Poll: Who's your favorite character that has been released so far?

Let’s find out what your favorite characters are. It will be interesting to see if there are any trends.

  • Boldur
  • Caldarius
  • Marquis
  • Miko
  • Montana
  • Orendi
  • Oscar Mike
  • Phoebe
  • Rath
  • Thorn
  • Benedict
  • Ambra

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You are missing a number of characters, such as Benedict and Ambra. Gearbox has been slow to update the mine site with the new info.

Thanks, i will add them in :slight_smile:

Thanks, now I can vote (Benedict) :wink:

@MentalMars keeps his site up to date with all announced characters if you want to add the others to the list as well: http://mentalmars.com/battleborn/characters/


I think I’d have to play them hands on before I can get a feel for which is my favorite.

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I would have voted for Reyna if she’d been on there, but I went with Phoebe. I’m always tempted to support Boldur, because his skills seem really fun, but we’ve seen so little gameplay of him it’s hard to get a sense of him.

How do I even pick only one?


You’re telling me you don’t have multiple log-ins to game Polls with?!

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I would add the rest of the characters, but it will not allow me. It says a moderator will have to come to my rescue.

Tried to add her for you, but you apparently can’t edit polls after the first five min. :\ Oh well, sorry Reyna.

They may have to create a new poll and then delete this one or have it locked. They could also add options for people who don’t care, people who don’t know yet, and people who want hands on first, among other things.

Yea, that’s essentially what I’d have to do.

Probably a good idea to post a link to the new thread before deleting this one so people know where to find the new thread. Maybe leave it up for a day and then poof gone.