POLL: Will we get a new hot"fix" tomorrow (7/15)?

@Justern What I am really referencing is actual substantive gameplay adjustments. I don’t think there will be any further substantive adjustments for BL3, but I do believe at some point after all 3 vault cards come out, they will roll everything that presently exists into the “final” patch. But I expect no further changes to this game, no matter how much we all might like them.

I desperately want a Digi-Peak style content for BL3. I want an actual endgame challenge, something that I actually have to work to achieve. I know that OP levels are a divisive topic, but I believe that OP levels were primarily responsible for keeping hardcore players playing long after BL2’s end of life. I really want BL3 to have the long tail that BL2 did, and I actually still think that could be possible. But it’s not going to happen, let’s face it.

There needs to be some sort of actually adjustable difficulty for BL3. Not just Mayhem, which basically doesn’t add difficulty but actually makes it easier in some cases. The fact that actually adjustable difficulty levels don’t exist in BL3 is silly and shortsighted in my mind. I know they tried to do it, but the devs failed miserably in this regard. BL3 is way too easy to be engaging to any player that wants an actual challenge and build min-maxing - something players can sink their teeth into. Like it or not, BL3 is a game built around min-maxing and build optimization, and this concept definitely gave new life to BL2.


I think theyre waiting. For k6’s this gun fn sucks series to hace more episodes then a patch.


Sorry, but that’s incorrect.

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At this point, it IS a boring game once you’ve run through it and collected some ‘best’ guns and gear.


I was just rereading through this thread because for some reason the concept of adding some kind of OP-esque levels to BL3 - which has been discussed here by me and others ad nauseam - is still stuck in my mind. And so I am being self-absorbed and quoting my own post because I wanted to add to my idea.

@Noelle_GBX Please consider floating the idea to allow players to manually increase the level of enemies in the game after we complete some sort of complicated mission or difficult set of challenges, kind of like Digi Peak. And each set of challenges is the gatekeeper for the next set. And each set of challenges you complete allows you to add one more level to all of the enemies in the game. This game mode (or infinitely increasing amounts of enemy levels is a much better way to conceptualize it) only opens up once you get to Level 72 and beat the main quest in Normal Mode, kind of like OP levels. Maybe even that you get one level each time you beat a True Trial or Slaughter? We have tossed that around here repeatedly.

This will be the ultimate test of builds. “Hemovorous in _____ (time) at OP55.” Just as an idea of the kind of ongoing content that could surround this.

The VH’s level and weapon levels should never increase beyond 72 in this scenario.

This literally already exists in the game in various forms. Please consider making this happen for BL3!

It will extend the life of BL3, just like it did for BL2. You guys can continue to sell DLC and cosmetics - but people have to be playing for you to be able to sell them. I feel like this will make GBX money.

As always, these are just my personal opinions. I am sure you will all let me know where I am wrong. :laughing:


I just want Expedite finally fixed my dudes…


tbh on the Kreig DLC, they could have made a statement saying it was going to be delayed due to the pandemic. Then worked on the DLC further.

So on that one, Gearbox made the easy decision and released a small dlc instead of making the hard one and make an announcement stating it was going to be delayed and added more to it.

While the writing on the DLC was ok, it was easy to see that the DLC was rushed.

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I’m all in for more raid bosses/takedowns myself if Gearbox decides to give us some, but I just don’t really like the way Borderlands 2 did it’s endgame and progression system. To me repeating the same activity over and over and over (campaign, DigiPeak) for the sake of progression, as well as lowering EXP to a crawl to artificially increase the game length felt extremely cheap to me and like it didn’t respect the players time, doing it once should be enough to unlock whatever you wish.

That being said, I feel Borderlands 3, alongside it’s quality of life updates, took a lot of shortcuts by making it a lot easier to reach endgame content in comparison to previous games, like how you can be a fully decked lvl 72 in 25-30 hours while in BL2 you will probably only be around TVHM in the same time frame with many more hours to go, but BL3 also didn’t really add a truly replayable experience at the end to compensate for that, which is why a lot of people are “done” with the game itself and stop playing, because there is nothing to strive for any longer.

