[POLL] Would you like to help create a Homeworld-Based animated short?


I’ll cut right to the chase, I am an Animation student graduating college very soon. When I graduate, I am going to try to work on multiple projects I have been putting off due to time constraints. One of these projects is a 3D animated short based in the Homeworld Universe following a few characters.

(Let me be clear that this Project could/will be years in the making, not something that would happen very fast since it is a side project and I’ll have a job and such. However, progress could ramp up in the middle of it if I have help)

Would any of you like to help out with this short film? I would need help on Texturing, Particle Effects in Maya/another program (Houdini perhaps? :grin: ), and possibly modelling. Oh and sound design, if anyone does that here. Since it is a side project, I could (in theory) do all these things myself over time, but I specialize in animation so if I had people on the project that were adept in say, texturing, the final product would most likely be better :wink:

Please use the Poll below so I can get a handle on how many people would/wouldn’t want to participate in this! I believe that if we worked together, this could be something truly amazing!

Also, PM me if you would like to get a hold of me through email incase you would like me to contact you about this project in the future


EDIT: If you select the “Yes, I know (something else regarding 3D Animation)” option, please specify what it is that you know in a post below :slight_smile: