[Poll] Would you Rather?

If you were only given the following choices, which direction would you rather take Moze and Iron Bear?

You can only choose one or the other for each question (A/B).

Assume that when you pick one, the other is no longer an option later in game’s life cycle

1. Iron Bear Deployment

  • No, you can’t have BOTH
  • A) Moze gets a skill or mod that allows for an option to deploy Iron Bear as a turret
  • B) Iron Bear enter/exit animations vastly sped up to the degree you can deploy in mid-sprint fluidly, removal of hold to exit mechanic

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2. Moze Specific Anointments

  • Assume current anointments remain in the game
  • A) More anointments not tied to action skill (Moze specific, and not pointless ones like sliding fire rate) that can encourage weapon swapping between Iron Bear deployment but they will be weaker than on-action-skill-end anointments
  • B) Shield and Grenade anointments that are on action skill start and last significantly longer (30-40s) with the ability to have an effect on Iron Bear, more on-action-skill weapon anointments that last for 18s (like increased fire rate or splash healing similar to Iron Bear)

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3. Iron Bear Duration/Strength

  • Assume gear/skills can still buff duration, damage, armor, and reduce cooldown
  • A) Decrease Iron Bear base duration to 7 seconds with up to 15 seconds if buffed - Increase base damage to 8x with up to 12x if buffed - Total immunity for 50% of duration - No early exit but if destroyed receive cooldown refund
  • B) Duration stays the same - Current damage increased 3x - Current Durability increased 2x - Iron Bear is granted a health gate mechanic

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This is just a test poll, thanks for answering

I have had the thought a few times that since Moze has such a long action skill(assuming you use Bear to do killing) that when you exit it’s difficult to anticipate what weapon annoint you want ready…

Too bad she can’t change weapons while in Iron Bear to plan for her exit.

I mean, when piloting Bear with Trooper/Rager, one can be in Bear for a while!


Allow Iron Bear to have loadsouts where he can switch weapons during deployment.

Make anointments that take effect during action skill deployment so you don’t have to choose between using your action skill or wasting it for an 8 second damage buff.

GBX does not have to explicitly rebalance most of the numbers on Iron Bear, or better yet, should not before looking into making more item effects work while riding in Iron Bear.

The animations for hopping in and out need to be much faster and more fluid. Since Iron Bear is a vehicle, you should also be able to swap between Dakka Bear and Iron Bear without ending your action skill…or at least forcing it on cooldown but not having to hop out, then back in wasting a ton of time and totally ruining the flow of combat.

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So many times I have the wrong weapon ready. I also wish some for the road gave you 5 seconds to take your first shot, and then the 5 second counter starts. You have to plan so far ahead to have the right weapon out for that too.

Also that skill has such bad synergy with the way ASE anointments work.

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On the topic of these anoints. I really want it where I can have a next 2 mag anoint and not lose it when I switch between weapons. It would be pretty strong but I think Moze deserves it :smiley: Very happy with the anoint buffs but we are still limited to either throwing away our Action Skill so it doesn’t havea long cooldown or being stuck on one weapon for a long time or swapping and losing our anoint easily. If you make full use of Iron Bear (ride it for duration) then it becomes counter-intuitive for these anoints and ends up having a lot lower uptime then other VH do.

Another thing is, full use Iron Bear cooldown needs looking at. It should not be a thing that Iron Bear builds only feel good when you have Topped Off. If you don’t want to sit in Dakka bear barely doing anything just so you can preserve shield for Topped Off, or if you are just in harder situations where it’s really hard to keep a full shield(SS for example), then the full duration IB cooldown feels bad.

These tests I did the other day show that even with Topped off and basically everything you can do to reduce CD, it’s still pretty rough.


I agree. I hate how much this game discourages weapon swaps with moze. She’s a gunner but gets stuck building around using a single gun for all situations.

The whole Topped Off thing is just another case of guardian perks completely out-shining mozes skills. They should’ve made them stack with her skills better. I really doubt that will ever make it to the developers though.

I don’t know though. Should moze be able to spend all of her time in Iron Bear? I’d so much rather have IB damage buffed a ton and Duration reduced. The poll says otherwise though, people want to be invincible for 2 minutes, get out, and then right back in again. Can’t say I blame them with how bad mozes sustain is… With Topped Off though, I think it actually needs a nerf, and her cooldown skills need a huge buff. Relying on your shield being full is not a very fun mechanic because it’s so extreme if you don’t have a full shield you kind of have to run and hide constantly.

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Why you see 0 Zanes speccing Nerves of Steel

Don’t know what that is, is it a while shields are full skill?



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This I agree with. The thing is there are a lot of people who don’t like using Guardian Ranks because there is no toggle and they can interfere with a lot of things. The whole system is badly implemented and the skills are way too OP. Totally agree Moze’s actual cooldown skills need buffed especially EP, Grizzled is actually pretty decent maybe make it diminish less. I think you should be able to spend most of your time in Iron Bear if you fully invest a build into it yes. There should be 3 options with IB. You build for enter/exit-autobear, you build hybrid where you have a similar amount of time in and out, or you fully invest for almost always up time.


