Poll - Why do you not compete in tournaments

Mainly I am wondering about the HGL tournaments that are held every few weeks. I know there are a lot of players out there that are good enough to be competitive, but most of them do not enter. Obviously the more people in the tournaments the more fun they can be.

  • I’m just a casual player
  • I have no time
  • I have no team
  • I don’t think i’m good enough
  • I don’t want to get dunked on
  • other

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I don’t think I’m good enough.

You never know until you try


Red bar.

Lol nah, I’m gonna vote other but not state my reasons, 'cause I’m like all mysterious and stuff.


To be fair, we didn’t enter the last 2 tournaments so it was dunk free so “I don’t want to get dunked on” shouldn’t be listed.

Plus some of the comp players know that some players would feel discouraged (I have no clue why) even if they enrolled as a free agent so they decided not to play.

I would love to go in as a free agent but one of the reasons why I stopped playing HGL was because it was too long. They made a new rule/map set we will see how long it goes now

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Voted other, my reasoning is the game modes.

“i dont think im good enough” pssh im bloody amazing :wink:

nah for real, being in the UK i miss most scrims and the touneys can be kinda late sometimes! I also didnt really have a team but i kinda do now.

That is true but it isn’t necessarily common knowledge when you guys aren’t competing. Also all the teams wait until the last second to sign up so you never know who is going to be competing or if anyone is competing until like the day before.

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We actually want more people to join so if everyone wanted us to go in as free agents or not enter at all we will.


I’ve played in one.

Couple months after release.

Was only even somewhat good as Gali, Rath, Miko and Monty.

Didn’t know there would be draft picks nor had any idea how draft worked.

We didn’t get ANY of our hopeful characters and got soundly defeated first round.

But I bet it was fun at least? :smiley:

Ummmm sadly no our morale was gone before the match even started.

Being soundly defeated is NEVER fun.


Other: The meta is boring as ■■■■ to play as and against, so the idea of playing several hours of it every weekend does not sound fun.



Not ENTIRELY True but close enough!

The key modifier being “soundly”. A close-fought match? That can be fun. Lop-sided but with potential to turn it around until some key thing happened? Maybe. Soundly defeated? Nope.





because i’m a casual

I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I may or may not go free agent when HGL starts up again since Lost Heroes has no interest in competing in the HGL. I’ve thought about maybe coaching teams or something if they are interested to help bring up their skill level or explain some of the higher level strategies. You guys may want to consider the same. Maybe split up dunk squad to each coach another team since you guys have a lot of good strategies and a strong understanding of the heroes and the current meta.

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I was born in 1961, the desire to thump people wore off :wink: