[POLL] Would you like to help create a Homeworld-Based animated short? (cross-post)


I’ll cut right to the chase, I am an Animation student graduating college very soon. When I graduate, I am going to try to work on multiple projects I have been putting off due to time constraints. One of these projects is a 3D animated short based in the Homeworld Universe following a few characters.

(Let me be clear that this Project could/will be years in the making, not something that would happen very fast since it is a side project and I’ll have a job and such. However, progress could ramp up in the middle of it if I have help)

Would any of you like to help out with this short film? I would need help on Texturing, Particle Effects in Maya/another program (Houdini perhaps? :grin: ), and possibly modelling. Oh and sound design, if anyone does that here. Since it is a side project, I could (in theory) do all these things myself over time, but I specialize in animation so if I had people on the project that were adept in say, texturing, the final product would most likely be better :wink:

Please use the Poll below so I can get a handle on how many people would/wouldn’t want to participate in this! I believe that if we worked together, this could be something truly amazing!


Also, PM me if you would like to get a hold of me through email incase you would like me to contact you about this project in the future

(I posted this in the main HW:RM discussion forum, but I actually meant to post it here. Mods, if it is against the rules to cross-post please let me know)

I mean, I certainly have given plenty of thought to such a project myself. I enjoy - or at least have historically enjoyed - animating, and Homeworld would be on my short-short list of things to animate. But all of my ways are obsolete. I never got much past the 90’s. Don’t know Maya or Houdini from my elbow. Just a defunct old demo of Cinema 4D.

I am curious of your intentions though. “Homeworld-based” is a pretty broad stroke! Four games, four eras… and peoples’ interest level in those eras can vary substantially. Whenabouts were you thinking?

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Ah, I’m glad you asked! My ultimate goal would be to have a few minutes from the POV of a few characters in pivotal battles/scenes throughout the series. This will be over a very long time and would depend on how much the first Short (this one) pans out.

This first Short however, will follow 2 main characters during the beginning of the Homeworld 1 storyline (Kharak). I think I’m shooting for around 15 minutes in total for this first one.


I’m sure the original is the right place to start!

If you want some unsolicited bad advice, I’d suggest using digital Legos as the animation medium. I got 35 minutes worth of a Star Trek movie done that way one time handling all the animation and character rigging and texturing and scenery and vehicles myself and it only took a few years. Could’ve been faster if I’d tried harder!