it who doesn’t wanna shoot effin dragons?!?


I picked Pete, Hyperius, and Son of Craw. I play 95% solo, so I prefer the raid bosses that are more reasonable to solo.

I don’t necessarily count Wotan and Scourge as raid bosses, although I do understand that they are considered raid bosses. In my book, they aren’t like the traditional BL raid bosses though, but maybe that’s just me who sees a distinction there. But as far as mechanics, I definitely prefer the BL3 “raid boss” mechanics where there is a mid-size “dungeon” and a boss at the end.

I only ever beat Voracidous once with any of the VHs other than Sal (Maya), that was tough and felt like a real accomplishment. But what a PITA Vora can be!


I am curious to see how many votes will be for Dexiduous and Master Gee :joy:


I remember the first time I encountered Mr. Geeeeek. I wasn’t on the forums yet, so had no knowledge. Tried him and of course failed miserably because I didn’t understand the mechanic. Looked it up, watched some YourTub vids, and said Nah, I don’t think I’ll bother with him.

And Dexie, I’m just too lazy and cheap. Too much running around for the eridium drop locations, and too much eridium for my miserly soul.


In my opinion -ignoring nostalgia- Wotan is the best raid boss of all time.

The first time I beat Wotan I literally screamed out of happiness and felt incredibly accomplished.

It was before the devs adjusted the Takedown so Wotan was incredibly hard to beat and all the different battle phases made the fight really spicy. Lots of mechanics.

Master Gee for instance (to name a raid boss I kinda disliked) was boring. You just run around and make him absorb all the acid puddles to win. Not really too exciting.

Just my opinion.


my problem is that in bl2 I could not defeat any legit except for terramorphous with axton and then vermiverous the four or five times I got him to spawn (I think I killed Dexiduous twice on the original xbox 360 release but never tried again on the PS4 handsome collection) . could beat pyro pete only by grenade jumping onto the ledge so I could avoid his attacks, master gee with the gate glitch and hyperious a few times with gaige using the buck up glitch.

I agree that calling the BL3 bosses raid bosses is a bit much–If I can easily solo wotan on MH 11 he’s not a raid boss b/c I’m not good enough to solo real raid bosses.

Not sure the pre sequel boss counts as a raid boss either. It may have been a separate mission from the story, but it was only marginally more difficult than in the story and if you had a decent weapon of the proper element during each phase the fight was quite easy.

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They might pick Gee for the cheesy gate trick :joy: …good times


Crawmerax was a decent first attempt at something challenging, but it suffers from poor AI and “shoot him in the back twice and it’s death” syndrome and design wise he’s a bigger Crab Worm. Haderax has the same issue as Crawmerax, it’s basically a gimmick fight, once you figure it out, it’s easy.

Son of Crawmerax is basically his daddy with a cooler arena, Gearbox copied Crawmerax from BL1 and pasted it on BL2, but now you can kill him without the need for cheesing tactics to hit his back.

Aside from the nova of doom at the beginning, Hyperius is fine. He has an interesting mechanic with the loader bots and is not a copy paste boss, that gives him points.

Terramorphus and Vermivorous are a bigger thresher and a bigger varkid respectively. Very low effort, no interesting phases, attacks or mechanics. Voracidous has the same issue, just a meaner, bigger stalker. You would think that him being accompanied by another character would make his mechanics more interest, but it doesn’t, he’s still as boring as the others.

Dexiduous and Master Gee are complete garbage. I don’t know who designed these bosses, but damn, how could you think fighting a giant spider from long range so you can hit it’s crits or a guy that you can’t do any damage until you debuff him enough and can spawn with different weapons that make him either managable or horrible to fight a good idea, I will never know.

Ancient Dragons is probably the only raid boss in BL2 I would consider good. It has different phases, where each dragon attacks you and the others observe from the background, each one of does different things, so you need to know what they do and prioritize the most dangerous ones first, they don’t feel dragged out or boring with trillions of health, etc. Good boss, well designed, good fight.

Invincible Sentinel is a great final boss with multiple phases, something I wish Tyreen had, and it’s probably the best final boss in the franchise so far (to me it’s Sentinel > Tyreen > Warrior > Destroyer in terms of quality). As a raid boss it’s still just as fun, but nothing new, same boss you already fought before, so you don’t really miss anything by not fighting him. Same issue with Pete and Eista, they’re both bosses you fight in the main story and their fights are exactly the same, just with more health.

Wotan is probably the franchise’s best raid boss to date. He’s fun to fight, he has multiple phases that change the pace of the encounter, has mechanics where you have to use the environment to your advatange or find a weak spot in it’s shield, music changes to reflect the phase that he’s at, his immunity phases are short and only done so you can’t cheaply one shot him like past raid bosses, he has an interesting range of attacks, he summons Krakens, death spheres, soldiers, etc. I wish all raid bosses were this good.

Scourge and Anathema (which I find funny is not included in the list since he’s harder than Scourge), are also very interesting with great mechanics, such as the ability to cut short it’s attacks with the bomb guardians (when you figure out you can do that, it’s pretty great moment) or being able to avoid the bubble of doom in the central platform, but risking falling off the map (so the better you are, the easier it gets), but they a few flaws that prevent them from being as good as Wotan.