Maybe for the next game they can keep all these improvements and pace to reach the endgame, but also give some truly randomized/roguelike dungeons that are completely different each and every time you do them, because I feel that even if they add more of what people want (Takedown/raid boss) players will beat it the same day it releases and stop playing all together.

Season Pass 1 had to release all DLC in a year after the game released, so I don’t think they did wrong at all in releasing it early. This isn’t like other games or projects that had to be postponed, the writing was already on the wall and deadlines had to be met.

What they could’ve done is just add some endgame activity in a later patch that was unlocked once you beat the story of the DLC to give it a bigger incentive or just lower the price of the DLC later on, I don’t think anyone would have complained about that. The problem is that they didn’t, so basically you have a 3-4 hours long where the only replayability is farming the unique bosses for their drops.


@justern The roguelike element to enemy spawns (i.e., basically randomizer, which also already exists as a mod at least for BL2 but I don’t know about BL3) is a great idea.

What I really want - something to continue to work towards achieving in BL3. That’s what I am getting at here. There needs to be some sort of actual challenging content for the players who want difficulty and to continue to discover interesting mechanics in the game.

I would like some sort of gatekeeping content that must be completed in order to open up new, more difficult content in BL3. Something to work towards or something that is actually rewarding. It doesn’t have to be like OP levels but it needs to be something challenging to overcome.


you know
i totally called the fact that this is it

months ago i said
after dlc 6 its over
prol get only a few buffs here and there and thats that

well, here we are. and i also sill think the vault cards wont add anything special
with how things look we might not even get new challenges, only new rewards for the old challenges

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@Gadriel Well, we know that we will at least be getting 2 more vault cards, which should mean at least 8 more pieces of new gear, in addition to the cosmetics and such (which obviously don’t add anything in terms of gameplay). The Super Soldier and Guardian Angel were pretty interesting, although I have not messed with the Bird of Prey or Whizzy Mechanic yet really.

I would assume the same thing is forthcoming for the other vault cards.

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Bird of prey is your run of the mill legendary jakobs sniper :wink:

The launcher… I think it’s a joke seeing how bad vehicles are :rofl:


I think the games finished and over tbh


since the last upgrade and fix, i cannot play in local mode anymore!!! And gearbox dosnt tellme how to fix the problem.

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that barely is nwq content
also its dlc 6 so
its rly just them finishing dlc 6
cuz they could not be bothered to finish dlc 6 or add real replay value

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It’s the Tigg’s Boom mechanic on a Sniper using non elemental rounds for high damage (usually crits). The high base damage made it fun to use with the Clone in areas where we could snipe from afar.


Well nothing from GB on anything. No hotfix, no info on next patch, no nothing.
I hate the silent treatment. If your going to drop support guys just say so instead of holding a carrot above peoples heads like this. There’s one thing i dispise above all others is the communication between us and them.
Its getting old GB. I guess you want us to move on from this game. I hope thats not it but if it is then why not tell us whats up.

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@GBX has been this way for the for the most part since the games release other than when they go into “hype mode” with a new paid content release. One of the more frustrating issues I have now days with this company to say the least. I would have more respect for them if they came out and said we are not going to fix something than giving the standard cut and paste answers that never get follow ups. Just looking at this as a learning lesson when it comes to their future products.

Now if you want to see how communication is done right, People Can Fly is doing a great job communicating with their customers in my opinion.


If at least we can get some news , like what they want to do , what they want for the game but it’s been 2 years and GB never changed , to be faire don’t expect much , maybe 2 patch for the vault card before the next game and as i remember patch are not that great pretty much nothing change before the last one , for me i’m getting bored of this game

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You know guys, I finally gave dying light another shot. I always quit playing because early game was so difficult (playing on hard… I think… Unless I’m on nightmare) and I finally learned last night that there’s some key skills that make the game leagues more playable (head stomp), and I learned that weapon damage scales with your level, so the more you level up, the less zombies seem to feel like hitting a tree with a baseball bat.
Now I’m clearing quests and running around the map, looting and killing zombies at a much faster rate than my previous attempts. Looking forward to playing more of that rather than BL3 atm

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