[Poll] Would you rather play arms race with

So, it’s obviously too late because they must already have finished all the writing and voice acting that must relate to or mention the vault hunters but

would you rather play the arms race with

  • your original vault hunters but without their skills, powers and specialisations
  • some random atlas soldier, crimson raider, maurader, which don’t even have any special powers anyway (also no class mods then)

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i think it would feel less something’s missing if we didnt have a character that is a complete beast outside of this mode and just appears like a shadow of their former self in there
just some random soldier, because that’s obviously what this mode is about

I think they should have ripped off from POE rogue like event, in those you start also from scratch and gear with what you find BUT you can level up as you progress and allow skill points in a limited way (like lv 20 out of 90). Now some tier one skills are currently so broken that in any case they should have rebalanced them for Arm Race

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Getting other models rigged to work with the first person animations would be a lot of work for what would amount to a gimmick.

welllllll probablyyy?
you do have ingame models already and all you have in first person is a gun hand and a melee animation^^

And the legs. Don’t forget the legs. Probably the biggest improvement from previous BL titles.


I see the point you’re making with the poll but it isn’t much of a question. Both options are functionally the same, so it seems obvious to me to choose vault hunters for at least the banter I’m attached to.
If option B was something like Crazy Earl, Claptrap, Vaughn, etc, then it’d be interesting. Or Random Atlas soldier, random Edenian citizen etc, but with a couple skills that are made and balanced for Arms Race.

Probably the only pro of using current VH is you get more chances of getting the anoint and class mod for your VH BUT that’s just pure speculation.

Right now it feels weird that you get to choose a VH in Arms Race for nothing.

i think it would be cooler to actually play a bland soldier when you are basically playing a bland soldier
vault hunters are simply just more than only the weapon and it feels stupid when they are not what they are

Interesting way of putting it after I just read that the new cosmetics “imagine how each character might’ve turned out in an alternate universe where they never became a Vault Hunter

I mean, I kind of would appreciate just playing some random-ass armed grunts. I mean, if you don’t get to actually Vault Hunt things anyways, why would you play a Vault Hunter?


Also, really kind of stupid but still probably relevant question: Do you think Moze will have an advantage and Fl4k will have a disadvantage in that mode because Fl4k is much taller and Moze is pretty short, thus making for a smaller target?

Or do all Vault Hunters retain the same hitbox size, even if their models look different from each other?

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I have lost sleep wondering this very question.

Does Moze have magical hit boxes above her head? Does FL4K not have hit boxes in their head?