The later has too many inmunity phases. If they activated when Anathema’s health was lowered by half (so 5 rad bomb attacks in total instead of 11), I think the boss fight would’ve been paced a lot better. Scourge teleportation it’s very cool, but fighting the guardians drags a little bit and lowers the intensity of the fight in the tight spaces of his initial arena.


Wotan is fantastic (voted for that one). Anathema, Scourge & Invincible Sentinel are great. Ancient Dragons is good. BL1 Crawmerax, Hyperius, Haderax and Pete are okay/decent. Voracidous, Vermivorous, Terramorphous and Son of Crawmerax are mediocre and low effort copy paste fights. Master Gee & Dexiduous are crap.

Edit: Didn’t mean to reply to this post, my bad.


I take it Scourge is from the Guardian Takedown.

For me it’s Wotan for 3.

BL2 had a lot of good ones. I’d go with the dragons

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Wotan for soundtrack

Terramorphus is iconic

Sentinel because I don’t really like any of the other ones, plus I don’t completely hate TPS

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I decided to go with one from each game:

BL3 - Wotan is the most well-designed boss ever made…

BLTP - I actually wanted to put Eclipse/EOS as an option…he’s one of the hardest bosses in all of Borderlands…but he’s not a raid boss…either way, Sentinel is fun as hell

BL2 - You all might say Terra is boring, but he’s well-paced, epic, and most of all, solo’able.


I thought Eclipse/Eos was generally easy–as long as you hid behind pillars when attacks came you were fine. I actually thought the Denial Subroutine and Teh Earworm were harder depending on the character you were using. gIt was regular raid bosses in BL2 I couldn’t handle.

The best analysis I think came from Joltzdude–his reaction to Master Gee was great.

I went with Wotan, Dragons, and Hyperius.

Like others have said, Wotan has the most interesting mechanics and phases (and I too love how the music gets more intense with each phase.) The whole Maliwan Takedown is one of my favorite bits in BL3—the mobbing is just the right length and intensity and the two boss fights are fun.

The Dragons were cool because it served you well to have a little strategy involved in regards to the order in which you took them down. You don’t really wanna go in there blazing away at all of them at once. It’s a fun fight and they can drop the Blockade shield which is one of my favorites.

I’ve always liked Hyperius’ mechanics. Damage the bots to lower his shield, and have at him. And you’re kinda on a timer because his double-novas get stronger and stronger as the fight goes on—you can survive them at first but eventually you’re getting healthgated on the first nova and you don’t have much of a margin of error to get quickly healed (Grog/Chain Lightning heh) before the second nova hits and finishes you. And then he goes into apesh!t mode after his health gets low enough.

I actually kinda like the Dexi fight heh. It’s a bit of a slog to jog around the map to all the eridium fireplaces but on the other hand I really like that map so it’s not so bad. Using a Bitch or Ladyfist makes popping Dexi’s zits satisfying.

Scourge and Anathema are fun too. I know Anathema has a lot of immunity phases but at least you’re having to actually do something (run away from the nuke bubbles) instead of just standing there watching him yell like a dork for 5 minutes (hi Rampager.) And it’s great that with Scourge’s immune/detonation-build-up phases, you can break them by exploding one of the diadem guardians near him. Now if only their loot was better!

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Wotan and Sentinel are the best boss fights in the series

Wotan is an adrenaline rush with cool mechanics. Sentinel not only has cool story implications and phases, but marked the beginning of decently designed bosses in BL. They’re both also very fair and their arenas are fun too.


Grandma Flexington


I forgot all about Granny…to this day I still haven’t done it… :no_mouth:

I’m really surprised about Wotans popularity. It is a good fight.
Terramorphous was the first raid boss I killed in the BL franchise and it felt so damn good doing so. Took at least a month of prep for that fight.
Even though the Empyrean Sentinel is an easy fight (did both first try) I think the mechanics are really well thought out and it’s super fun.
Dragons was really hard for me but still a blast and a great end to one of the best DLC’s.

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I’d agree. I personally think Maliwan takedown, as a package, is among the best content borderlands have offered. (Balance and other disagreements aside)

The map is awsome, the music is too and fun encounters.

As for specific encounters, i like Anathema the most.

  1. Wotan (BL3) - Perfect takedown from start to finish. Boss mechanics are a blast and overall an awesome fight.

  2. Sentinel (BLTPS) - Most underrated raid boss in the franchise. A very fun fight when you have a 4 player co-op lobby.

  3. Terra (BL2) - One of the two raid bosses that came with the base game of BL2 and also one of my personal favourites. Also the unique drops are really fun to farm for.

  4. Scourge (BL3) - While the entirety of the takedown is a little suspect both boss fights are top tier. What I love most about the Scourge encounter are the teleporting sequences as that’s something very unique to this raid boss.

  5. Ancient Dragons (BL2) - The fifth spot here was a toss up between the Ancient Dragons, Pyro Pete, and the BL2 version of Crawmerax. This is a really tough fight but also a very rewarding one once it is complete. The arena you fight in is badass and imo TTAODK is the best DLC of BL2. Similar to the Sentinel I tend to have more fun in this fight with 4 players as opposed to playing solo.