Yeah, it forces you to use a band of sitorak. The difference in cooldown times that shield makes for moze is dumb. You can buff the shield up to about 8k and it recharges so fast you have Topped Off proccing like 75 percent of the time, even in the takedown.

At least Zane can actively fill his shields just by landing crits without being forced into a 1 hp build. If he’s built that far into the tree he’s using CCC most likely. But I agree with you.

Nerves of Steel is still bad regardless. Even if you used a level 1 shield, it’d still be bad because it builds stacks overtime, but you lose 100% of the stacks the instant your shield isn’t full.

It’s one of the most interesting but least useful skills.

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I would guess they made it that way because of Barrier as it’s deep in the Barrier tree. Whoever designed it probably expected Zane could easily keep his shield full. I guess they didn’t predict that bunch of random projectiles would constantly go through it.

I d like more IB options to play and clear content while piloting.Moze should be able to use her trademark properly

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Key word is indeed most

The problem is, if you are able to spend most of your time in IB you have to have significantly reduced damage output to keep it balanced, but then it isn’t fun. I don’t know how they can actually make it balanced and fun. I mean you shouldn’t be able to be invincible and kill everything in half a second right? What’s the solution here?

Currently the problem is a full duration leaves you useless outside of IB, so people want the Cooldown buffed. I think the Cooldown for full duration should be fairly long, not disgustingly long and not so reliant on having a full shield. We should look at making Moze usable outside of IB for 30 seconds while having IB up for a minute at a time? I don’t really know what they should do because they came out of the gate so unfocused with moze.

Totally agree with this. And if they focused on this, it’d be easy.

First you shouldn’t have to sacrifice Moze’s on foot ability so much in any case.

  • Give us the option to drop auto bear as a Turret.

  • Significantly reduce the animation times for enter exit / remove the security bear initial charge timer

  • Add a massive cooldown penalty reduction to Dead Lines if IB is destroyed early, and refund up to double cooldown for early exit

My struggle with your poll is that ideally I would like to see both options available depending on how you build.

If you want to use Bear as a turrent, I don’t see why you can’t. Briefly hold down action skill button to deploy Bear at Target location(within range). I even had an idea to expand on this idea…

*NEW SKILL(replaces Why Can’t I Carry?):

Unbearable Rage: 1/1 Briefly holding down action skill will airdrop Bear Turrent at Target location. Bear rapidly plummets to target destination and slams down in an inferno doing radius of Radiation, Incendiary and Shock damage.

“How you like me now, Axton?”

Sorry, back on point, if you would prefer to build into Iron Bear uptime, I don’t see why it should take so long to enter and exit. At least exiting should be faster and I do love your idea of the Iron Bear suit digistructing around you as you run!

As far as annointment…I dunno, I have a lot of suggestions but I don’t want Moze to end up with special rules for annointments just for her…

Perhaps it could be changed to where annointments won’t trigger until you fire the first bullet OR after 5 seconds pass? This would allow Moze(or anybody) to orientate herself and choose what annoint is best for the situation.

Other vault hunters have such a fast cooldown that I doubt it effects them as much but with Moze having an action skill last anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute or longer, it would be nice to have something in place to help with variety.

Alternatively, since it does effect Moze the most(worst), perhaps she could be allowed to switch her weapons while in Iron Bear. I don’t think the d-pad is used for anything while she’s piloting Bear, so could just use her current weapons button mapping.

Just typing out loud…

Yeah the poll is just seeing what’s most important to people, it’s more just a test poll I was trying out. Results are interesting though.

Yeah but that’s generic anointments. I’m talking about Moze specific ones, why do they mostly work the same way as the generic ones? We need better ones for Moze. The generic ones are fine and she can use the mag ones for longer than other characters but the ‘for a short time’ ones are almost entirely useless because they’re annoying to proc often enough to bother using them. Why didn’t they just make all generic anointments on guns proc for a limited time? Like all 4 guns proc for 30 seconds or something? The mag one shouldn’t go away when you switch weapons either.

Moze needs specific ones that actually work well with her like longer duration, and work with iron bear. Every single non-gun moze specific anointment should be on action skill start, and there should be a lot more than there currently are but I assume we’re due for some new ones next patch?

Personally I find anointments a huge hassle to use. You’re forced to use them, and they reduce your viable builds almost more than they help damage output and survivability. They should rework every single one in the game (generic and moze) just a bit to make them way less restrictive.

Anointments right now are not fun in my opinion. They’re a chore to use.

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See, all I’m saying is that even if they are class specific annointments for Moze, they still have to follow the same rules of triggering on action skill end. That’s just the way annointments are designed.

Then again, there are a few that already break those rules, such as 20% chance to drop a grenade while in IB and %AS cooldown on kill…so I suppose the precedent is already there to have different triggers and functions.