Poll - Who knows me?

Right, I need to see how many people know (on this forum) me so:

  • I know you (on this forum).
  • I do not know you much.
  • Who the **** are you?

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This really had nothing to do with Derchs community badass recognition thread, so I’ve moved it out of there.
Be sure you try to keep posts on topic.

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That makes sense. But 3/4 of the posts on Derch’s thing are random anyway! :wink:

And thats fine. But this poll is about you. And not really relevant there.

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Do the polls work with a locked thread?

I dont know. Why? Your thread isnt locked.

I don’t mean this one, just having a thread with a poll and locking it before any replies.

Ooh! Some voters! :slight_smile: Mostly for who the **** are you though. :frowning:

If you post in the actual gaming threads a lot, you probably wont know a lot of folk down here.

Still, HOWDY! :smiley:

But I posted in the Badass thread in derches one though!

Administrative moves be crazy yo.

Problem is I don’t know who voted though!

Well, then this has been a fun poll lol

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Why don’t you do one?

Everyone knows me. I’m a pillar of the co- ah… ahhh.

I can’t think of anything relevant to poll at this hour.

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